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The End of Kinect and the Future of the Xbox One

Microsoft made an impressive series of announcement today, but for current Xbox One owners, the now optional peripheral is even more of a paperweight. (Xbox One)

URNightmare  +   355d ago
Gamers win!!!
Kingoftherodeo  +   355d ago
i didn't buy into the kinect back with the 360 i thought it was useless. i wanted a day one console so i got the day one bundle. i can honestly say i don't think i could just completely stop using my kinect. maybe this is what ms is going for give consumer the option of buying kinectless version only to tease them with the kinect and make them wanna get the add on. kinda how some people feel about headseats they hate em until they try them and they don't ever wanna go back to not using one.

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