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CryEngine On PS4 Yields Same Results As Xbox One, Crytek Explains Why 30fps Is Here To Stay

"While we often debate about the power differences between both the Xbox One and PS4, there's still so much we don't know about either console." (PS4, Xbox One)

THC CELL  +   260d ago | Well said
Until naughty dog tells me this mean nothing
SonofGod  +   260d ago
Naughty Dog doesn't work with XO, only PS. Not sure what you mean.
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BG11579  +   260d ago
Why wait for Naughty Dog?
People should look closely at Ubi with Watchdogs.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   260d ago | Well said
Next-Gen graphics doesn't start until Naughty Doge says it does-so!
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Nykamari  +   260d ago
In other words he means Crytec only did work exclusive on XBO and nothing on PS4, so ND only work on PS and not having this problem as of now.
NewMonday  +   260d ago
wen every 3rd party engine performing better on PS4 this just means CryEngine is poor.
fr0sty  +   260d ago | Well said
What a poorly written article... par for the course from gamingdolt.

This line alone is laughable at best:

"Neither console is perfect and having released just six months ago, it’s still any one’s ball game when it comes to which platform is suited to 1080p/60 FPS."

Let's try the one that has been able to consistently hit it on more titles? They then go on to fabricate framerate issues as if it is something that plagues all PS4 1080p60 games...

Just click bait peppered with lies.
frostypants  +   260d ago
@fr0sty, not only do I admire your name, I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion of FailingDolt. I keep praying that N4G will ban this site. Their occasional semi-professional article doesn't makeup for their hundreds of idiotic ones in between. It's as if they have one "real" writer/journalist, surrounded by a bunch of 12 year old contributors. The line regarding 1080p/60fps that you mention is a great example of the noobish extent of their knowledge. The PS3 could do 1080p/60fps for crying out loud (see: Wipeout HD)...it depends on many variables. I'm so tired of people acting like resolution and framerate are the only two aspects of graphics.
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Eonjay  +   260d ago
Look like the only difference will be resolution. And, it worth noting that this probably has more to do with memory than GPU.
Volkama  +   260d ago
@Nykamari Crytek have done extensive work on the PS4. They haven't released a game for it (yet), but they built a game engine for it. You don't get much more experienced than that.

"Similar results" is a very loose term though.
AceBlazer13  +   260d ago
Crytek hasn't shown anything for the PS4 so till then this is bull. Nothing on the PS4 uses Crytek right now.

Pics or it didn't happen.
UltimateMaster  +   259d ago
Weird how Infamous Second Son is 1080p 50fps, and how Tomb Raider is also 60fps on PS4 (with some drops).
ABizzel1  +   260d ago
When it comes to tech and graphics Crytek are usually ahead of the game, and seeing how the PS4 and XBO are basically specialized gaming Laptops, Crytek should know a good deal more than most developers about maximizing hardware, outside of maybe first parties.

That being said had Ryse been on PS4 it would have been 1080p @ 30fps locked.
tuglu_pati  +   260d ago
"That being said had Ryse been on PS4 it would have been 1080p @ 30fps locked.'

frostypants  +   260d ago
"the PS4 and XBO are basically specialized gaming Laptops"

ABizzel1  +   260d ago

Would you care to elaborate, because technologically speaking, gaming laptops are the closest things the PS4 and XBO are comparable to at the high end in performance, size, and build.
cyclindk  +   260d ago
I love how my specialized gaming laptop does so much more than any comparable PC by far and will only have IMPROVED visuals as time progresses unlike any other static video card or gaming rig, minus the occasional performance update or something extreme like mantle or whatever.

Specialized gaming laptop fo lyfe yo!
Ju  +   260d ago
Gaming laptops don't have 8 cores
Gaming laptops don't have 8 GB GDDR5
Gaming laptops don't (usually) run a 1.84TF GPU

So, no, it's not a gaming laptop.
ABizzel1  +   260d ago
@ frosty / cyclindk / ju

It amazes me, how people who have no intelligence on a subject, decide to comment out of pure ignorance, hoping to prove a point.


My point still stands.


You could have saved yourself so embarrassment, if you educated yourself before speaking. A console will never do more than a PC or anything comparable, until they become completely open source. A console is nothing more than a closed PC whose owners dictate what is allowed on their PC.

