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The Party's Over, Sony: Kinect-less Xbox One is a Winning Move

With a $399 console and Sunset Overdrive getting everyone excited, today has been a very good day for Microsoft, and it will result in higher hardware sales. (PS4, Xbox One)

xHeavYx  +   509d ago
Lol, no... This changes little, and Sony doesn't need to respond, since the PS4 is still more powerful. It will come down to games.
Yes the One may outsell the PS4 in the US for a couple months, but once the hype goes down, everything will go back to normal
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Mikelarry  +   509d ago
wasnt that what they said with titanfall releasing and how that will give the xbox one control over this race. people need to calm down and are not quick to call victory as we dont know what sony could do to counter this. all i know is i am going to be one happy multi console owner
johndoe11211  +   509d ago
It's pretty obvious that the xone will pick up in sales now that the price has dropped, especially in the US.

I find it extremely laughable that this author is tooting his horn as if he predicted something that every single other gamer didn't see from a mile away.

This article is beyond dumb. I won't say just yet that the ps will loose america, because this time sony is in a much better position with a more powerful system and amazing first party games on the way but it's obvious that the xone will get a pretty big boost in sales.
Giul_Xainx  +   509d ago
I still say that it is too little too late. Sony can now afford a price drop. Fanboys will say otherwise. But Sony is actually prepared this time.

Where is our kevin butler?
Highlife  +   509d ago
E3 is coming and sales of x1 are crap. So let's lower the price and boost sales. Now at E3 we can tell our fans that x1 is currently selling well it's all about pr
Muerte2494  +   509d ago
But couldn't you get Titanfall last month with Xbox One and Kinect for $399.99? I surely remember Gamestop having some type of deal like that.
Dee_91  +   509d ago
b-b-butt i thought kinect was an "integral" part of the xbox? That one cant be without the other?MSFT are full of sh1t this gen lol.I think the only way they could gain my respect, would be if they just owned up to the BS they were spouting prior to release.Because they just about went back on all of the so called "integral" parts of the xbox one " experience", that we all knew from the beginning was actually to make more money whilst shafting consumers of a choice.

I hate to go off on rants and such but this is kind of ridiculous.I don't have nothing against xbox and people who love the xbox.I really want an xbox one and forza, but I just have no respect for msft at the moment, and cant justify, for myself to give them my money...
DarkHeroZX  +   509d ago
Lol this is silly. The X1 is still overpriced with it's weaker hardware. This isn't going to tip the balance in MS' favor WW. It might help in NA but that's it. All this move does is tell consumers, investors, and developers that Kinect once again was an unnecessary gimmick that you didn't need. On a side note I'm glad MS finally removed all those other features like Netflix from behind their paywall because that was also stupid. Some of y'all may not want to admit it but if it wasn't for Sony none of this would have been possible.
lonelyplayer  +   509d ago
I am not a Xbox fan but I think it's unfair to say it's overpriced because of the weaker hardware (which is true, it's weaker) without having into account the hardware to handle the TV stuff.
Muerte2494  +   509d ago
Question is, now with Kinect removed and you still control your console with just the headset like Sony/PS4?
Highlife  +   509d ago
If you can then all that pr crap that you have to have the all powerful Kinect to handle such commands or the games that said only with Kinect just for simple voice commands (that were done in socom with a headset years ago) is a bunch of sh1t.
creatchee  +   509d ago

"Yes the One may outsell the PS4 in the US for a couple months, but once the hype goes down, everything will go back to normal"

I don't think you understand. The Xbox One has been relatively close in sales to PS4 in the US at $500.

