Xbox One sans Kinect is Smart

From the article, "There's big news in the world of next gen systems today, as Microsoft decided that maybe the constant Kinect push isn't the way to go with the Xbox One. Excuse me, but I think the company deserves a round of applause for this. Well done. It's an important step, a smart step, towards making the Xbox One the system that might dominate gamers' living rooms.

After all, it's not as though the Xbox One needed constant Kinect supervision."

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RyanDJ1314d ago

My only question is if the Kinect will be sold separately, and what the price variance is. I want to know that if I buy the vanilla and one day they make Dance Central 4, that I can get on the bandwagon for near the same price as if I'd ponied up at first.

Convas1314d ago

It would be in MS's best interest to sell unbundled Kinect @ $75 or so.

That way, when their AR Glasses hits, they can bundle for $150-200 or so.

chobit_A5HL3Y1314d ago

i could see them selling the kinect for $79.99. the console right now is $500, so i can't see them dropping the price too much beyond that. since it'll be optional it doesn't make sense to decrease it too much~