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Applejack1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

So 900p on PS4 and 792p on Xbox One? If this ends up being true, at least there's good news.

"It’s much more important to deliver an amazing next-gen experience than it is to push a few more pixels onto a screen"

They are trying to make it a much dynamic and richer experience with a constant framerate. I know many people here wanted full native 1080p with 60fps but that isn't being realistic. Also, the game delay was to work on the hacking aspect making sure it was integrated in the game as much as possible.

ILive1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Like I said, there could still be a patch that will make the game 1080p. Let's just wait and see. Though I may not be getting the game until I finish grand theft auto 5.

sonypsnow1440d ago

They could put Watch Dogs on Playstation Now 1080p/60fps with maximum settings.

jackanderson19851440d ago

They delayed it for 6 months. If they couldn't get it to 1080p in that 6 months it isn't looking all to likely for a patch

UltimateMaster1440d ago

Yeah, well, I guess it's a good rental.
I'd have to see myself how well this run first.

AndrewLB1440d ago

SonyPSNow- If that were the case, why didn't they? It's not like they didn't already have the higher resolution 1080p+ textures that are used in the PC version.

This bizarre idea that developers are holding PS4 games back because of Xbone is absolute nonsense. These game studios are full of entrepreneuers who want to make money, and the chances of them using the policy of social justice to "level the playing field" so everyone gets the same experience regardless of the fact that some platforms are clearly more powerful...

The idiot who believes in that regressive crap is no doubt the type who is against keeping score in kids sports and everyone gets a trophy because they don't believe in winners and losers, right and wrong, and all that matters is that you tried your best. LoL. What a joke. It's like that girl recently who moved out of her parents house because she wasn't allowed to have her scumbag boyfriend live there, then she goes and sues them to pay for her living expenses AND college education even though she was 18 and legally an adult. Thank god the judge wasn't appointed by Obama, because luckily it got thrown out.

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EXVirtual1440d ago

But this doesn't make sense.
Back in March, Ubisoft said this game was 1080p on PS4 and 960P on XBO, both at 30fps!

psyxon1440d ago

how does it not make sense? march was months ago. do you not understand how time works? or change?

Crazyglues1439d ago

Guess you missed all those articles about Watchdogs being downgraded...?

Nothing says were making a last gen game like not being able to hit 1080p, now not hitting 60 fps I can understand, but not getting 1080p on PS4 that's just ridiculous

This is what happens when you make your game for too many systems and then just start cutting corners to get it done.

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Magicite1440d ago

I dare to say - they did not optimize it enough.

medman1439d ago

This was always my concern for this game, and really any game, that straddles both generations. For me it's not a deal breaker and I'm looking forward to playing the game, but there is no doubt given all we've seen thus far this gen for ps4 and xbone that compromises are made for games not designed for new gen consoles only. It gives me great pause for what The Division will be, although I'm hoping for better because that is focused on new gen only. We know the ps4 is fully capable of open world 1080p 30fps, as there are games available now at that resolution and games announced that will hit that, so I wonder what Ubisoft's problem is.

Future_20151440d ago

theres a resolution war going on between the microsoft guys and sony guys and when ubisoft announce watch dogs is 900p and 792p on xbox all of a sudden its all just about the actual gameplay in the conversation and resolution talk goes silent, pathetic really in 2014 900p is the greatness that awaits, this is only 2014 and 900p for this game what is next gen? lol just get a pc

fr0sty1440d ago

If you plan on spending a lot more on your hardware, sure.

psyxon1440d ago

I really wish people would stop with the old "just get a pc" argument. My god. You guys want to be in every conversation, don't you?

Aussiebeachbabe1440d ago

Future I have a gaming pc and will still get it on console. The game will still look and play great on either console. Go and play it on pc by yourself because you sound like a nerdy geekboy with no friends...