What do you think is going to happen when it is $100 cheaper? And yes, the US =/= the world, but it still is the primary MS market.
xHeavYx  +   509d ago
2-1 is "relatively close"? Lol, sure.
Besides, the PS4 is still more powerful, so why pay the same for less?
And before you come up with the excuse, yes, it will be mostly a games battle, but we all know which of the 2 companies come up with GOTY after GOTY
creatchee  +   509d ago

Learn to read. I said in the US. As in the United States. If you can find a link to a current source that says PS4 has outsold Xbox One in the US by a ratio of 2-1 in total sales, I'd love to see it.
Evilsnuggle  +   509d ago
This is a horrible idea. The kinect is a waste of time but it separate and is the one advantage xbone has over PS4. Now the kinect is dead and the xbone is a weaker console that the PS4 for the same price. Microsoft should have taken the hit and sold the xbone with kinect at a loss. I don't think that xbone will out sell PS4 in the United States . No way will bone out sale PS4 worldwide.
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Zombro  +   509d ago
Yeah I'm waiting for ps4 games still.no games stick out like the xbox one games I must admit I own both but titanfall is MY favorite at the moment
gaminglives  +   509d ago
Given that all but two of the Xbox 360 gamers that I know (which, believe me, is a LOT) have switched over to PS4 and won't even consider getting an Xbox One because of how they feel they were treated... I don't think Microsoft could possibly pull off a winning move at this point. The respect, for many, is long gone and that can't be overlooked.
johndoe11211  +   509d ago
This is a pretty good point but I do believe this move can help boost a lot of sales, especially in the US. Like you said however, a lot of damage has been done, damage that they may never recover from.
gameonbro  +   509d ago
confirmed you and the ex360 gamers you roll with are bitches. poor you and your fellow pathetic so called gamers got treated bad. grow the fuck up. I have never seen so many people bitch at how they were treated when they weren't treated like shit. how were you treated?

DRM never fucking happen so all you whining bitches are complaining about what they wanted to do not what the fuck they did to you.
FITgamer  +   509d ago
Call someone a b****, while acting like a...well you know.
gaminglives  +   509d ago
In between reading "Learn To Be Crap At Online Abuse In Ten Easy Steps (Because Twelve Is Too Many For You)" and generally being a bit of a troll... take some time to read my original comment. I never once said that I was one of those people who ditched Microsoft.

I know it's customary these days to be ignorant when replying to someone who disagrees with your own personal opinion, but it invalidates your argument when it's flawed in the first sentence.

2/10 - Must try harder.
synistatha1  +   509d ago
I couldn't agree more that's what people seem to forget respect for the customer and future customers goes a long way. Once people feel disrespected by a company it's very hard to get back.
GamersHeaven  +   509d ago
A inferior console for the same price is not a winning move more like a forced move from the declining sales.
Zombro  +   509d ago
Inferior to a spec head yeah but for a shooter fan nothing compares to titanfall a adrenaline rush now if I could get a damn gooser I would be happier
johndoe11211  +   509d ago
"Microsoft still nearly pulled even with Sony over the last few months (according to NPD numbers)."

Wasn't the ps4 outselling the xbox one 2:1 in the US for the past couple of months according to NPD? I could be wrong on this.
fathoms  +   509d ago
Absolutely not. The PS4 eked out narrow margins of victory in the US in March and April.
WeAreLegion  +   509d ago
PS4 - 7.5 Million
XBO - 4.5 Million

It'd say that's a pretty big lead.
Zombro  +   509d ago
Not really
Ron_Danger  +   509d ago

You just proved how blind and delusional fanboys are.
FITgamer  +   509d ago
Considering the time span these consoles have been available, that's a pretty big lead.
VitaOwner  +   509d ago
Not so fast. Do you assume Sony is just sitting on their butts? They and Microsoft will have some more aces up their sleeves this E3.
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chikane  +   509d ago
The Party's Over, Sony LOL

