The Xbox One price drop isn't just to boost sales, says Microsoft

Engadget :
This morning, less than a year after Microsoft unveiled its Xbox One, the game console's price dropped from $500 to $400. How's Microsoft making up for the price difference? By removing Kinect, of course. The camera/microphone peripheral introduced halfway through Xbox 360's life cycle was a standard in every Xbox One sold since launch last November, but no longer. As of this June, a second option will exist on retailer shelves. A less expensive option. And Xbox marketing lead Yusuf Mehdi is all about that option:

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headwing451500d ago

"We have 80-plus million Xbox 360 users today who want an Xbox One, and many of them tell us, 'For me, it's an affordability issue. I'm gonna get there, it's just a question of time. If you make it more affordable, then I'll upgrade faster.' So this is an opportunity to really make it easier for them to get there at their pace."

I love how they realize this SIX MONTHS AFTER RELEASE. Counting E3, they has pretty much a year to realize people didn't want Kinect and people aren't going to pay more because of it.

4Sh0w1500d ago

BS. Liars, of course its purely about sales.

LordMaim1500d ago

They wouldn't be changing course so radically, at such a great cost, if it weren't motivated by money.

1500d ago
XiSasukeUchiha1500d ago

Of their lying man just because it's all for sales my friend!

Mr Pumblechook1500d ago

"The Xbox One price drop isn't just to boost sales!"
Jimmy Reckon!

osprey191500d ago

See! Microsoft do something good and what the fans ask for and u call it bs.
then Sony lie to u all about specific game res/fps and u all forgive them. Bias.

blackbeld1500d ago

"The Xbox One price drop is just to boost sales, says Microsoft"

Here I fix that for you Microsoft.

Highlife1500d ago

@osprey oh come on this is a business not a charity. Like mattercornholio said if sales were flipped between ps4 and x1 you really think ms would have lowered the price out of the goodness of their heart so poor Johnny can afford one. Answer no. They need sales.

amiga-man1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

MS didn't do something good they are trying to put right all the things they did bad, they bought this onto themselves they don't deserve credit for fixing something that should never have done in the first place.

To be fair it is a step in the right direction but the simple fact is there is no difference between the consoles apart from one being more powerful,the sad thing for M$ is that for your money the more powerful console is made by Sony.

SilentNegotiator1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Now instead of getting the console, camera, and two games, we can buy the system for a mere $50 less and buy the rest separately!

I'm convinced that this has nothing to do with money!

HammadTheBeast1500d ago

It's basically like when you go to a job interview and never mention money. They are trying to never mention sales, but we all know what its all about.

Mr-Dude1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Just a question... what would happen if sony would announce a ps4 and vita bundle as counter reaction for say... like $499?

ABizzel11500d ago

"We have 80-plus million Xbox 360 users today who want an Xbox One, and many of them tell us, 'For me, it's an affordability issue. I'm gonna get there, it's just a question of time. If you make it more affordable, then I'll upgrade faster.' So this is an opportunity to really make it easier for them to get there at their pace."

Does that not translate into......."SALES".

I've always planned on getting a XBO once the DRM policies were removed, and Kinect wasn't required, but the price : performance ratio was off, and there really aren't many "next-gen" games I want right now on any console (InFamous & Mario Kart, .....).

However, this new SKU is exactly what I wanted to begin with, but the facts are this was all about getting more sales.

RAWSTA1500d ago

Sit down troll and eat all the glory of xbox today lol

Visiblemarc1500d ago

Yeah, I mean...

How could pricing not be about sales?

That is a very odd thing for them to claim.

troylazlow1500d ago

I think this is a great move, don't get me wrong I love my Kinect and use it everyday, but I can see how it's not for everyone.

t-hall7851500d ago

Of course its about sales...this is big business. the more people that have one, the more games they can sell to them. i thought we all understood this by now.

mikeslemonade1499d ago

Just PR spin. You really think if it was selling well they would change their model 8 months from launch?

