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-Foxtrot777d ago

That looks fantastic, this is what collectors editions should look like, including a steelbook.

Snookies12777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

I wish most games came out with steelbooks for pre-order/special editions... Those things ALWAYS make me want to buy them.

McScroggz777d ago

I agree, even though they can scratch and dent easily. Occasionally GameStop will give away steelbook cases for games you pre-order. I got one for Ni no Kuni :)

Kal853777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

Looks great! I'm gonna wait to see if Amazon will sell it, or if it's a GameStop exclusive. Free same-day shipping and no tax will make it slightly easier for my wallet to handle.

rivencleft777d ago

Looks great! May have to cancel my regular preorder and get that!

Kal853777d ago

I just spent 20 horrible minutes talking to Gamestop's customer service trying to find out if this was going to be their exclusive, and based on the incredible level of "we don't give a fuck about our customers' questions" attitude they shoved down my throat, I am not getting it from them, even if it is an exclusive.

Kal853775d ago

I really, really want this. So, I'm changing my tune. i just placed the order, and I'm giddy just thinking about it. :)

Skate-AK777d ago

That is nice. A lil pricey though.

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