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Why I Remain a Console Gamer

Console gaming today is pretty bad. Mandatory installs, nickel-and-diming, hardware instability, and more expensive games are becoming a disturbingly regular occurrence. But despite these issues, there are still several good reasons to remain a console gamer. (Culture)

no_more_heroes  +   563d ago
Convenience. If I wanted the super tricked out graphical showcase experience, I'd learn how to build a pc capable of that. Also, for the games that I can't get on a pc.

I actually plan on doing so once I save up enough; gonna take at least $1,500 to achieve that.
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ZodTheRipper  +   563d ago
I've built a 1500€ gaming PC a few months ago and I can tell you that I still prefer gaming on a console. The PC has definately a lot of advantages (mods, emulators, media capability) but when I have the choice of buying a new game (for example Battlefield or soon Watch Dogs) I will get them on PS4 for various reasons. It's just less of a hassle since it's completely built around gaming ...and I can live with a few missing effects ;)
nix  +   562d ago
i think it has got something to do with how we started gaming. i started gaming on tv with super mario. so i find it extremely easy to just start the console; switch on the tv and bam!

in between i got into PC gaming but then i picked up PS2 and after that i just can't get back into gaming on PC. my friend games on PC and everytime i play at his place i just find it too awkward.
Supporter  +   562d ago
I recently bought an original xbox. Its modded and has a bunch of games on it. When it comes to a console that just has 200 games on it and they are ready to go you just cant beat that convenience. I've been playing that more than my pc lately.

Im not sure if having to buy each game and swap discs all the time would change that but for now me and the fam are having more fun with an old halo edition xbox with a 750gb hdd.
Gamerjunki3  +   562d ago
I was a console gamer all my life, until 2009 when my PS3 died.

After that I switched to PC, and I've never looked back.

I live in a house with 3 other brothers however, and they are still dedicated console gamers. 2 of them have bought a PS4 while one has bought an X1. So I'm still able to keep a close eye on the latest releases.

But...If I'm honest, I just don't find the console scene interesting at all, largely due to the fact I'm not into the current offering of games they possess. Infact I find it too restricting, I'll gladly take free online play and the ability to tweak the graphical settings of a game to my tastes over any console.
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Tiqila  +   562d ago
Consoles all the way! I have a decent gaming PC, but rarely use it. A controller just feels way more natural than keyboard and mice. Maybe its also because I am basically sitting infront of a PC all day at work...
chaos-lockheart  +   562d ago
I had to fix more PC gaming error issues then relaxing playing a game, too much configurations. Console is connect few cables pop in a disk and play on my couch.
I have like 380 some games on steam and Some games on origins, most of the old games gave me more compatibility issues, can't even use controller with old games without controller mods. Another thing origin suck balls, cant even freakin install a game, without errors pop out. HDD broke had to download all games again.
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ZodTheRipper  +   562d ago
Oh yes and the best thing is, my main reason for a gaming PC was Skyrim/Fallout with mods ...now it took me quite some time to get it running and after a few awesome playhours the game started to crash or take forever to load. PC gaming is great if it works but with a console you don't have to worry about anything.
Matt666  +   562d ago
I like both console and pc but I think PC wins over consoles and here are my opinions why I think PCs are better;

You don't have to splash out on a new console every few years,
If I want loads of HDD I can set up my pc in a raid 0/1 configuration
A pc can handle a lot more hardware then a console can
Free online gaming with big games like CSS, Arma 2 etc
PC games are cheaper,
I find the pc online gaming community is a lot more mature
I can add a second graphics card or add more ram if I wanted too or if needed.

But on the other hand I do see the advantages of console gaming
More of your friends probably have a console over a gaming pc
It can be cheaper,
Less configuration to set it up,
Less chance of errors or crashes with older games

So it up to what ever your opinion is at end of the day
MultiConsoleGamer  +   562d ago
I'm a console gamer, I mean really, look at my name.

But I also own tablets (plural, meaning more than one), a great mobile device and a gaming PC.

I just don't find a lot of stuff on PC that's worth playing. I also work in front of a computer all day. I don't want to come home and play in front of one all night. I just cant do it. When HTPCs evolve and the plug and play experience becomes a bit smoother maybe I'll consider upgrading, but for now, consoles are just the way to go.
mikegotgame  +   562d ago
I also spend my time in front of a PC all day, but when I play, I just plug in my controller's receiver and hang back on the couch.

But yes, consoles gaming is terrific with its simplicity (the exclusives are irresistible too!), which is why I'm still playing them.