And if you knew what you were talking about, you would see that my comment wasn't offensive at all, and that I've done nothing, but praise the PS4's hardware (XBO is solid, but it has some silly design choices). Only someone technologically ignorant would think comparing the consoles to a high-end laptops (although XBO is more mid-high) would be an insult...........


Which brings me to the most ignorant one of all.

Gaming laptops don't have 8 cores
Gaming laptops don't have 8 GB GDDR5
Gaming laptops don't (usually) run a 1.84TF GPU

The amount of stupidity and cluelessness in this comment is just so sad. A quick Google search and you would have saved yourself the embarrassment.

High-End Gaming Laptops have hyper-threaded i7 CPUs, which mean 8 cores are in gaming laptops.

The GTX 880m comes in a 4GB GDDR5 / 8GB GDDR5 versions, with 4GB becoming the new standard for gaming laptops.

High-End gaming laptops (OFTEN) run above 1.84 GFLOPS. The 7950m is 1.8 TFLOPS, the 7970m is 2.2 TFLOPS, the R9 m290x is 2.2 TFLOPS, the 8970m is 2.2 TFLOPS, the 780m is 2.4 TFLOPS, the 870m is 2.5 TFLOPS, and the 880m is 2.9 TFLOPS.

So again you don't know what you're talking about.
user5669510  +   259d ago
You could easily spot PS fanboys these days. The denial and bs always give them away. Abizzel1 destroyed them with that post and I doubt they will face facts. Making it seem like these consoles are technical benchmark will only make you feel disappointed in the end. Did you hear about watchdogs. All the next gen consoles are great. You buy the for the game and because you know eventually you know support for them is going to stop. Stop acting like they are doing something new.
Ghost_Nappa  +   259d ago
Trust me, ps4 owners aren't missing out.
Future_2015  +   260d ago
30fps greatness awaits for console owners for the future. Think about it if games are going to get vastly more demanding and games like battlefield 4 had to be cut down to 900p and 720p just to get 60fps then either more resolution cuts have to be made or big graphical shortcuts.
mediate-this  +   259d ago
Man you are on point, i intensely say this all the time, bf4 is the most graphically demanding game on current consoles, had to be cut down, bf4 is doing things games are not doing.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   260d ago

Agreed, man Naughty Dogs always sets the standards of graphical performance.
downsidenz   260d ago | Spam
DigitalAnalog  +   260d ago
Crytek is an overrated developer. Every single one of their console releases do not perform optimally yet they are still regarded as the "technical" king. I'm sorry, if your game had to run below the "standard" resolution and still perform poorly than most games, you don't get have a pedestal of legitimacy in you. There is a reason why there is hardly any praise for them while the opposite goes to devs like ND or R*.
Flames76  +   260d ago
Haha naughty dog dont have anything on crytek kid
gamer7804  +   259d ago
Not sure how this comment got so many agrees. But this is n4g after all. Crytek is known for its graphics tech on xb1 PC and ps4. If anyone would know. It would be them
DoubleM70  +   259d ago
I'm pretty sure Naughty dog is capable, but they only work for one platform. While Crytek works with every console and PC.
system22  +   259d ago
CryEngine has nothing to do with naughty dog, it was created by crytek. i think they know what their product is capable of.
Azzanation  +   259d ago
Sorry to bust your bubble, but ND are not the best visual company in this industry. Crytek are light years ahead of ND when it comes to graphic feats.
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nowitzki2004  +   259d ago
I have played a few crytek games and a few naughty dog games.... that might be true on pc if you spend as much as I would if I bought 3 ps4s but on consoles naughty dog is currently king. If you do not think so then you have not played uncharted or the last of us.

Last of us is the most beautiful game last gen.
Azzanation  +   258d ago

I played TLOU and I love that game but it is in no league of what Crysis 3 was pushing on consoles.

ND make nice looking games but also remember there linier, meaning you can push more in those style games. Crysis 3 was a FPS with big worlds etc and still looked better and it was also an older game.

Halo 4 to me even looked better then TLOU last gen, not trying to be bias but look up some pics of both games and compare with your own eyes.

Not downgrading ND because they are a great company but there not the best when it comes to Visuals. They make great looking games but if you want to see the best looking games then Crytek/Epic are the ones to follow.
nowitzki2004  +   259d ago
Doesnt crytek favor ms over sony?