TheSaint1499d ago

Agreed, they should have cared more about this sort of thing at the start.

UltraNova1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Its all good MS, no need to lie even more, you did the right thing here for both the consumer and your Bank accounts just don't smear it with more BS.

Now I m more interested to see what Sony does in response...

Will they drop to 349? or will they test the consumers trust in the PS brand just like they did back in 2007 and fail?

Will they be proud about it and stay at 399 just to show MS they are not 1st because of the lower price? That would be a mistake. Price > Brand Name well...most of the time (see Apple's prices and sales).

They should focus on getting out there the message of why getting a PS4 over the xbox1 gets you more hardware, more quality games in their exclusives, better performing multiplats, PS+ free games and full gen support, unlike MS.

Plus they have Project Morpheus as well, but I suspect an MS-Facebook/Oculus partnership will not go unexploited and they certainly wont let Sony go at it alone you can be sure about that!(MS owns 4% of Facebook and now part of Oculus as well). E3 will be exiting.

One thing’s for sure, this will force Sony to be even more creative and competitive which means more for us!

British_Knight1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Microsoft earned $24.52Billion in the second quarter, while Sony has been crippled by losing a little over a billion dollars. Money isn't a factor for Microsoft. The Xbox division breaks even or earns a modicum of revenue, that doesn't make an impact either way, for one of the top 5 most powerful companies in the world.

Xbox is a marketing tool for Microsoft. They're more interested in getting as many consoles in consumers' homes as possible to push the Microsoft brand (Windows), but they can't give them away for free. Remember what the Joker said, "If you're good at something never do it for free." Xbox One is a year or two away from scratching the surface of what it's capable of.

Microsoft has completely changed their vision for the system, from a software perspective, in a short amount of time. I don't cast that as a negative aspiration, but rather a sign of how powerful the system's architecture truly is. Lets see if Directx 12 and improved Kinect will make a difference. At the end of the day, it's more about the games themselves. More exclusives can help and better PR can help as well.

gazgriff2k121499d ago

flip flop flip flip flop1

Ju1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

'Will they drop to 349?'...why would they lower the price for the stronger machine over the XO? The XO is still overpriced - IMO even more now that you get no advantage over the PS4 but the lower speced box for actually the same price.

I rather think consumer who haven't made a decision yet see two console @ 399 - and when asking what's the difference and you get the answer "well, one runs 1080, the other don't" (if in fact you find a non biased clerk) which one would you pick?

The $399 XO is great for people who wanted one in the first place but it yields no advantage over the PS4.

PX541499d ago

How does removing the Kinect from the box to make it cheaper constitute a 'price-drop'?
Realistically isn't it the same price, just without the Kinect...?
There's no price-drop here, they're just giving the customers the option (which should have always been there) to buy the console without the Kinect.

Pain1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

" The Xbox One price drop isn't just to boost sales, says Microsoft " and Girls showing there boobs on the internet isn't for attention.. ether..

UltraNova1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )


You see we have a Paradox here.

Meaning the question here should be why didnt MS drop to 350 not Sony, effectively giving them a fighting chance when they clearly have the inferior product and now without the Kinect, the inferior product with nothing to differentiate it from the competition. They essentially turned the one into a less powerful ps4.

Now to my comment, no matter what at the same price the ps4 will bleed some of its sales to the xbox at least in the US. That's irrefutable. At Sony they wont/shouldn't allow that, its their 1st chance in 8 years to get a win in the US where MS was outselling them 2:1.

By dropping 50 bucks they can at least sustain their current sales, keeping them ahead of MS, again in the US at least and like it or not shareholders decide based on US performance first, the world later.

Business wise they need to deal the competition the final blow, not allow them room to breath.

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MasterCornholio1500d ago

Just a question. If sales were flipped (meaning the Xbox One outselling the PS4 by a huge margin) would Microsoft drop Kinect?