I just really wish they ditch the need to pay for services like PSN and XBL.
s45gr32  +   562d ago
If is hardware simplicity I agree just hook the console to tv and you're done. No worries about hardware compatibility issues like I bought an eight gb ram but it still loads slowly oh that is right the ram has a very low clock speed and the hard drive also has a low clock speed. Bought an AMD motherboard put in an Intel processor woops that is not compatible. Maintenance grab a clean rag, old t-shirt, wipe the dust off the console done. PC open the case, make sure you are touching something metal to prevent static, use coffee filters to clean GPU, CPU and for everything else an air compressor can clean the fans and fan filters. If is water cool PC change the water reservoir, check for any leaks, replace damage covers from PC components. Is a drag. Software wise is the same for console and PC meaning install games to hard drive, deal with patches and updates, sign in to accounts, buggy broken games, etc
Kevlar009  +   562d ago
I see computers as something you use by yourself, or online. Consoles are something friends or family can gather around. Game consoles are centered in the living or game room where PC's are usually in a back room or in the corner

It also comes down to what you grew up with. I was born and raised on a SNES, my best gaming experiences were playing games with my brother. Then the GC generation came around and I hopped into that, a lot of fond memories playing Halo 2 with friends. Games like Mario, Halo, Smash bros, and others are engrained into my memory.

For all the rightful praise PC's get consoles have their stremgths as well. Sure any game that runs on a MS, Sony, or Nintendo console can run on a PC, but the fact many console exclusives remain on consoles retain their viability

There's also something calm about knowing you buy a console and it lasts for 7 years. PC's have a lot of customization and power an additional uses, but sometimes it's nice to buy something and not worry about it going out of style in the realm of consoles.

I'm a fan of game design and playability, and consoles satisfy that desire. The ecosystem of playing and interacting with other is different but still just as good
mikegotgame  +   562d ago
"There's also something calm about knowing you buy a console and it lasts for 7 years."

Can't say I agree with this fully. Despite my best efforts, my PS3 lasted four years. And depending on the news source, we hear that the Xbox 360's failure rate can go as high as 54% (if I'm not mistaken).

In all likelihood, you're probably talking about hardware relevance, but we can't keep resilience out of the equation. IMHO, it's more likely for anyone's PC to last more than 7 years than console hardware.

And if your PC breaks down, you can simply replace the busted component. For consoles? You pretty much replace the whole thing.

Thankfully, this console generation doesn't seem as bad. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, though.
DefenderOfDoom2  +   562d ago
For me it is a money thing , i do not have much money , so i go with the consoles !
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   562d ago
From my experience it is best to focus on a single console or a High End PC to enjoy them to the fullest. You simply cannot experience the full potential of a platform if you own them all.
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GamingTruth  +   562d ago
wow usually its some pc nerd troll making an article about "pc still around despite tales of doom" or something ive never heard anyone bashing pc on, or some article talking about "why im a pc gamer still" this is refreshing but soon the pc nerds will be here so my reason for being a console gamer is believe it or not graphics I see graphics and such that I have never seen on pc even last gen games from ps3 and 360, also even in multiplats I just don't see the difference that warrants me to want to throw away my ps4 or even 3 and get a pc ill just use my pc for Microsoft office or something
hellzsupernova  +   562d ago
Was with you up until you said graphics....
starchild  +   562d ago
It's clear you've never gamed on a decent gaming PC.
LaserEyeKitty  +   562d ago
LOL - console graphics...on par with PC graphics...that's one the funniest thing I've ever heard!
GamingTruth  +   561d ago
yeah only cause you have your 7 fellow pc brothers agreeing with you, never gamed on a decent gaming pc? probably not but i know one thing i always here of pc gaming superiority of graphics and i never see side by side gameplays of these 'superior' pc games vs ps3 or 4 exclusives, on par with pc graphics? even in multiplats pcs only have a few miniscule effects here and there over console versions which to me only look 'better' on pc with mods, so enjoy your pc fan agrees
hellzsupernova  +   562d ago
console for exclusives
pc for everything else.
I spend almost my entire day at the moment in front of a pc between studying and gaming it is an absurd amount of time
Vegamyster  +   562d ago
I game on both, consoles for exclusives and friends/co-op. PC for the RTS genre, Customization, mods & Steam sales ect.
Father__Merrin  +   562d ago
you will never get the same results as a console at the same price high end pc gaming is very costly

also there's the exclusive software on console's, all the talk and hype is for the new games on console's not P.C.

and that will never change
Vegamyster  +   562d ago
You don't need to go all out and get a high end PC to get good graphics and performance.


Your second point isn't true either, League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft, lots of MMO's and other games have had lots of talk and hype.
starchild  +   562d ago
A good gaming PC isn't dramatically more expensive than a console and it does so much more than a console. Not to mention you quickly make up the difference with cheaper games and free online.