I believe so, so this is meaningless coming from them.
Budobear  +   260d ago
They don't actually say 'the results are the same' they say they are similar, which doesn't mean the same as 'the same'. There must be differnces but the don't want to say obviously.
system22  +   259d ago
on the news they also say something like "a plane similar to this one pictured" when a plane goes missing and similar in that case means the exact make and model. they just say similar because its not the plane thats missing. i think its a "similar" point here. except the ps4 is the plane pictured. ;)
Gunstar75  +   260d ago
Someone pass The Cell some tissues. I think he is close.....

Naughty Dog > God
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THC CELL  +   260d ago
Only tears I have are joy, naughty dog proved them self way too many times sorry to say. They pushed ps3 beyond what we expected
Gunstar75  +   259d ago
I wasn't referring to tears ;0)
Erudito87  +   260d ago
Yet many devs have yielded incredible graphics and 1080p @ 60fps with the ps4. I have never considered Crytek to be proper game developers, as they only have few games but a vast number of tech demo's under their belt.
majiebeast  +   260d ago
Funny thing they dont even make most their money from the game industry. But from licensing out the cryengine to the military/architecture firms and many more. Most of their studios still haven't launched a game including Free Radical(Crytek UK)

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Erudito87  +   260d ago
Wow I had no idea about the military thing; thats insane.
lelo  +   260d ago
There is not one game on the PS4 with incredible graphics... with good graphics, yes we have seen good looking games on the PS4, but with incredible graphics, no we haven't seen it on the PS4, neither on the X1.
Ju  +   260d ago
Maybe you should say "no I haven't seen" instead of we. Obviously that is your problem, not "ours".
Master-H  +   260d ago
Yea sure thing Crytek, i'm confident Ryse would run 900p with the same frame rate drops to the teens on the ps4 /s
KingPin  +   260d ago
i dont mind that at all actually. there are some games where 30fps will get the job done and some where 60fps is a necessity. we just have to trust that the devz know whats best for their game and get it right.
arbitor365  +   260d ago
60 fps should be a standard at this point. when are these developers going to get it through their thick skulls that gamers want a high framerate, more than a few extra effects and polish. all those enhanced visuals dont do us any good when they are shrouded in motion blur the whole time.

playing through alot of the HD collections, like god of war origins, really demonstrates how a 60fps framerate can make even PS2 era games look good.
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SteamPowered  +   260d ago
Buy a decent pc. 60fps and 1080p would be more common. Steam would get you great deals on games too. The option is out there, go for it.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   260d ago
I never listen to what Crytek say out their mouth. I never liked their games either.
TheDevKit  +   260d ago
I didn't mind the original Crysis, but after that... eh.
christocolus  +   260d ago
Crytek give us Ryse 2.
DoubleM70  +   259d ago
They will give you Ryse 2 with the help of God of War devs working on it. You know the ones that got fired from Sony SCE. They got hired to work on Ryse 2.
WorldGamer  +   260d ago
Hmmm.... given that Crytek has not developed a game on the PS4 yet and that there is a clear difference in real world performance since the release of the PS4 and X1, I find the conclusions in this article hard to believe.

Although the language used, "similar results" is open to interpretation.

Looking at the disparity in multi-platform games so far between PS4 and X1 games, I think Crytek is trying to ensure they don't offend anyone. That is their right, but plain observation so far refutes their claim.

Time will tell in the end.
moparful99  +   260d ago
Considering how much they are in Microsoft's pocket it's easy to draw the conclusion that they are trying to downplay the differences between the PS4 and the One..

Ryse looked great on the One but with an "on rails" experience and repetitive nature it was clear that content was sacrificed in order to achieve those visuals. Then again Crytek isn't know for great games rather great looking games..
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   260d ago
Uhhh......who wrote this?
SpinalRemains138  +   260d ago
When a first party studio claims the same, then I will listen. A studio which primarily lends its services to pretty PC builds is almost meaningless when discussing the finer points of closed system consoles.
windblowsagain  +   260d ago
At same rez.

A PS4 version of RYSE would be 60fps
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starchild  +   259d ago
No it wouldn't. Doubling the framerate would require twice as much hardware performance. The PS4 is not twice as powerful as the XB1.
DoubleM70  +   259d ago
You got disagree for a console that has a mobile CPU you in it. Wow these people think the PS4 is some kind of God send.
Spotie  +   258d ago
At the least, the framerate would be more stable. It's also highly likely that the game would be in 1080p.

