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The story may be bobbins but the combat is fun, the dialogue is great and RPG systems are complex enough to spend some time considering options. That last fight though, lets the whole game down.

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rivencleft744d ago

Oh GameFly, Y U No faster with my Bound by Flame rental?! But seriously, eagerly anticipating playing this game, I think it'll be great.

Dustinf11744d ago

Its totally worth buying. Especially for $50.

rivencleft743d ago

I may have to do that, I wanted it anyway but of course already have 2 games preordered for this month (Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein), but I may have to do some trades and pick it up. October is definitely going to break the bank.

Dustinf11744d ago

It really is a great game. I cant get enough of it. Combat is very good. I always find myself in full control of Vulcan and its never mindless hacking, but tactical, planned out attacks.

Skate-AK744d ago

Going to get this when I get a PS4. Looks like a lot of fun.

Einhert744d ago

Played the demo, the voice acting was so flat and the story was alright.

combat was so clunky and really was bad after playing the witcher 2 I expect more from RPGs these days.