UltraNova1440d ago

Well, for 400 bucks, 900p and 1080p/30fps (most times) seems ok wouldn't you think? Keep in mind the actual building cost for Sony is even less.

saviin1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

If all you care about is the best resolution and frame rate than PC is the best option, and the cost of games make up for the price you pay to build it unless you only buy a few games in a generation. I went PC last gen and plan on going console this gen after playing my kids wii u and realizing I want a dedicated system in my living room instead of sneaking down to the basement to play a mmo. I'll probably get a ps4 because I like rpg's more than shooters, because the games are what matter.

choujij1439d ago

No. If I wanted to game on 900p, I would have bought an Xbone. Guess I'll probably get the PC version for my HTPC. Really disappointed to see this was dumbed down. Even Infamous which is out already out, runs at 1080p 30+fps. Ubisoft took the piss on this one.

hollabox1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Agree Future! If resolution is so important just buy the PC version. I have both recently released next gen consoles, I myself was settled on getting the PS4 version when the rumor 1080P/60hz spread like an virus across the web. I don't really care about the 900P, but the 30hz is something I'm about tired of right now. I like to buy the best port or version of the game. So this time around my PC is getting my $60.

Is PC gaming expensive? Hell yeah, but like cars some people build their PCs as a hobby, continuously adding parts over time. Is PC gaming a waste of time? Yep, my $500 video card will be obsolete in 3 years unless DX12 is really all that. You do get more mileage out of consoles? Hell yeah, I'm still impressed by PS3 and XB360 visuals.

My specs
CPU: I7 970 @4.03 GHZ
RAM: GSkills DDR 3 1866
GPU: Sapphire AMD R9 290 Tri core OC edition
OS: WIN 8.1, and WIN7 64bit
HD: Samsung SSD 830 256GB SSD, and Seagate 1TB drive.
Drives: Samsung Blu Ray Burner, and Asus Blu Ray reader
PSU: Thermaltake 850 watt modular PSU
Monitor: Samsung SA950D 27 inch 120hz 3D monitor
Audio system: Sony STR DN840 connected VIA HDMI

Front: Polk Monitor 60s
Rear: Sony SS F7000
Center: Polk CS1
Sub: Polk PSW125

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F4sterTh4nFTL1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I will be enjoying the "True" True Next-Gen experience on my PC with Maximum Quality and more than 60 FPS.

psyxon1438d ago

name 5 pc exclusives you're anticipating. i'll wait.

F4sterTh4nFTL1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )


Only 5, that is too easy, I will give you 10:

01. Star Citizen
02. Unreal Tournament 4
03. DayZ
04. Torment: Tides of Numenera
05. Pillars of Eternity
06. Assetto Corsa
07. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
08. Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void
09. Civilization: Beyond Earth
10. Planetary Annihilation

brich2331440d ago

There was people saying they would have prefered 1080p at 30fps with better graphics on ps4, but now they are getting 900p hahahaha and now they will Complain about that lol

TheGrimReaper00111439d ago

I agree with ya there, sugarcube :D

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DarkLordMalik1440d ago

Sad. So much for the 1080p and 60 fps =/


Neonridr1440d ago

instead you get 900p and 30fps.. :/

Volkama1440d ago

As stories go, the twists in this one have been epic.

Just this afternoon people were laughing at others for jumping the gun and getting egg on their face. Now everyone has egg on their face, and the people that didn't participate are beginning to feel left out. Maybe.

osprey191440d ago

I see no downgrade tbh. And yes the hardware is capable, it's just it takes time to learn everything about a new platform.

osprey191440d ago

Id rather have great lighting, texture, shading, aesthetics and game engine compared to the idiotic resolution junkies some people have become

DarkLordMalik1440d ago

I would have agreed had the game retained its original visuals. But even those have been downgraded.

Christopher1440d ago

I'd rather have both. The hardware is capable of it.

Volkama1440d ago

Sadly the article earlier reported bad textures, bad lighting, and visible aliasing.

Fear for the division.

Timesplitter141440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

60 fps should be the priority regardless of what graphical sacrifices they have to make. Games that run at 30 fps feel unresponsive and irritating. They just put me to sleep. 30 fps is a massive instant turnoff.

People who usually play on consoles may not notice this but once you're used to playing 60+ fps on PC it's hard to go back

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gamernova1439d ago

No big deal. It's all about at least 2560 x 1440p now in the PC world. You console guys really need to stop frames and resolution. That is a PC thing. Just be happy with your games.

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Neonridr1440d ago

comparable I guess to BF4 then.

Neonridr1440d ago

well, sometimes. It dipped all over the place though, hitting as low as 30fps when you were playing some conquest maps.