..though, with that said, wouldn't the rendering difference be nearly the same? What's the difference in pixels displayed at 1080p versus 900p? Isn't that something like twice as much? If so, then isn't it possible that the PS4 could run Ryse at 60fps at the same resolution? Seems likely.
rivencleft  +   260d ago
That site should not be allowed to write gaming 'news' if you would call it that.
Skate-AK  +   259d ago
I don't mind 30fps. 60fps is just a plus.
PersonMan  +   259d ago
He's right. As they try to fit more and more detail to the games, they're always going to want the maximum render time so they will always choose to aim for 30fps.

However, the people who want to push faster frames can always play on PC where they can decide for themselves what's more important to them. Graphics or framerate.

I've said this a hundred times, you'll ALWAYS have better graphics at a LOWER frame rate. If the developers want 60, their graphics are going to fall behind the competition.
CKPan  +   259d ago
sure, you can stay at 30 while everyone else reach to 60. fine~
starchild  +   259d ago
No, most console games this generation will be 30fps.
diesoft  +   258d ago
He's not going to have a lot of fun with games anymore. I don't think he even sees the games at this point. Just the numbers.
hot4play  +   259d ago
Where's the proof Crytek?

Tech demos, games?
daBUSHwhaka  +   259d ago
@Naruto. Wipe your chin man,ure dribbling.
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Th3o  +   259d ago
Can't believe how low a once respectable company has gone to make sure their games sell on both consoles.

I know it's all business but this coming from the company that once pushed hardware too it's limits, it seems it doesn't understand how hardware performance works.

50% more shaders = stronger crytek. 8 GB GDDR5 > DDR3 Crytek.

If 30 fps is here to stay and you think Xbox One yields same engine results as Xbox one, it's only because you guys contaminate results.

This doesn't mean Xbox One is a bad system, that's not what I mean, I'm just saying Hardware speaks for itself.

I'd have more respect if they said "Games will be just as fun on both consoles" <----- That is true.
Godz Kastro  +   259d ago

I love how you feel you know more than crytek. Why don't you put yourself in a position where you can make the same judgement.
Th3o  +   259d ago
I wouldn't BS, I feel people underestimate truth these days.

False advertisements and giving people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear has corrupted and ruined a generation of people.

I would think you'd find this an insult on your intelligence.

This PR might work on many people, but hardware enthusiasts won't be won over so easily.

That's just the point of my comment, I don't know more than Crytek, Crytek knows much more than me, yet they refuse to tell the whole truth. They insist on telling white lies peppers with half finished sentences.
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gazgriff2k12  +   259d ago
hi im crytek ive been paid to talk shit
pulpsmith  +   259d ago
Is the gaming world going mad! I get the which console is more powerful than the other arguement but tbh they both look amazing (Im lucky enough to own both ps4 and xbone and worked hard to do so because i am A total game freak :p) I honestly say I know nothing about cpu or most next gen hardware but you can see the time and effort put in by both sony and MS. This debate which is totaly dragging out like a crippled dog with no back legs is in some ways just pointless i.e If I was offered a game that ran 1080p at 60fps and the game was about a donkey trying to get up A hill full of custard would i choose it over dark souls 3 which is 720p at 30fps (there is no dark souls 3 its an example sadly) I know what I would choose. Yes I want my games to look good but like I said to me they both look amazing and I have been playing games since the first Nintendo so to see how far technology has come is mind blowing. If I really wanted maximum power from my gaming I would just buy a pc and rig that bad boy up end of debate. To me its about the games the consoles exclusive IPs thats what im talking about so lets just let the companys handle the hardware and will judge what we judge best the main factor in gaming THE GAMES!
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MegaRay  +   259d ago
I rather 60 with low res than 30 with higher res. But that just me tho :/
Jonny5isalive  +   259d ago
same results? does that mean dumb ai that cant walk up 5 stairs like in crysis 2.
koston3647  +   258d ago
crytek has done nothing to get my respect or my money. they're all talkk
supercpu  +   257d ago
Oh my crytek don't know what they talking about , naughty dog are over rated . What is this site
Coming to .

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