Answer is no.

Jazz41081500d ago

They had two skus last gen with the pro and arcade so they might have. This does not seem that car off.

Charybdis1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

It could simply mean xbox devision is finally taking a more consumer/gamer friendly approach. First kinect needed to be connected to xb1 for the x1 to work 1,consumers disagreed , kinect no longer needed to be connected to xb1. Then consumers wanted kinect less bundle, kinect less x1 bundle announced before E3.

If sales were flipped (in the darkest timeline), but consumers still wanted kinect less version would Microsoft drop kinect.

Answer- well maybe its another opportunity for them to make more money

Utalkin2me1499d ago


The arcade model was almost 2 years later. And it was just there for people to buy to replace their pro model that keep burning up. As my friend did 3 times before wising up.

MysticStrummer1500d ago

"this is an opportunity to really make it easier for them to get there at their pace"

…which means… a boost in sales.

-Foxtrot1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Why are they lying, do they think we are stupid or something. It's a tad insulting to our intelligence to be honest.

People keep trying to spin it like it's some gift to gamers, something Phil Spencer has done for us when really it's about boosting sales for Microsoft as a whole since they are falling behind. If the Xbox One was doing better then PS4 then I highly doubt they would be doing this bundle.

Aleithian1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Agreed. And this is why, even if they come out with great exclusives, I won't buy XBOX - I refuse to trade with a company that routinely insults me and tries to manipulate my gaming experience and life (DRM, involvement with PRISM, etc etc). Sony eff'd up last gen, but they've made the effort to recognize their errors and correct them.

EDIT: @Foxtrot.

It's psychology. Many people lack the capacity to engage objectively with reasons to some degree, and they lack the self-awareness to recognize that fact or to respond to those who point it out. Hence, they view reasons through a lens of allegiance and emotivism. No fact speaks for itself - it speaks only to those who approach it with objective consciousness. Neither of us are fanboys - we are responding to the state of the industry. If MS reversed course and demonstrated their trustworthiness for several years, I'd happily trade with them. But they haven't. Sony has.


-Foxtrot1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


It's why I don't understand why you try to point it out to people on here for example your called a Sony's not about being a fanboy it's about judging a company based on their past actions and putting what they are doing in the present in perspective.

I'm not a fanboy, I love the look of the games on the system like Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Halo 5 etc but the problem is Microsoft are a slimy company who'll do anything to boost sales. While someone like Sony who has been doing this for 20 years this December know what gamers want. Yeah they've made mistakes, they aren't perfect they want money just like any other company but they've fixed their mistakes straight away and tried to get money by pleasing us as much as they could.

Look at the whole Phil Spencer thing, people keep saying I'm "hating" on him but it's not really him I'm annoyed at, it's the Microsoft fans who make him out to be the messiah and how he's going to fix everything JUST because he's a gamer. It's why I keep mentioning the little "front" speech and how Phil is just a pawn in Microsofts plan to win gamers trust back.....sad thing is it seems to be working. I mean yeah they'll announce games at E3, this is fantastic news but it's not because they are "for gamers" like super duper Phil Spencer's just because they want to boost sales

As I've said above if the Xbox One was doing way better in sales compared to the PS4 then they wouldn't really bother about games and would most likely dedicate E3 to Kinect, Sports, TV, Apps, the obvious games like Gears of War and Halo 5

4Sh0w1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

No just no.

True, this is a straight up BS lie from micro.

However everything else you said is fanboy rhetoric. If I bought a console strictly on morals and from companies who don't lie, I wouldn't own a console ever.

I've been gaming since there was games just about, I was reading gaming news straight out of the old "Nintendo Power" magazines. I read lies then when exec's, devs, journalists said things they knew were never true. I can say without a doubt neither company holds a higher moral ground, they are just full of people with different viewpoints and that make different mistakes. What makes those mistake MORE or LESS important to us/individuals is simply a emotional attachment to one or the other. Hell some many times those small *white lies are worst than clear lies but not really hurting anybody lies like this because those lies are purposely made to impact sales of the other brand by providing factually incorrect data but this is about micro and I'm not here to regurgitate history. Sometimes we all get caught up in it, but I can tell you gaming has been so much pleasurable when I leave out the bias and just enjoy what I enjoy.

