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GR-UK writes: "Super Time Force is one of the best exclusives Microsoft has managed to land on their Xbox consoles this year. It shouldn't be missed by any video game enthusiast."

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Revolt13986d ago

Mmm cant wait til the 14th :)

Revolt13986d ago

Forgive me :(
I slept all day

incendy35986d ago

I am staying up all night tonight to download this! Cannot wait

nicksetzer1986d ago

Usually 8am pacific time that digital games release. (At least for max the curse, child of light, etc it wasn't midnight locally for me)

incendy35986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Oh, not 12am like the AAA releases? Only game I have downloaded at midnight was Titanfall but it was definitely available at midnight.

Skate-AK985d ago

Looks cool. Like the pixel art.