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Submitted by JeffGrubb 634d ago | interview

Why Microsoft changed the 360 subscription model for Xbox One’s free-games program

An original interview with Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi explains why you'll need to keep your Xbox Live Gold subscription to keep playing Xbox One Games with Gold. (Xbox One, Yusuf Mehdi)

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barefootgamer  +   634d ago
"Because the old model was stupid." End of story. ;)
Cobra951  +   634d ago
No. "Because the old model doesn't force you to keep paying for Gold. The new model makes you pay for Gold forever, if you want to keep playing the 'free' games." Much more accurate pretend quote.

Think for a moment about what this means. It means the "free" games are locked to your account, and you must sign into it to play them. We're back to verification DRM, at least to some degree.
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from the beach  +   634d ago
Bingo. Old model was too good to last, unfortunately.
konnerbllb  +   634d ago

The old model was too costly and if they are to compete with the kind of new AAA titles that PSN offers they can't allow you to keep the game. If you've kept up with Phil Spencer interviews he's hinted at this the past year.

This is actually a good thing! Before we were getting free games that were 3-5 years old while PSN was getting free games from last year or as early as 6 months old. It's much nicer to have the latter.
Docknoss  +   634d ago
Wait isn't this exactly what PSN dies with "free" games. Am I not correct!? The double standards from people who come to this site. Is mind numbingly ignorant.
Sayburr  +   634d ago
"We're back to verification DRM, at least to some degree."

That is correct, the same as Sony.

Both systems will check to see if you are up to date on your subscription before allowing the game to start up... I guess. I don't have PS4 so I am not sure what happens if you don't have internet connection.
from the beach  +   634d ago
It's a good thing for Microsoft, primarily because you have to keep paying to keep playing the 'free' games now, as has always been the case with PS+.

That was the point I was agreeing with..
Ghost_Nappa  +   634d ago
Only on xbox one is that a requirement and besides, have you ever even seen ps plus lineups?
Mr Pumblechook  +   634d ago
The Sony Instant Games Collection model works really well and when people who had upgraded from a 360 to PS4 dropped their Live subscriptions Microsoft had to react.
ALLWRONG  +   634d ago
Thanks for the DRM Sony.
DragonKnight  +   634d ago
HA! So now Live "rents" free games to you, just in a different way than PS+ does. I can't wait to see the backpeddling from the Xbox fanboys on this.

Man, today is Xbox Fanboys Eat Crow Day.
alexkoepp  +   634d ago
Sucks they downgraded to PS+ levels, so much for free games, guess we unfortunately now have free game leases that can be revoked at any time.
DonMingos  +   634d ago
No, in the ps3 you don't have to login and connect to the internet to play a game from Instant game collection. You just have to connect once your ps+ subscription expires to check if you have renewed it. Wich means i only have to connect once a year if i want to
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kreate  +   634d ago
I really liked the old model better.
UltimateMaster  +   634d ago
"while PSN was getting free games from last year or as early as 6 months old. It's much nicer to have the latter."

Correction, as old as 0 days old.
Some games came out on the store free from day 1!
zeuanimals  +   634d ago

Aren't you used to renting half of the system's functions with Gold restrictions by now? And it's about time they got rid of those, and by the way, I'm not applauding MS for undoing something they shouldn't have done in the first place. It's like thanking someone for pulling the knife out of your gut after they stabbed you with it.

That said, I don't see what your problem with "rentals" is...

If they give you better games, they have to give it to you as a "rental", but here's the thing, if they give you better games constantly then you won't want to stop subscribing because you'll keep getting newer and better games. Get mad if they stop giving new and good games.
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mikeslemonade  +   634d ago
I think the majority of people rather have a continuous subscritpion for the sake of better games than ownership of games that would lead to more crappy and old games.

That's if XBL gold gets better games. So far the last two months they have improved. But PS plus is still about 3 times better in that department.
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Charybdis  +   634d ago
So the xb360 gold program will stay the same, while the xb1 will finally get gold but with restricted drm same as sony, even if they previously stated they don't have drm they do have drm for their digital games.

