Xbox One drops Kinect- What an absolute joke

The mandatory addition of the Kinect camera has been a contentious point among the core gaming community, who have criticised Microsoft for essentially ‘forcing’ the camera upon those who didn’t want it. So surely then, this latest announcement is a positive thing?

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reaperofsouls1309d ago

MS dropping kinect is a victory for Gamers

Codewow1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

And a loss for the future of the technology.

@cgoodno,Foxhound922 every piece of new technology needs to go through a development process. And Microsoft was the one to kickstart it's interest. It might not be perfectly capable for gaming yet, but PC modders have done some pretty awesome things with it.

@Webbyy, I'm all for options, but I think it was too soon.

@Eonjay, A surprisingly advanced camera. It can do more than an average webcam and still costs less than some 'okay' webcams.

Christopher1309d ago

If the technology can't stand on its own after three years, what future does it really have?

Webbyy1309d ago

I don't see it that way.

Remember alot of people did not or do not want Kinect.

is it so bad to give people options?

Foxhound9221309d ago

You mean the future of gimmicky dance and sports games right?

Eonjay1309d ago

Its a camera. A camera.
The only thing saving a camera is VR.

darthv721309d ago

Its not a loss for the future of the technology because the technology still exists. They are just creating a new sku, they arent phasing it out completely.

So there will still be games that will take advantage of it for those who have one. just as there will be games made specifically that require one.

Choice is a good thing. the questionable part is matching the $399 price point with the PS4. Personally i think $350 is a better point but $399 is much better than $499.

now how much is the kinect by itself????

4Sh0w1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

I agree, love my X1 WITH KINECT, wouldn't trade it for anything but Microsoft is an absolute JOKE.

I hope every single headline today bashes the sh*t out of them. I know it won't happen but I hope sales fall lower and they are forced to re-Kinect.

Greedy Idiots.

truefan11309d ago

"This tweet pretty much tells how it is:"
Matt Helgeson ‏@MattHelgeson 21 Min.

people rip on Nintendo for refusing to face reality and change course and rip on Microsoft for correcting their mistakes.

It's always a lose-lose with gaming fans.

Thomaticus1309d ago

I agree with you, because if Kinect doesn't come with the system not that many people will buy it. It won't have a guaranteed user base and thus developers may not develop games for it. I doubt they'll bother to include a lot of kinect features unless MS pays for it. The truth is, most gamers don't want Kinect which is why the first post here is "MS dropping kinect is a Victory for gamers." It's right, make the system cheaper and IF they want a kinect they'll buy it. The market will ultimately choose what happens with Kinect.

Eonjay1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )


Please help me to understand your position on this. You do realize that this is going to help Xbox right? Or is it something practical; such as you having an easier time navigating with the camera?


I guess some people actually wanted the camera, but I think they are forgetting that it will probably still be available. Just sold separately... speaking of which, I guess we have to wait for a standalone Kinect SKU. This is great because people who want the camera wont stop people who don't want it from buying the system.

Thats a win-win.

BG115791309d ago

OK, I just found out that they are selling the Kinectless Bone at 399$... Now I can agree with the title of this story. Why, because the Kinect costed, and many Xbox's fans will agree with this, 150$.
So mainly : 500$-150$=350$

Yet they put it to sale at 400$. MS is still very greedy. They could have done better.

Codey471309d ago

It may happen to be a win for gamers.
But it's also a bad thing for Kinect V2... the support for it will drop.

The money wasted on R&D and actually producing the unit should of gone to securing more chips from AMD and actually giving the Xbone a dGPU.

KinectV2 was never going to win the war.......

If I ask which would you rather have Kinect V2 or a secondary GPU.

What would the answer be?

The dGPU would win that war.

4Sh0w1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Eonjay this helps the X1 how?


I don't make sh*t off of X1 selling 5mil or 7mil. I'm a gamer and if you are looking at this from a gamers perspective this will UNDENIABLY hurt the X1's potential VARIETY in games, I'll explain.