Ron_Danger1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

XBox 360: better with Kinnect

XBox One: better without Kinnect

Which is it Microsoft?

MastaMold1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

@foxtrot, MS do think gamers are stupid and it all started with their Drm for the Xbone and forced kinect they reversed the Drm and now kinect with every Xbone and how do gamers react, "yea we won as gamers they did what we wanted " that is BS and this shows that MS is a joke. If true gamers think that MS did all these 180s for the industry then you need to cone back to reality cause they did this to boost sales and nothing else. If people actually believe this no wonder the gaming community isn't taken seriously this also goes to gaming journalist too.

Kribwalker1500d ago

All you ponies kept yelling kinect less sku kinect less sku. Well here is a kinect less sku and you all start crying about something else, and yet, when sony blatantly lies about not only FPS but also resolution you ponies go and say it was just a mistake. Just like how sony lies about Killzone multiplayer. 1080p is 1920x1080. 960x1080 is interlaced. P stands for solid image. 960x1080 is not solid image. Yet sony never lied. You guys are helpless
#firstworldproblems #idiots #PSN4G

nypifisel1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


It's not about morals. It's about doing an educated purchase judging by historical information available to you as a consumer.

Microsoft and Sony both is in this to earn money of course. It's how you approach this that differentiate the two companies. Sony strongly believed that it could earn more money by pleasing the consumer, MS thought they could strong arm them into something that fundamentally was set up to earn the company maximum amount of profit out of the Xbox branch. They only changed due to outcry, not because they listened to fans but because they failed to do as they initially wanted, that behaviour shouldn't be rewarded. The Xbox One needs to be a failure even if MS show resolute intentions to change.

If people actually started to educate themselves more they would've seen how this would play out 4 years ago. MS have never done any long term investment in the gaming branch developing its in house studios or taking any financial long term risk to secure customer satisfaction that way. This is also the reason why I think buying exclusives the way MS does is just as insulting since it's also a sign of this and why I would never buy an Xbox, and don't think anyone should do.

It's about corporate nature at large here, Sony has never seemed as disingenuous as a company as MS has, and the hubris that was the PS3 was a brainchild of a really difficult man (Ken). But Sonys problem was never that of them not investing creatively in games. They should rightfully be rewarded with our money and MS simply should not.

To judge MS harshly even though they change their policies has nothing to do with fanboyism, it's about not promoting bad behaviour. The Xbox One simply wasn't designed for you as a gamer. And no policy reverse will change this fact. I would still regard anyone buying into this short term, an apologist.

DragonKnight1499d ago

@Kribwalker (such a perfect name for a baby): I assume you're talking about Watch Dogs. Can you prove that it was an outright lie, or a mistake the person who updated the website made? I'll wait.

Ju1499d ago

I wouldn't say that. If they bring some nice exclusives and drop the price by another hundred to $299 I could see myself getting me one eventually - purely for those games. But I'm not in a rush. I got the better machine which runs the better 3rd party games already. Why would I switch?

doolin_dalton1499d ago

So, when Sony makes mistakes (as you admit they've done) and reverses course to fix them, it's done to please gamers, but when MS does the same thing it's nothing more than a sales gimmick. Typical hypocrisy.

You're a classic apologist. You defend everything Sony does while blasting MS for doing the same. It's not hard to see why you're called a fanboy when you flip flop like you do.