Can't see why people think this is bad news for Microsoft fans because they finally get the opportunity to get free games on xb1. Meanwhile xb360 at the moment still has the benefits of the old program.
mike_honcho  +   634d ago
only difference between g4g and ps+ is g4g are a year behind ps+ with what they're giving out.. #leftovers #4th&longM$fumbles
Kidmyst  +   633d ago
E3 we should get a nice list of free games coming, I'm sure they'll throw a long list on the screen to jump start things.
Darrius Cole  +   634d ago
Those April Xbox One sales numbers must really be bad.
ramiuk1  +   633d ago
i wonder what xboners will say now ,im sure the fact they got to keep a crap game from years ago and didnt need a sub was why GWG was better than ps+.

on another note what an awesome game there getting for the first month on xbone.
i hope the new boss sorts alot of the issues out,might tempt me to move my ps4 from centre of tv nit and give a litte bit of room to buy a xbone in a few motnhs if something decent(in my eyes) comes out for it.
Neonridr  +   634d ago
Because this way they can offer newer, more relevant games.
ger2396  +   634d ago
Like ps+.
palaeomerus  +   634d ago
newer, more relevant games = 2 year old indie steam crap, and old games that are being sold in stuff like humble publisher bundles.
Neonridr  +   633d ago
@palaeomerus - While the PS4 PS+ titles haven't been anything to write home about, give it time. The PS3 selections have been amazing. Imagine getting AAA games like Bioshock Infinite for free when the game released like 9 months prior.
Volkama  +   634d ago
Indeed, called this change ages ago. The moment they said Games with Gold would eventually come to Xbox One they said "in some form", and it was a pretty safe bet this was it.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   634d ago
Thank you for the listening to your fans!
ErcsYou  +   634d ago
Didn't the fans attempt to brag about how they got to keep their "free" game forever? I wonder how they feel? I bet they feel some type of way.
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Hyper_Tension140  +   634d ago
I think he means newer games with gold.
testerg35  +   634d ago
I guess the same way Sony fans feel about having to pay for online play. You just have to deal with it.
memots  +   634d ago
ahh yes the usual ... The free game are not free comments.
ColManischewitz  +   634d ago
Is Dark Souls relevant enough?
shinrock  +   634d ago
Is free good enough?
But i wil say that im truly pissed about not being able to keep the dl'd title. Thanks sony fans!
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badz149  +   634d ago
Yeah. They should just keep the old model and offer Dark Souls for keep 3 years later! /s
barb_wire  +   634d ago
How can you blame Sony when MS is saying it listened to their fans.. seems the fans wanted it this way, so go blame them.
n4rc  +   634d ago
I'm not pissed at all..

Both systems had something to offer.. Gwg gave you older games you can keep, PS+ leased you newer games that you don't own.

Personally.. I've never found keeping my xbl gold an issue in the least.. So I'd rather the PS+ model..

You can blame sony for giving us free games to play, I guess.. Lol.. I think I'll be thanking them
Parapraxis  +   634d ago
"But i wil say that im truly pissed about not being able to keep the dl'd title. Thanks sony fans!"
What the hell man, you are seriously blaming Sony fans?
grow up.

The PS+ model is just way better, for the company and the majority of consumers.
That is why MS has basically changed theirs to be the exact same!
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Ghost_Nappa  +   634d ago
Exactly, we have Sony's dick punch at e3 to thank for no online checks and not needing the kinect to be plugged in
Volkama  +   633d ago
That's the funny thing about this change Ghost_Nappa. You now subscribe to access your leased games. It is clearly a move towards online checks.

All the people that raised pitchforks at MS and accused them of attacking their rights as a consumer are quite willing to wave those rights if they see good value.

MS failed to convince anyone that good value was on offer, if they had succeeded then the One would be the online-only box they tried to sell in the first place.
NatureOfLogic_  +   634d ago
They're basically copying PSN and PSplus for better or worse with this change and no paywall change. MS doesn't have their own direction for gaming at the moment. And they're basically trying to imitate Sony's direction for gaming.
Darrius Cole  +   634d ago
True, but who cares.
zeuanimals  +   634d ago
Yup. I'll take better things wherever it is and I don't care if it's been "copied". PSN wouldn't be what it was if it didn't copy XBL.
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OrangePowerz  +   634d ago
They lost their direction last year with their first 180.