PC has just as many (or more) exclusives as any console does. Star Citizen, Unreal Tournament and Killing Floor 2 are eagerly awaited upcoming PC exclusives, just to name a few.

Besides, most games are multiplatform games and those look and run better on PC. Then you have mods which also expand and enhance many games.

I'm not saying consoles don't have their place, but I don't like when people lie about the PC when attempting to defend consoles.
s45gr32  +   562d ago
Console exclusives are backed up by the media, heavily advertise, previews galore, and tv/radio exposure. PC exclusives 90% don't get that and that is sad. Here's a couple of PC exclusives bringing new ideas and ways of playing games not just a new ip :

Among the Sleep-already talk the hell out of this game

The Stomping Lands - a dinosaur mmo game, yes it's a dinosaur game, a dinosaur game. Able to ride dinos including the T-rex, use herbivore dinos as a way to distract meat eating dinosaurs. Use the galliminus as a pack Mule or as a fish net puller.... I can go on and on about this upcoming PC exclusive probably the dream dinosaur game everyone has been waiting.

Enola-first survival horror game that doesn't use monsters, ghosts, mutants, zombies, etc. An open world game were the enemy is you and another human being. Like Silent Hill the environment changes unlike silent hill without warning.

The Long Dark - a true survival game were is human against the elements, hunt wildlife, cook food, die from hypothermia, die from hunger, die from dehydration, etc. There may be no monsters but to survive in the wilderness wow what took so long to make a game like this.

The Forest-similar to the long dark except the inclusion of cannibals. How to survive the forest without getting eaten by a cannibal, understand kill or be merciful with the cannibals.

Starbound-according to one of the creators they are blurring the line between game designer with gamer aka consumer.

These are some new exclusive ips to PC that will push gaming forward. The creativity, imagination, the willingness to try new ideas, new ways to play games has left the console gaming industry replaced by reboots, remakes, and the mega franchises like Halo. Game developers have got the worst of it when it comes to consoles with publishers more worried about the bottom line, console manufacturers only greenligthing the most popular games or games that are guaranteed to sell consoles. So in a nutshell console manufacturers and publishers are playing it safe. I am glad is not like that of the PC
WeAreLegion  +   562d ago
Both. I shouldn't have to explain why on N4G. You all know consoles and PC offer a lot for gamers.
Dfooster  +   562d ago
There's something reassuring about just picking up the gamepad and your instantly playing on your comfy couch and massive tv. I'll take a slight graphical hit for that convienience every time.
mikegotgame  +   562d ago
And you know, I'm fine if the raindrops in my console games aren't as pretty as the ones on the PC. ;)
s45gr32  +   562d ago
Oh there's more to PC gaming besides pretty graphics like mods able to create your own DLC content, like improve the a. I. Like the fallout games, change the lighting, play as batman or Spider-Man in Skyrym. Free online gaming, full backwards compatibility, heavily discounted games and more experimental games like Lucius pretty much the omen film in game form. Arma series true realistic military shooter with weapons that jam, or get damaged, must use wind currents to fire up the shots, etc. Like Total War build a base, gather resources to expand the base, to make weapons, food, etc. using economics for budgeting your materials, expenses, etc. Politics, diplomacy, etc. What I mean is deeper, brain teasing games . Another example football manager know when to buy/sell and trade soccer players, using a budget, how to deal with other teams, training your team, etc.......
mikegotgame  +   561d ago

It's a joke, son.

s45gr32  +   562d ago
You can hook your PC to a tv and yes there are small roomy cases for PC tv setup like the shuttle case. You can use a gamepad for PC gaming like the 360 gamepad
LightDiego  +   562d ago
I have all the platforms and still i prefer consoles, because: exclusives.
Can't live without series like: Super Mario, Zelda, Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, Halo, Gears of War, Metroid and jrpgs in general.
Hifist1  +   562d ago
If you have a job, why not to enjoy all platforms?
s45gr32  +   562d ago
No mention of the myth of couch/tv that is a good sign and those are pretty good reasons. Renting games in the U . S. Is pretty limited to gamefly and red box and whatever local video store still open which is rare nowadays. Online passes are a pain in the ass when it comes to used games stick to Amazon as is the only place to get cheap brand new console games. The sharing bit is getting attacked by the game save lock. Is true getting the PC components in sync is a hassle, steam family sharing system still in beta.....
jlo  +   562d ago
I actually studied in school, so now I have both.

PC for everything that is available on PC and Console, and PC exclusives
Console for console exclusives

SweetDangos  +   562d ago
As much as I'd like to game on PC I'm trying more and more to avoid digital anything. Not being able to have a physical copy just seems pointless to me.

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