You'll just look at anything MS does as "they are only doing it to boost sales". MS's E3 will be for gamers just like it's ALWAYS been. Haters like you simply find reasons to dismiss them while ignoring the substance. Only on N4G will anyone agree with the things you say.

nypifisel1499d ago


Sony never shifted course from gaming. Even though you can call the pricing of the PS3 consumer unfriendly, it doesn't mean they inherently were trying to shift from a gaming centric focus. They haven't because the Playstation branch have always been run by people who actually look at games as something more than a way to make money. Phil Spencer might be the only one in the whole Xbox division which also does this, Don Mattrick certainly didn't.

The whole hardware design of the Xbox One really shows how games never were the focus. They had shifted course, being this "one in all box" was more important thinking they would bring in a new sort of potentially larger customer base. That wasn't the case. The damage have already been done on the hardware though. Kinect, and underpowered compared to the competition. If you were to design the best games console you could, it wouldn't be made like the Xbox One. But that's because MS never wanted to do that, they wanted an entertainment box.

I'm not even sure you who you directed your comment to but be clear, I don't play games on consoles, I don't even own a TV. I'm exclusively a PC guy, and have been for 10 years. The last console I owned was the original Xbox.. Yep that one! This is what I've gathered from looking at the evidence as objectively as I can, and sure I might have a Sony bias, but that because they treated me in a way that I feel inclined they deserve to be promoted. Xbox One is a catastrophe, better luck next time.

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imt5581500d ago

Yeah, Microsoft, price cut isn't just to boost sales! It is HUGE slap in the face to early buyers of Xbone at launch!!!

DefenderOfDoom21499d ago

Unless you can find people who work for free , then it is about sales!

Ginesis1499d ago

I was a believer in Microsoft's supposed "vision" they had for the Xbox One but as of yesterday I'm pretty much done dealing with this company. As a Day Oner I can't help but look at this like Microsoft have their early adopters a few good backshots.

You got me once Microsoft but never again! Good luck getting back those 80 million...just realize that of those 80 million a good majority of them bought multiple systems because of the RROD so I'd it really 80???

PX541499d ago

How is it a huge slap? It's a slight slap, but not a huge one.
It's a slap in the sense that early adopters were required to also purchase the Kinect, but realistically there's no price-drop taking place. If there was the Kinect would still be part of the console bundle. Basically they've just changed the bundle on sale from - Console + Controller + Kinect, to - Console + Controller. That's the only reason it's cheaper - they removed a peripheral. If you were to buy the XBO without the controller in the bundle it would likely be cheaper again.

trenso11500d ago

The bold face lie! No one wanted kinect and they really needed a sales push. With how it is selling compared to ps4 it is shocking that they dropped the price not even a year after launch. But now that kinect isn't mandatory devs will drop the support. Really they should have waited for the price drop to at least after this christmas. So by then most of the install base will have a kinect giving more reason to support it. but now that they are on par in price it will be interesting to see which one sells more, since the ps4 is still more powerful and so far is getting the better versions of some games. Or will Sony come around do their own price drop. Probably not.

kneon1500d ago

I can't see sony dropping their price anytime soon unless they see a significant and lasting decline in sales.

system221500d ago

its true. im surprised they didn't do this at launch... then again, i think the more other things that people complained about got cut back, the kinects importance also scaled back.

osprey191500d ago

@highlife. I agree, this isn't a charity its a business to make the most money possible, Sony are in the same business, so y give them every benefit of the doubt when u all hate on Microsoft? They want ur money too. The best way to make money is to make ur consumers happy, Sony have done that with a good console, Microsoft once had the idiot that was mattrick at the reigns, ditched him, put a gamer in charge and set about making things better, he has started to do that yet u dnt seem to like that idea. I say its a good thing, its now the same policy as Sony, have a camera, dnt have to its ur choice. U and i both knw if u took over from mattrick and ur task was to build up sales of the xb1, u wud do the same thing.

OrangePowerz1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

80 milion users is also a joke, they sold 80 million with RRoD and having several units that people upgraded to like with the original 360 never having an HDMI port.