now back to eating
chrissx  +   509d ago
Lol at the title. This gen is Sonys,aint nothing happening. We all said m$ would do this since but those blind die harders xbots wudnt listen. Ps4 is still the most powerful console ever existeth
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joeyisback  +   509d ago
Lol if im correct there will be a 399.99 watch dogs ps4 bundle which will help ps4 sales so will ps4 exclusive destint beta will help ps4 sales
Malice-Flare  +   509d ago
well, since the camera is always sold out, what if they respond with a $399 PS4 camera bundle? poor Twitch TV, them servers gonna get hammered...
johndoe11211  +   509d ago
If this happens, which I don't think it will, that would be an extremely huge blow to MS.
Lowsnamebrand  +   509d ago
That would be one heck of a painful blow, Sony might do it tbh it'd make sense in this situation...I just wish I could find one lol
Deadpool101  +   509d ago
I think MS should have dropped lower in price maybe to $350. Sony is generally seen as the superior tech. Whether thats true is neither here nor there, the point is that the public perception is that for the same money you get more bang for your buck with a PS4. Hell if sony dropped by only $10-$20 it would be enough to sway people. More Power for Less. I feel MS may have played their hand too soon. They are definitely at risk of a Sony E3 price announcement
S2Killinit  +   509d ago
Lol really? The price isnt the only thing PS4 has over xbox. It is and always has been the best gaming console, and the best value.
Godmars290  +   509d ago
Motion control is pretty much over with this, not so much voice, but Sony is still more organized versus MS reorganizing post launch.
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WeAreLegion  +   509d ago
Matching a price point isn't a win, but it's a good move. It will cause a sales spike, at least.
DanielGearSolid  +   509d ago
It's like ppl think Sony will discontinue Ps4 after this price drop
THC CELL  +   509d ago
Party just getting started
ShAkKa  +   509d ago
Lol, OK.
MasterofMagnetism  +   509d ago
Still a long way to go to catch Sony.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   509d ago
I thought Titanfall was going to ruin Sonys party in NA?
christocolus  +   509d ago
Its getting really interesting.
MegaDan  +   509d ago
HaveAsandwich  +   509d ago
desperation rules the day
Majin-vegeta  +   509d ago
Really??Cuz Sony still has the advantage

Better hardware,Better Multiplats etc...
ninsigma  +   509d ago
"I knew it from the start."
You knew nothing, the price drop isn't even here yet so you have no evidence to say the X1 will increase sales. Titan fall was already supposed to have done this but that clearly didn't happen. It may be too late as far as this is concerned. Anyone who was sitting on the fence between the two Has had almost 6 months to see the PS4 beat X1 in terms of games (graphics, resolution, performance etc.), they may just decide to get the more powerful console that costs the same. Clearly I'm a PS fan but don't get me wrong, I think this is a good move by MS along with the removing of Netflix and such from behind the paywall. There is a lot of potential on the console but MS also have a lot to prove (they are going the right way about it). But everything you said is merely conjecture and not worth an article.
JMyers  +   509d ago
The Party has just begun!

SpinalRemains138  +   509d ago
Removing the Kinetic will not pump up the horsepower of the hardware, and it merely prohibits one from playing Beeber dance central...soooooo

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DJMarty  +   509d ago
lol, it changes nothing the 3 mill lead that PS4 has would have to be eroded and the PS4 to stop or sell less(which ther are no signs of it doin)for it to make any difference.
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   509d ago
Please, really? it'll make difference, but not that big.
ShinnokDrako  +   509d ago
What about the weaker hardware?
I mean, it's still a console weaker than the other one (same price or not).
KinjoTakemura  +   509d ago
The Xbox One may outsell the PS4 at 299. 399? Don't think so.
Clarence  +   509d ago
This author is a fool. The PS4 is the best console on the market. The PS3 outsold the 360 at a higher price point. The PS4 will continue to outsell the xbone even with them both being the same price.

I think M$ really lost the trust of their core audience, while Sony has gain the trust by putting the gamers first.

It's going to take more than a price drop to beat Sony this gen. The xbone will not beat the PS4 this gen.

Plus the PS4 has the better hardware point blank.
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Skate-AK  +   509d ago
We will just have to see. People need to stop playing psychic.

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