SFIV: New Characters' Screenshots & Movelist

Info on Street Fighter IV's 3 new characters: Rufus, El Fuerte & Seth. Translated from Japanese Famitsu article.

Rufus' background story:
Rufus fights with a self-taught style of kung-fu, and is the (self-proclaimed) number one martial artist in America.
He feels a strong rivalry against Ken, and wants to fight Ken to find out who is actually stronger once and for all.
Always rushing to conclusions, Rufus has defeated many people who Rufus mistakenly thought was Ken.

Rufus' Movelists:

Savior Kick-
Upon command, Rufus jumps into the air and drop kicks down with all of his weight. The angle of the flying drop-kick depends on the strength of the kick button used. Savior Kick will go into another move if another kick button is pushed after the initial command.
+ Short Button- Rufus will do a Somersault Kick that will combo from Savior Kick.
+ Forward Button- Rufus will do a Low Sweep upon landing.
+ Roundhouse Button- Rufus will jump into the air again upon landing to do an overhead kick (can not be guarded low). Roundhouse and Forward versions can be used as a mix-up to break the opponent's guard.

Galaxy Tornado-
Rufus does a fast body-spin while utilizing the momentum to end with a deadly palm strike. There will be hit-box properties during the body-spin animation, which will deal multiple hits when standing next to the opponent. If Strong or Fierce Buttons were used, you can adjust Rufus' distance of movement during the spin animation with joystick input. Also, Galaxy Tornado has the property to wipe out projectiles.
EX version of the move will suck the opponent in closer during the spin animation.

Snake Bite Nature-
Rufus will jump into the air and deal multiple attacks with his finger strikes. Although this is an anit-air move, the attack will only come out after the jump. If you wish to stop the opponent's air attack, you should do this move early.

Spectral Romance (Super Combo)-
Upon execution, Rufus will start doing multiple attacks in the same spot, while the opponent is in stun he will jump behind them to finish with a double palm Ki strike.

Space Opera Symphony (Ultra Combo)-
Multi-hit combo move with punches and kicks, launches opponent in the air and ending it with a double palm Ki strike. This is Rufus' most damaging move.


El Fuerte:
A luchador. He has many fast pro-wrestling moves as opposed to Zangief's powerful moves. Confuse your opponent with the deadly air moves of Lucha Libre.

Habanero Dash-
El Fuerte's fast forward advancing dash move. The dash can go into different attacks with the follow-up input of different buttons; there are many variations for the follow-up, like over-heads, low attacks, and throws.
+Jab Button- Instant Break: Breaks and stops instantly during Habanero Dash. This is mainly used as a faint for Habanero Dash.
+Strong Button- Tostada Press: Jumps into the air and does a body press. The fall of the body press is very fast, making it hard for the opponent to counter this move.
+Fierce Button- Fajita Buster: Jumps in the air and falls just like Tostada Press. If the opponent is under El Fuerte upon landing, he'll do a acrobatic Lucha Libre Throw. Although, you can not throw your opponent with this move if they are crouching.
+Short Button- Backstep: Backsteps during the dash. Also used to bait the opponent just like Instant Break.
+Forward Button- Gordita Sobat: Does a sobat kick during dash. This move can be connected into his Super Combo.
+Roundhouse BUtton- Kalamare Sliding: Does a low ground slide from dash. Knocks down on hit.

Habanero Back Dash-
Dashes backwards.
+Jab, Strong, Fierce Buttons- Same as Habanero Dash.
+Any Kick BUtton- Picadillio Jump: Does a wall jump from the dash. You are able to go into different actions from this move.

Quesadillas Bomb-
Dashes forward and does a body ram. You can do this by holding any kick button for a certain amount of time and releasing it. The longer you hold the button, the more likely you will dizzy your opponent. Knocks down on hit for the EX version.

Guacamole Leg Throw-
Jumps diagonally up catching the opponent and smashes them to the ground. Used as anti-air.