So they still think that consumers are idiot for claiming it's not about sales. Sure if they would be first they wouldn't drop Kinect. They can stop with their pretentious "it's for the fans". And what's with their fans who already bought one and had to pay for Kinect?

Every single 180 was for sales and not for their fans. Always online and DRM was rumoured since 2012 and people always said it was a stupid idea, yet they reverse it only after they got their ass handed over in the pre orders after the E3 and the same withKinect having to be plugged in.

Next up indie support, indies complained for years about needing a publisher amd yet that was also only reversed after E3.

Netflix being behind the pay wall was criticised since day one and only reversed now.

They do nothing for their fans and all they do is only for sales and nothing else. They must have gotten a beating in the April US sales.

Sony aren't saints and they are also in the business to make money, but they don't try to screw over people at every corner and at least their people seem to care about their customers.

Codey471500d ago

Yep, If you've known Microsoft as long as I have you'd be on first name terms.

And "Mikey" certainly knows how to get everything Backwards Ass.

SuperBlur1500d ago

by their logic i would be part of their made up stats since i've once logged into a xbox with my hotmail account , i dont recall ever receiving a email asking me if i want a xbox one and for what reason haven't i gotten one by now.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771500d ago

You deserved that bubble, well said.

pyramidshead1499d ago

It is about sales. Apparently the NPD coming out on thursday shows Xbone dipping slightly under 100K sold with PS4 at a 2:1 lead in North America.

doolin_dalton1499d ago


That's some of the most ridiculous fanboy drivel that's been spouted around here in a long time.

First of all, if any significant number of people bought multiple 360's, the software attach ratio would have dropped like a rock. After all, people wouldn't replace their games when they replaced their console. In reality, 360 had the highest attach rate, therefore proving your theory 100% wrong.

Like many others here, you're a Sony apologist. You dismiss every mistake they make by saying "they did it for the fans", while accusing MS of caring only about sales. Just because you WANT to believe that doesn't make it true.

MS has created numerous successful ann highly rated games over the past decade. How is that "not for the gamers"? Remember, you said they do NOTHING for their fans. If you want to believe that so you can continue your endless hate crusade, go right ahead. Xbox gamers know the truth, regardless of how hard you try to distort it.

The xbox One is outselling the 360 at the same point in it's life cycle. Just because it's not selling as well as the PS4 doesn't mean it's having it's ass handed to it. Of course, you can keep dreaming and believe that MS is desperate, and they were forced into this by your beloved Sony, but only on N4G will anyone agree with you.

OrangePowerz1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


Really? I had 3 360s myself and I know a lot of people who bought more than one either because they upgraded or because it broke and was out of warranty. But let me guess the usual response is that it`s just a few people I know and that doesn`t represent at all the general userbase. On the other hand I still have my launch original Xbox, launch GameCube, launch Dreamcast, launch PS2 and launch PS3 all in working condition.

As for attach ratio, what valid numbers do we have to validate that?

Sony apologist? Sorry but if Sony would have pulled the same that MS pulled last year I sure as hell would not have gotten a PS4. Hardcore Xbox fans just bended over, put down their pants and go into position to take it from MS with their DRM, online check in and mandatory Kinect. All of that was rocket science and so integral that it could not be reversed.

Numerous successful and highly rated games? In the top 50 metacritic list there are 5 games created by MS. 2 Forza, 2 Halos and Mass Effect. Games like Gears of War don`t count because all they did was give Epic money to get it exclusive and to publish the games, they had not been developed by MS. On the other hand if I do the same I get 11 with a lot more variety from all the different genres.

MS is desperate, they just sent their beloved Kinect to die. And Sony didn`t do it, the sales did it. If you face being outsold 2:1 even in your home country you are getting your ass kicked, because the US and UK had been the only real strong markets last gen where they had a good lead to the PS3. Not even the overhyped Titanfall that cost them a crap load of money to get exclusive couldn`t get them to outsell the PS4 in the US.