Even if you hate Kinect then again from a gaming perspective you could still play and enjoy all the X1 non Kinect games, but those who do want to see future devs expand on games like Swery's D4 still could, unaffected by your personal preference. Of course this is still possible and Kinect is still in play but you and I both know NOW its going to be more of an afterthought for dev's rather than at least a minimum consideration at the begin of the dev process depending on the game type. As a gamer lets say even if I think VR isn't going to produce anything I want to play why in the hell would I not want creative people to keep pushing it and those who enjoy the tech to experience new forms of interaction?

Even if you could NOT afford X1 with Kinect, that in an of itself is NOT a reason that X1 shouldn't come standard with Kinect, no different than saying a BMW or a particular cell phone is too expensive because of all its bells and whistles/features. That doesn't make them any less, just means right now you are not financially in the market for them.

Ju1309d ago

Ha ha ha. LOL. Now, I wonder if this could even backfire. Before they at least could convince customers with a reason why the box was more expensive, but now it's actually harder to sell the lesser HW for the same price. We'll see. But, yeah, entry is easier, I guess.

Sevir1309d ago

I have to give MS props, this is something of a huge boon for their fans, and shows that Phil Spencer is in touch with gamers... And this shows how out of with the consumer their original products were! To take a hit like this shows they want to compete!

I didn't expect such an aggressive move till the fall, it really is gonna be about games and not just price! And it seems that Kinect isn't as integral to XBONE as they thought.

Good for you gamers. We''ll see what this does once this gets into the market.

Eonjay1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )


On its face though, you have to agree that its always better to have choices right? After all, there are people who bought the system but don't like or use Kinect at all. They found other reasons to be attracted to the system. There are plenty more. YOU see potential in Kinect, but alot of people could care less. Xbox is a mid range gaming platform, not a BMW.

I think you are being selfish about your feelings for Kinect and no offense. You are disregarding what others have said they wanted; what Microsoft reacted to. Selling more consoles will ensure better and more frequent games for all of us. This is a win for you too.

bleedsoe9mm1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

both vr or ar solutions will probably use cameras , so neither the eye or kinect are dead just on hold

RAWSTA1309d ago

You guys cry for everything trolls! xbox will be here to stay.

4Sh0w1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Eonjay its not selfish, its about having a DIFFERENT PLATFORM.

I mean I pray next gen that consoles ARE drastically different than what we have today, its already and small market in terms of key competitors there's only 3 so why does everyone want them to follow the SAME path, in other industries many of the best ideas are born out of totally different approach to making your own product. Seriously if micro's original vision of the X1 was unwanted then the market would dictate and next gen with all micro's cash they could comeback with lesson's learned and we'd all be better off for it but this is ego-knee-jerk reaction since sales were fine and damm we're barely 6 months in.

I'm selfish for wanting to see interaction grow beyond a controller but the folks that have 2 out of 3 other main options with controllers and really X1 is always still going to be about the controller, but you're trying to tell me these folks are not selfish for wanting the only potentially different approach at the very least limited so they can play too?

hmmmm, I see this "choice" option from you and Microsoft as BS statement, for those who don't like it or can't afford it there's still other choices out there, hell even if you can't afford it now as always prices will go down but nah, gimp it now so I can play right now and in todays typical blame everyone else society just throw salt on all the folks who are enjoying it because its their fault they can't afford it and the BS on microsofts part is they have lost belief in the entire vision since the platform was introduced.

lol, Dammm how I wish I could combine micro's vision with sony's commitment to what they believe in. Micro better keep bringing the strong games lineup because imo that's the ONLY thing they have now, at least that's the most important thing.

silenius1309d ago

That is truly excellent news for the gamers!

People seem to fail to understand that IF you haven't bought a Xbox One by now it doesn't mean you will not buy it EVER !!!

I personally LOVE videogames just like everyone else in here... BUT! I'm not as privileged as some other people to just go in a store and throw my monthly salary to buy games or consoles.

SO, dropping some stuff out of the XBO now(Kinect-DRM-PRICE-DROP) means that in 1-2 years from now we will have a £299!
Now that is a price where I would be happy with.
(let alone a smaller factor and not a VCR)

And to all those who say that xbox one is kinect and that "the dream" and the "focus" is lost.
shut up and get your self together.
More sales of a console means MORE SUPPORT FROM DEVELOPERS! SO if you want to keep playing on your platform of choice YOU NEED to sell consoles SO THAT YOU LURE DEVELOPERS.
unless you want Xbox one to be the new Wii U.

jmc88881309d ago

Motion games have been around since 2006...actually even earlier. But home console wise, 2006, and it wasn't Microsoft. (yeah I'll skip over the various NES incarnations, powerglove, pad, Uforce controller etc.)