They had to do the 180 because the DRM and online check in was horrible. Problem is their system was built on many bad ideas that got all reversed in the last 12 months. All of that makes the console better, but they should have been thinking about it before revealing the console. Now it looks like they have no idea what they wanted their console to be and that they don't stand behind their product. What we have now is a console that tries to be a PS4 but with weaker hardware, a HDMI in to watch tv and an OS that is bad to navigate with a controller because it was designed for a peripheral that just sent to die. I have never seen so many u-turns in gaming in my life.

With all the changes since the reveal you don't even know what to expect from the future. Will they keep the HDMI in or drop that? Will they do the Xbox TV stuff for longer or just a short time before they axe that if it doesn't sell units?

A year ago before the reveal nobody would have expected that MS needs to copy Sony.
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n4rc  +   634d ago
That's a pretty ridiculous comment..

Someone has to be first.. In everything.

If its a success, it gets implemented by all..

Ms doesn't have a vision for matching a popular feature? Guess Sony doesn't understand communication since they copied cross game party chat?

Gimme a break man.. Ms has a clear vision, give its fans what they want and what they ask for.. Seriously.. Wasn't all these changes the main 3 complaints everyone had?
memots  +   634d ago
You know PC and steam had this, So called "revolutionary party chat"

Seriously dude.
Sayburr  +   634d ago
...So, it is a "subscription model" but Microsoft will only offer the games for a limited two week period much like they do now, whereas PS+ a new subscriber could still pick up Resogun for free. Am I correct in how I am reading this?
Sayburr  +   634d ago
LOL... I am getting disagrees on a question being asked.
asyouburn  +   634d ago
Games rotate on plus, too. Some games stay for a long time, some go more quickly
zeuanimals  +   634d ago
Most go quickly, but Sony keeps a few on there almost indefinitely. It's good for new users to try the standouts and it doesn't really impact new games coming to the service so long-time PS+ users won't get pissy.
GearSkiN  +   634d ago
Wait so the xbox360 free games can only be free if you're a XBL member and xbox one is like the old GWO were u keep it no matter what?
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WeAreLegion  +   634d ago
It's the other way around, I believe.
shinrock  +   634d ago
360 model stay the same.xbox1 u lose access when ur account lapses.
WeAreLegion  +   634d ago
I'm glad they changed it.

Prepare for the comparison articles about their lineups EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. MONTH!
Hyper_Tension140  +   634d ago
@WeAreLegion lol

This is gonna get ugly:D
zeuanimals  +   634d ago
Good. I want PS+ to have some decent competition. I'm not saying "it needs competition because competition keeps things from stagnating", which has some truth and some falsity to it, I'm just saying GWG was a joke in comparison and I didn't even bother downloading anything. Now I will.
KNWS  +   634d ago
Max, the curse of the brotherhood. Lot of people say this a good game, so i am very happy i will be playing come June.
Sayburr  +   634d ago
I have thought about buying it, and the Halo title also... glad I have not yet.
Ghost_Nappa  +   634d ago
Spartan assault is meh, it's insane that it was 15$ to start with
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RiPPn  +   634d ago
but.. but.. but.. rentals..

Going to be fun to watch the Xboners change their tune on this.
badz149  +   634d ago
It will be PRICELESS!!
Sayburr  +   634d ago
Rentals with DRM, gotta make sure the user still has Xbox Live afterall.
UnHoly_One  +   634d ago
I'm not changing any tune.

It's a rental service, same as PS+.

Either way it is mostly irrelevant to me as I buy games long before they "give" them away.

Unless it is something I don't want, but I still don't want it even if it is "free", so it makes no difference to me.
shinrock  +   634d ago
Right on bro!
zeuanimals  +   634d ago
You never even thought about wanting to try out a game but end up not buying it? I'm pretty sure everyone's done that.

It's like a hot girl at some place, you want to go talk to her but you end up chickening out. A few weeks later you guys see each other again and she's practically begging for... It. So are you in or are you crazy?
UnHoly_One  +   633d ago
lol, very rarely.

If I do hold off on one at launch, I usually watch for it and grab it on a sale or when it starts dropping in price. So I still usually have it before it goes "free".

