Rockstar Games Working on an Unannounced Next-Gen Project, Due this Fiscal Year

OnlySP: Take Two made a pretty big announcement today.

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SimplyChalky983d ago

Please let it be Red Dead Rebellion!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi983d ago

And now it's time for another round of "Who can make the best red dead titles!!!"

Red Dead Retribution
Red Dead Revengeance (lol)
Red Dead [redacted]
Red Dead Reload
Red Dead Reality Show :D
Red Dead Reapers
Red Dead Reprisal
Red Dead Relabled

Supporter983d ago

My guess is GTA V for nextgen and pc.

pandaboy983d ago Show
inveni0983d ago

I guess Agent must be dead, then.

zeuanimals981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

Some @sshat bubbled me down for trolling... I put my heart and soul into that post!

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sipale983d ago

Sitting with my co-workers during a coffee break and reading your comment made me burst out laughing...thanks XD

M83_983d ago

I would shoot the shit out of that. Would be great fun and extremely satisfying!

kingdom18983d ago

More than likely a definitive edition of GTAV but I would so much prefer a Red Dead game. Just don't like GTA that much.

styferion983d ago

or a college Bully sequel, that'd be great

GHOSTxx420983d ago

Prolly just gta v, would be nice to see a new red dead game..

ATi_Elite982d ago

Red Dead Reckoning

Red Dead Recidivism

Red Dead Redivivus

or my favorite

Red Dead Rifflemen: Mounted Warfare 2

ATi_Elite982d ago

Red Dead Redemption and GTAV on Next Gen consoles and PC.


(Windows 8 Compatibility website is already showing Red Dead Redemption PC as a compatible Game)

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PockyKing983d ago

I'm placing bets on GTA V next-gen, but you never know!

LOL_WUT983d ago

I hope your right as I didn't get to play it ;)

PockyKing983d ago

I did, but traded it in last week with my PS3 to get the PS4. Didn't pay a penny for it ;) But, would like to finish the campaign as I lost my save data when I had to switch hardrives so a next-gen release would be favorable, and I'm also kinda scared of just how good it'll look, or whatever Rockstar is working on.

hellzsupernova983d ago

yeah it is a sure bet if it is due this fiscal year. Hopefully they get the heists down

PockyKing983d ago

With 33 million units of it sold, they'd be silly to not release it on next-gen. Rockstar has accounted for 45% of Take-Two's profit apparently. That's nuts.

Riderz1337983d ago

I'm assuming that since they say "project" and not "game", then it will be the GTA V next gen port.

nowitzki2004983d ago

Always felt like it needed more power last gen.

HyperBear983d ago

That was my vote. Agent! :/

But then I re-read the title and it said "Unannounced Next-gen Project", and technically speaking, Agent is an "Announced Delayed Current/Next Gen Project", so I dunno...

But more than likely, a PS4/XboxOne/PC re-release of GTA5

Iamnemesis4880983d ago

Hope it is Gta 5 re boot for next gen and here is hoping for all the DLCs for gta5 are free for X1 PS4.

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