Most of what Kinect is used for, can be duplicated with a microphone. Gamewise and UI wise. Of course this was even achieved in a PC game in the 1980's.

Kinect came out in 2010, people were working on software years earlier, we are now in 2014, where companies are working on games releasing in 2016-2017. So in this wide range of times, why can a device that has been utilized since 2008-2009 can't showcase anything worthwhile that will be out in 2017?

Why hasn't Nintendo been able to recapture the Wii Sports phenomenon?

Last I checked, we have Nintendo, Microsoft, and we had the big 3 involved with motion gaming and NONE OF THEM could make it work or be worthwhile. NONE OF THEM.

It's closer to too late to drop Kinect, not too soon. They should have given the option from the start, that they didn't, is one of the reasons they are so far behind in sales. They gave their competitor with a more powerful console a $100 price advantage, and none of the negative feelings of forcing something on the customer they don't want.

The camera can 'do more', but how is that applied? Why should anyone have EVER been forced to buy it? Why is it not ok that people see a justified reason for it before they DECIDE to purchase it?

Do people really believe that if everyone was forced to use Kinect, that somehow everyone would change their tune about motion gaming? That somehow then motion gaming would become viable? No way in hell.

The whole 'install base' crap is nothing more than a crutch. It's SOPHISTRY. We saw quite a bit of implementation on OG Kinect, the reason which it didn't catch on is what people can't comprehend is....most people didn't use it, and don't want it. They tried it, and didn't like it.

jmc88881309d ago

Fake forcing everyone to have it, doesn't make it a more viable gaming method. You seem to think that by forcing it on people, somehow motion gaming will succeed. It niche, and won't ever be any more than that. People HAVE tried motion gaming, and went back to SUPERIOR controllers. Because they are superior.

You won't see a game that can be done on controllers be perfectly replicated by motion controls. Motion controls are laggy, even if Kinect 3 has 0ms lag...the act of moving ones arms and legs around...even if perfectly registered with 0 lag EVERYTIME, will pale in comparison to a controller based game. Blame the universe, because it's the nature of space-time who created the situation. Can't get around that.

Motion games assume everyone is healthy and energetic enough to wave their arms and legs around. Many people aren't or don't want that. They just got off of work, or even a football player after practice. You think they want to move around more after running 5 miles in practice? Most people want to sit down while gaming, not stand up. It goes against everything people are used to while gaming. Some people want to sit on butt for 12 straight hours and play a game. Which then also affect game designs, which then tend to be little 5 minute this or that because how can you design a deep, say Skyrim or an online multiplayer CoD/Battlefield game around motion controls?

It's niche, and that's an expensive niche to force on customers. It's simply common sense. Look at the PS4, it gave people the option and the PS4 camera seemed to be less in stock then the actual console. There's a market for it, but it's niche. I can actually see it becoming more adopted, but it has to do so naturally, with legitimate software, and it simply will never overtake controller based gameplay.

Onenyte1309d ago

I completely agree

As I have said, I own a ps4 and a pc but I have a lot of respect for the Xbox community because I wouldn't be able to put up with this.

People on day one had the impression that the console pretty much needed the camera to get a full experience.

Dee_911309d ago

There you have it.Pro choice= no future tech/s

give me a break.

Well they set themselves up for this.I hate to say they "shouldn't have done it in the first place", because they can't see the future, and people make mistakes, but when people have been against it from day 1, its a fair assessment.No doubt they deserve some kudos for fixing an "mistake", but just like with the DRM crap, their intentions weren't "for the consumers", and this proves that.Because if their intentions were positive, they would have dropped kinect as mandatory along with the DRM. So there will always be a backlash ( from me at least) until they come out and man up to their BS.

Christopher1308d ago

@Codewow: Everything you mention is outside the realm of gaming.