The last generation lasted also a lot longer compared to the previous one so people are more willing to upgrade for either of the new consoles.

And finally. Hardcore Xbox fans deserve what they get now. Playstation fans got a lot of grief last gen from them because Sony was arrogant, Sony removed the other OS option, Sony got hacked, PS3 versions have less grass and 360 version are much better because they load 3 seconds quicker, 360 doesn`t have to wait long for game installs. Those same 360 fans just ignore all the screwing over that MS wanted to give them, they ignore all the arrogance of MS. MS never once said any of the stuff of the X1 was a mistake all they always say is that people just don`t get the vision. They always spouted their BS about how the 360 failure rate is withing normal standards and those 360 fans eat it up. Where are those Xbox fans now complaining about the X1 install times or having to download mandatory patches that are several GB big? They believe the crap about cloud, how DX12 will make everything better and all the crap Mister X writes. The original Xbox was only abandoned because of nVidia (ignoring the fact that MS didn`t gave a toss about the 360 gamers in the last few years). I don`t pity the fools.

Normal Xbox fans that are skeptical towards MS and question their decisions are fine. But people who go around with their Sony apologist or "phony" crap can continue to bend over to MS because in 7 years they got a lot more crap fed from MS than what people got from Sony since the PS1 and I will continue to enjoy having them squirm and spin everything in their favor.

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yellowgerbil1500d ago

Well they also didn't spend that year proving the Kinects worth, how many games are kinect centered? or even use it in an integral way? 1, 2 maybe?
To all those that said with the Kinect in every box it would get support, there are like no games utilizing it, kinect sports is the only one I know of besides that dance karoke shovelware games ubisoft made.

fr0sty1500d ago

It wasn't about sales, it was about our fans!

*and their money, which they have been holding on to more than we anticipated.

Retroman1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

"XBOX 1 price drop not for boosting sales"

oh' REALLY??
umm let me guess E3 right round the corner for boosting NEW games this year. yeah' i say that price drop was for boosting sales.

MS if you can't lie correctly get out of marketing business. that is what marketing all about lure un-expected consumers with a Fantastic lie.

WilDRangeRrfc1499d ago

Yeah they could learn how to lie correctly off of Sony!! Got both systems selling PS4 to a friend game line up is horrendous my (2)DS4 thumbsticks are falling to pieces,the system gets warm and is loud,it has nice graphics but is hughely overrated,UI is plain and boring enjoy X1 far more better games and more fun online,disagree all you want this is my honest opinion,to single player focused games have no replay value although I did enjoy ISS I traded it in after 2 play throughs,people are blind and easily led by Sony

cheetah1499d ago

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

showtimefolks1499d ago

look i am a pro sony/ps4 but this is good news. I think most of us agree that $399 without kinect is the right move. Competition between sony and ms is a good thing

MS humbled sony last gen and made them make an competitive online service like xblive

sony pushed MS to do a lot of things right since E3 and now again. Along with that sony pushed MS to offer better content for xblive gold games

I for one can't wait to see what both have in store at E3 and moving forward.


aerisbueller1499d ago

MS always starts 'listening to the fans' when they are against the ropes.

n4rc1499d ago

Omg.. People.. Give your fkn heads a shake

He didn't lie.. People are trying to take one sentence out of context then ridicule the results..

Why the fk would you drop the price for anything but sales? He's simply saying they did it because many spoke to them about wanting a lower price point to jump on board..

Of course its about sales in the end.. But its not just to match or beat some other companies number.. Its about current customers asking for something..

All businesses run on money.. That is their sole motive.. Acting like it isn't makes you look like a naive kid..

But hey.. Ms killed fanboys main battle cries in a day, they gotta scramble for something else now to bitch about.. AMD we are scraping the barrel here

kenshiro1001499d ago

Lol @ Microsoft.

It was about sales. Who are you fooling?

Codewow1499d ago

New CEO has to make up for the greedy old CEO.