El Fuerte Dynamite (Super Combo)-
Does multiple body rams then jumps in the air to finish with a body slam.

El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster (Ultra Combo)-
Jumps forward with a set distance, does not track. The move connects if the opponent is under where El Fuerte lands. Throws opponent in the air and ends with El Fuerte slamming the opponent to the ground.


Seth "the Puppet Master":
Seth is the CEO of S.I.N., the company in charge of Shadowloo's Weapon's Division. Seth has willingly reconstructed his body (with cyborg parts?). With the various martial arts data Seth has gathered, he has the ability to modify them and use to their fullest potential.
He hates being a "back-up substitute body" for Vega (Bison in US), Seth plans on taking over Shadowloo.

Following is a interview with the game's producer Ono, basically describing the location test in Tokyo and Osaka.
I'll translate the important info from the interview:

Many surveys were taken ever since the AOU show. Ono has also taken surveys directly from the test players by talking to them. With the new characters in this location test, the game will now under go final game balancing.

When asked if there will be any more characters, Ono answered: "I think we did our best with the location test this time (brining out the characters).... I think!"

When asked about the release date, Ono says the game is in its final balancing stage, and have not gone into production yet.

When asked about if this will be the final location test, Ono mentions there will still be beta-tests on the part where the game connects with cellphone sites, but as for the arcade location test he thinks this will be the last one.

Ono also mentioned that they are doing their best to balance out the game and politely thanks all the players for waiting for SFIV.

Editor's Note: The above is info translated from the original Japanese Famitsu article, by me. The credits link is to the google translation of the original article. The google translation usually has wrong wording and very hard to understand, which is why I decided to translate it myself.

Some known and un-important info are omitted, mostly on the Producer Interview (basically omitted chitchat but all the important info are there). All the names for each move should be correctly translated except for El Fuerte's move "Kalamare Sliding", because I can not think of a Mexican related item that has the sound Karamare. (Karamare in Japanese can be translated to "Tangled-up")

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blynx1823672d ago

Disappointment after disappointment...

Presentist3672d ago

They could redeem themselves with an Akuma announcement...but so far...not too happy with these.

Then again, I was the same skeptic person who looked at the SFIII:TS roster and said wtf?...Then I played the game, and it made me a believer.

ShinMaster3672d ago

The biggest problem is that it's being produced by the same guy who did "Capcom Fighting Evolution".

Why can't he stop creating new characters that are completely off and don't blend in whatsoever with the Street Fighter universe at all.

When I first got the news about SFIV, I was really hyped, but then I saw it......

Dir_en_grey3672d ago

In Fighting Jam/Evolution, Ono was the Unification/Generalization Producer and was barely involved in the development of the game; Producer was Sudou, who also was the Producer of SF2 and CVS2; the Director was Neo_G, who also was the Director of SF3 3rd Strike and the Planner of CVS2.

Fighting Jam is known to be a low budget game by Capcom in Japan. You can't really blame it only on Ono if other famous people from SF2, CVS2 and 3rd Strike also worked on the game and was even more involved in the development than Ono.
You gotta blame Capcom for making Fighting Jam a low budget game if anything, since they were just looking for some quick way to cash in.

It sucks though that Ono is getting all the blame for Fighting Jam just because some random game site editor decides to post partial facts about the whole thing and the bad image just got stuck w/ the online community ever since...

housegroove763672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

i agree SF4 is really letting me down. Maybe once i play it will be ok. I do have to say that i'm digging Seth. looks just like Urien (except bald) who is by far my favorite character in SF3. even has the same dash, throw, crouching HK it looks like. Hell, the standing animation is almost the same.

crimsonfox3672d ago

the first new guy just a rip off of BOB

how sad -_- when i heard SF4

i didnt think they could funk it up

SADIST3672d ago

What happened to making cool looking characters? Who the hell wants to play with a poor man's Rey Mysterio, a fat clown and a guy with underwear?