I completely agree that MS messed up by leaving Kinect only on the Xbox brand. They really should have made it more. Put it in a car for voice and quick motion controls. Put it in monitors for built-in voice and motion controls. Put it in TVs.

But, Microsoft didn't do that. They made it a set piece of the Xbox gaming console brand.

The problem? It doesn't improve gaming and it only makes the gaming device look less desirable for those who don't want the tech.

Any missteps here on the technology are completely at the feet of Microsoft. They mismanaged this technology and it never should have been a core element of the gaming device if the people didn't want it with the gaming device.

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Palitera1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Yeah, but haters gonna hate. I feel sorry for them.

Baccra171309d ago

Got that right. I now have a reason to save up for a bone now. And to those that think you're missing out on stuff, you can always buy kinect separately. That and it doesn;t matter how "innovative" kinect is if no one wants to bother using it. I for one will never use it, so no loss there.

ps360s1309d ago

I have no problem with them losing kinect ect (meaning more people can buy the Xboxone)
but the MAIN problem is didn't MS state that Kinect is NEEDED? isn't that what HARDCORE Xbox fans agreed on to?

To that I have made up my mind and only own a Ps4 (wiiU) not like last gen where I own all consoles!

MysticStrummer1309d ago

It's a joke because of all the "integral" talk that went on for a year, but for those who were waiting for a disKinect to buy an XB1 it's certainly great news.

jmac531309d ago

I'm glad they did drop it but for MS this has to be a monumental embarrassment with all the talk and reeks of desperation.

Studio-YaMi1309d ago

I am actually gonna buy one now,was waiting for a diskinect XboxOne! :D

Great news!

Edsword1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

The part that makes it bad is that the xb1 was designed with kinect in mind. Now you buy a console that was gimped to add esram for kinect. Not to mention the second blow to their current install base.

MysticStrummer1309d ago

Yeah and the interface probably needs a fairly major redesign as well, since Kinect is/was a big part of navigating it.

Ju1309d ago

You don't need Kinect to navigate this thing...if you can find anything is a different story, though.

MightyNoX1309d ago

Im guessing MS got outsold by Wii U this NPD?

Blaze9291309d ago

"MS dropping kinect is a victory for Gamers"

i dont see how. it just shows gamers cant advance. Literally ANY chance of Kinect meaning ANYTHING this generation for gaming, has instantly been killed now. Ain't no turning around

nohopeinc1309d ago

Yes, how will we advance without dancing games... All MS did was leave the Kinnect up to the user now. It would have been that way since release.

nategrigs1309d ago

Its a victory for gamers because many of us didn't want it.

Kinect has been around for 4 years. If it was going to do anything for gaming it would have done it already

xpressyoself1309d ago


Stop comparing kinect v1 and kinect v2. Two completely different animals

Drekken1309d ago

I feel bad for all early adapters. They got a slap with free Titanfall and price drop... now this. On the bright side, there are no more unique Xbox policies for them to reverse at this point.

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Patrick_pk441309d ago

The Kinect forms the Xbone. It is the crucial core of selling the system and has been marketed from the start. Though removing it drops the price, it shows that Microsoft is out of touch from a business stand point and from its consumer from the start.

aerisbueller1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Not only that, but it's yet another lie they were caught in. Countless times they said it was basically impossible. Of course, no XBox One fans will have any problem having been lied to so directly.

Aside from that, I think Kinect2 had some amazing potential, and they didn't make one unique thing with it. If Nintendo or Media Molecule made a game meant to take best advantage of Kinect2, it would have been something amazing. It was the one last chance of XBox One doing something gamingwise that PS4 couldn't, but they never understood gaming enough to bother to request or even allow for creativity from their studios. Just shovel something out there so we can say there are Kinect games, like telling Rare to make Kinect Sports.

XiSasukeUchiha1309d ago

A victory, thanks to this Uchiha and his swag!

Mr1Y1309d ago


And a very big loss for them now lol

styferion1309d ago

only if the sales catch up to PS4..
dropping Gold's requirement for apps, kinectless bundle, it's evident that Xbox in a difficult position and if after all this it's still not making any profits there's no telling what the investors will make Xbox division do.
If they decided to cut it off MS it's no longer victory for gamers.

