Killzone: Shadow Fall Canyon Map Now Available, Devs Tease New Announcement In Two Days

MP1st - Teased just last week, the new multiplayer map titled “Canyon” is now available for free for Killzone: Shadow Fall players.

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Majin-vegeta1475d ago

Still need to pick this up just need to find time when.

Off topic:Has N4G bee acting wonky all day foe anyone else?

Godchild10201475d ago

Yes, couldn't get on the site for a couple hours.

OT: I really need to play this. Downloaded it at release, but ended up playing NFS.

JohnathanACE1475d ago

Yep it was down for me most of the day as well. Also wounder what they will announce. More free maps or maybe the co-op mode?

Lawboy21475d ago

Yeah just ordered the game from gamefly for 19.99....I'm going to go pick up the season pass tommorrow...looking forward to playing the game

rivencleft1474d ago

GameFly has some awesome deals for used games, especially since you get the original box, artwork, and all codes included, love buying from them, picked up Knack forever ago for $11 since I get the 10% off and had a $5 off coupon. Killzone was an awesome game, the graphics on PS4 are amazing, it was the first PS4 game I played when I got my system and I must say it was definitely jaw dropping, especially coming from PS3, the game itself is awesome, (NO SPOILERS AHEAD) there's a mission in outer space where there's no gravity and man I kept stopping in awe at the amazing graphics, you'll definitely like this game, if not love it like I did.

LackTrue4K1474d ago

I think in 2 days. There gana give some co-op info. :)

joydestroy1474d ago

that would be AWESOME!!!

rivencleft1474d ago

They're going to announce a jetpack addition to the game, like the jetpacks in Killzone 3, will definitely be awesome.

joydestroy1474d ago

i just ordered a copy on mon. should be here soon. can't wait. i heard they went back to the style of Killzone 2 MP versus Killzone 3's and i'm very happy about that. Killzone 2 is still one of my absolute favorite shooters. i'll never forget the front line spawning chaos in MP. so much fun dude.

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Nitrowolf21475d ago

Love the support this game is getting

towelie12881474d ago

this game looks great and the multiplayer is pretty fun and satisfiying but the campaign is killing me i am bored as hell i am struggling to get passed the first 3 levels

Destrania1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

The story definitely has it's cool moments. The last few levels especially are really awesome imo. Just push through it to get to the good stuff haha.

Ninjatogo1474d ago

I thought the 'last' level was pretty cool. Overall, the single player was just fine. The multiplayer is what keeps me coming back though.

WeAreLegion1474d ago

They used an absolutely horrible writer for Shadow Fall. I have no idea why they chose him. The guy who wrote 2, 3, Liberation, and Mercenary is so much better.

Zenith4k1474d ago

keep going with single player some of the next few levels are gorgeous and innovative, but i hear what your saying.

SoapShoes1474d ago

The story wasn't bad it just wasn't good. The actual gameplay of the campaign was great though, better than Ghosts or Battlefield's campaign.

princejb1341474d ago

Only problem I have with single player is that the checkpoints are way to far apart
I would play for 30 minutes thinking I was far ahead. Turn off my ps4. And when I come back I had to restart the map over again smh
Never made it past the 4th level

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SmokingMonkey1474d ago

KZ has always been my favorite FPS.

I can't wait for GG next game, come on E3

would love this (even though they state it's not the case)

Majin-vegeta1474d ago

HORY SHITE that would make an awesome game concept.I hope they get around to doing it.

Errefus1474d ago

Great Gonna play it today xD

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