The only game I've ever gotten off of PS+ that falls into that category was Spec Ops: The Line, and I obviously didn't want it too bad because I still haven't made any attempt to play it. lol
akaFullMetal  +   634d ago
Gamers liked better what PSPLUS was offering, and xbox one mimicked that, which isn't a bad thing.
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Kayant  +   634d ago
Damn I really wished they changed the X360 model as well but at least the june lineup is pretty good :)
Speak_da_Truth  +   634d ago
But i thought ps+ was bad because when your subscription ran out you lose access to the games lol even though it offered more relevant games that aren't old as shit
#13 (Edited 634d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
from the beach  +   634d ago
You thought right.
Software_Lover  +   634d ago
........... Um that is kind of what people are arguing. We now cannot keep the games which sucks!!!
Highlife  +   634d ago
Oh cry a little more. It's better to get newer games most people pay for live or psn anyway. What was so great about 3 plus year old games for free if you want to keep them that bad I'm sure you can find them for a few bucks.
CrowbaitBob  +   633d ago
I've never understood how popular this argument has been.

In what imaginary universe do Xbox Live Gold subscribers just decide they'll continue using their Xbox without a Gold subscription? It's as if noone realizes how useless an Xbox is without a Gold subscription.
wannabe gamer  +   634d ago
Julion0715  +   634d ago
Both systems will adopt and adapt from eachother nothing is wrong with that.
RoboticusRex  +   634d ago
Its that not bad really, I have plus and don't plan on nit having it. Same thing with gold now.
Errefus  +   634d ago
Well i dont own a x1 yet but its nice to see some competition for sony. Hope the games for x1 wont be bad, i am currently happy with PS+ discounts and games available.
Convas  +   634d ago
Ugh, they adopted the rental policy.

I'll speak against it here, because I spoke against in in PS Plus. It's silly.

I understand why both companies do it, but it's silly and I want no part of it.

I'll take the discounts gladly, but I don't want your "free games".

I'm gaming on PC, XONE, and PS4 within the next year. I cannot afford/doubt I'll be able to have 2 subs running year round, meaning those free games will be useless to me.
#18 (Edited 634d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
DefenderOfDoom2  +   634d ago
would be really cool if they offer free multiplayer for xb360 owners!
IQUITN4G  +   634d ago
Well this is crap but unfortunely rent to play is the future model in all likelyhood for almost every game

Basically stuffed if you want to play a game down the line but no longer can
leemo19  +   634d ago
So pretty much MS is doing what PS+ been doing, that's good to hear. Xbl has been pointless the last couple years since PS+ has become a better deal. With all these announcement MS announce today there actually be competition this gen.
kewlkat007  +   634d ago
"That’s because Microsoft could potentially offer better deals to third-party publishers because customers are more likely to keep subscribing to Xbox Live Gold. That means Microsoft gets more people subscribing for a longer amount of time; publishers potentially get more money from Microsoft; and gamers might get a better selection of software."

Pros and cons....I supported.
Skate-AK  +   634d ago
Awesome they finally did this. It's quite late though.
SoulSercher620  +   634d ago
Xbox fans are running out of reasons to say how Xbox Live anything is better than PSN or PS Plus. Now XB1 Games with Gold is the SAME as Plus except for games.
Kingoftherodeo  +   634d ago
well now that theres no paywall and games with gold is like psn+ model. we yet to see the game selections. are we only left to compare infrastructure of live vs psn? if so xbox live is looking better than it already was.
PickAShoe  +   634d ago
xbox will eventually become playstation. heck, might as well rename their brand to playstation.
Kingoftherodeo  +   634d ago
if you think about it sony copy most of xbox live at first then they added extras. now ms borrows from it, you got to adapt man
SixtyNine  +   633d ago
Xbox live has always been the better and more reliable service. Now it even does the only thing that PSN had over it, PS+. In this case, Games with Gold.

All this talk about "copy", You wouldn't have a comparable service like PSN without Xbox Live ^_^.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   633d ago
the xboxstation, hey you cant beat them,join em. now the xbox just gotta get games
The_devils_chum  +   633d ago
Cause theyre getting their ass kicked hard, and they didnt want to look like total dick heads.
Ol_Boy  +   633d ago
Man I'm happy for you only xbox one owners.
If MS keeps their end of the bargain you guys will get better free games. You won't need Live subscriptions to use some apps. And new X1 adopters won't have to pay $100 dollars more for the inferior console. As for the xbox fans complaining about the Games with Gold policy change, I guess you like giving money away for old sub par content.

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