XxExacutionerxX1309d ago

Giving gamers a choice is great, and it will sell more Xbox Ones. People can buy the kinect later on.

Anon19741309d ago

I have to admit, I see where he's coming from. With all the "Xbox is Kinect" hype it must have been a very hard decision to remove this feature, and now developers are left with the question as to the Kinect install base when deciding if they'll support the device or not. It sucks when business decisions trump design.

But on the flip side, this is a consumer product that you want people to buy, and as such Microsoft needs to listen to the consumer. They've so far been sending a rather clear message when it comes to the $500, Xbox One/Kinect bundle. Really, the choice was they could un-bundle or they could let the Xbox One languish compared to the competition, and what choice is that?

Microsoft again gets a tip of the hat from me for remaining flexible where the XBox One is concerned. But like their initial DRM decisions, it's surprising that they so badly misread the consumer response in the first place.

VforVideogames1309d ago

True, 80% of ps4 owners said they will buy a XBOXONE when Microsoft drops the Kinect so here's your chance to join the dark side.

raWfodog1309d ago

Where, o where, did you hear that from??

gano1309d ago

This is not good for gamers.
They wasn't good when they lied at e3 on mutiple occasions.
They weren't good when hdmi and bluray wasn't needed.
They weren't good when they lied on 360 probs.
And for many more reasons i could namebut would take up time,
this is not a game company and should be considered a joke truly
in the game world.

How is this good for gamers when real gamers seen, heard, and know
that they don't give a damn, and never will.

If all games look the same on both systems, why the fuc do i want both.

mcarsehat1309d ago

just watch when those "gamers" complain about losing the Kinect, after complaining about having it in the first place. soon "gamers" will make complaints about their own complaints!!!!

MasterCornholio1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Stop complaining about the complainers already when your one yourself!!!!!

mcarsehat1309d ago

kiss the teepee in my bunghole!

TheXgamerLive1309d ago

They didnt drop kinect. Read on fanboys. Choices now.

greenlantern28141308d ago

Like it always should have been.

avengers19781309d ago

I think they should have just dropped the price to 400$... Though I never really saw the importance of kinect, other than navigating the UI.

This really just speaks volumes to the fact that Phil should have been made head of Xbox along time ago, this, removing apps from behind the gold sub, changing games with gold and bringing it to XB1... Phil gets it, and I think they'd be around 7-8 million now, in a virtual tie with PS4 in sales.

supercpu1308d ago

All these negative articles
Yet kinect is going nowhere .
That's the truth .... now its a choice that's all. It's going to be sold as as add on later . What has this site turned into ? Why can't people be happy with what they have .

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NYC_Gamer1309d ago

It might have been too much bleeding for MS to drop the price of the console and keep Kinect in the box..

Kayant1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

I think it's investors eyeing the Xbox division was the more deciding factor. But yh the way they have handled XB1 so far points to what you said they don't want big losses. DD non special edition TF bundle instead of the one Respawn got, and all the DD bundles apart from being easier to manufacture and cheaper it also nets them more savings since it's a DD license.

Charybdis1309d ago

without kinect bundel investors are sure to be happy to make more money by selling kinect separate instead of including in the x1.

OrangePowerz1309d ago

Curious to find out for how much they will sell Kinect as a stand alone, if it's above 100 it's taking the piss.

Mikelarry1309d ago

lol an absolute joke come on now, kinect was not doing them any favours and allowing the competition to trounce them in sales they are in the business to make money why wouldn't they do away with kinect if it will get gamers to buy their console. some seem to forget that its a business to make money rather than seat idle on the backlogs of xbox so as not to appear as a joke to a minority

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Microsoft just needs to get out of the gaming business.

Applejack1309d ago

They don't no need to get out, they just need to change some of their practices. Dropping the parity clause should be their next step. I've been seeing nothing but good news coming out of MS this week and I hope this momentum continues.

Convas1309d ago

Well, I mean, this guy is saying it LOL

MysticStrummer1309d ago

You may disagree with the idea, but people do say it and mean it. The obvious answer is "Yeah but that's just trolls" but I don't think that's true. Many just don't like MS as a company, and I'm one of them. I've actively avoided giving MS money as much as possible since before they ever got into the console business.