Delivering More Choices for Fans - Microsoft

Microsoft: Since the beginning, we have focused on delivering great games and entertainment experiences for you. Your feedback matters to us and it shapes the products and services we build. Your feedback showed up in the Xbox One console we launched back in November and in the monthly updates we’ve delivered since.

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GamersHeaven1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Called it been saying this for a long time it was the only logical option left for Microsoft.

@gillri-bozo?Every one knew it was coming? Lol ok "bozo"the same people who said it will never happen because Kinect is the selling point behind the console with out it Xbox One has no advantages over the PS4.

@majie agreed Microsoft is getting stomped on in sales this is a typical desperate move by Microsoft they had no choice but to have a optional Kinectless bundle they don't have the luxury to drop the price this early on.

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majiebeast1472d ago

Console must be bombing like crazy if they drop their whole kinect is intergral to the Xbox One bullshit. April NPD will be fun too watch.

gaffyh1472d ago

Yeah I said it months ago,

TitanFall must not have pushed up sales enough.

blitz06231472d ago

They also took out Gold for Netflix, etc. Great moves by MS here. Interesting to see if the gap between the sales is really due to the Xbox One being $100 higher.

DarthZoolu1472d ago

I love my Kinect. Fanboys gonna hate regardless. I am 100% sure you will see the same people talking crap about them giving the option that talked crap about them requiring it.

Septic1472d ago

And what's really funny is what Phil Harrison said before:

""Correct. Xbox One is Kinect. They are not separate systems. An Xbox One has chips, it has memory, it has Blu-ray, it has Kinect, it has a controller. These are all part of the platform ecosystem.""

Xbox One is Kinect? So what is it now then? A box powered by dreams (and the cloud...which also seems like a dream).


Codey471472d ago

"Console must be bombing like crazy if they drop their whole kinect is intergral to the Xbox One bullshit."

It also displays how out of touch with their consumers they actually are. Apart from the fact they should be sponsored by Andrex or Charmin Plus.

Microsoft bullshit is like water off a ducks back to the MS diehards.

Battered Wife Syndrome springs to mind.

denawayne1472d ago

I was a little confused by this at first. But now it makes sense. MS will announce a VR peripheral this E3 that will work with Kinect. So, right now you have all your gamers on the fence who will buy the Kinectless One and then when a must have VR game comes out, bam, a stand alone Kinect will be sold for $150.

johndoe112111472d ago

Yes, yes it is. Now here is the bigger kicker. All the xbox fans that were saying that they got the xbox because of the kinect and saying that because every xbox came with a kinect it ensured that devs would utilize it to the fullest unlike the ps camera that had no future because it was optional, what will they say about the future of the kinect now? And do they still think that it is integral to the system?

darthv721472d ago

Many have said that if it didnt come with kinect and require gold for even the basic apps that they would get it. Was that genuine interest or just something to add to the conversation at the time?

Some might make good on their word but others will likely still find reason to scorn the platform. It has been a trend for many generations.

nix1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

gotta love the "listening to the fans" quote they use every time they do a 180.

OT: it's good news for people who were looking to pick it up without the kinect attached.

@johndoe: i think the kinect had no future but MS still glued it with superglue and sent it out of the factory.

gameon19851472d ago

Do you not understand there is still a sku with kinect? They aren't droping kinect, they are simply given you a choice. But it's typical of you Sony fan boys to try and turn positive Xbox new into a negative.

gaffyh1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

@Septic - That's why people should have waited, because right from the announcement in price, it was obvious that MS would be playing a losing game with Kinect bundled in. Now all the early adopters have gotten shafted because MS doesn't believe in their own product, and rightly so.

However, I honestly think that this means their E3 will be a hell of a lot better this year. Especially because they've announced it before.

@Spam - Sony lost 1.2 billion, NOT PlayStation. PS4 is actually profitable so you need to get your facts straight.

GarrusVakarian1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

It was inevitable, but i wasn't expecting it so soon. I wonder where all of the usual suspects are that said this will NEVER happen?

Georgeenoob, MorePowerOfGreen, Truefan, Lifeisgamesok...where are you guys? I thought Kinect was vital to the X1 experience and MS would never release a kinect-less X1? It clearly isn't if MS deems is ok to do yet another 180 and release a kinect-less X1. So many people are now eating crow right now.

I knew all of that talk about Kinect and how much of a bigger role it will play by being mandatory was BS, if they truly believed in Kinect, they wouldn't be doing this. Removing it is very telling.

I gotta say though, this is great new for people who have waiting for this to happen before they buy an X1. No doubt sales will increase after this, especially seeing as it's now $100 cheaper.

tuglu_pati1472d ago

The Phil Spencer effect. The guy is not joking.

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Thantalas1472d ago

Mods have buried this but it IS deserving of it's own story.

"Games with Gold titles will require a Live subscription to play"

randomass1711472d ago

I honestly thought it was just Microsoft being more competitive.

scotmacb1472d ago

This will change the sales war

darthv721472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

@lukas, I get the jabs you are making there but ever since it was revealed that you could still use the xb1 without the kinect plugged in, there was speculation that such a sku would be released at some point.

On topic...(taking a page from sony) offering up choice where there was none before should be seen as a good thing.

MS offered choice with the original kinect for the 360 in bundles as well as separate and people bought both. MS didnt offer choice for the xb1 and people bought it but not at the rate they were expecting. So making the changes they feel will help boost sales is not a bad thing.

Sony had to make changes to boost ps3 sales within the first year of being on the market as well. While others said it was a desperate move (at the time) it was a move that was for the better overall.

I can say i am surprised by this move from MS but then again they are giving choice and will still make games that will use kinect while other will make games that dont.

Sony offering choice is good.
MS offering choice is good.
We just need to work on nintendo. Their system is good and has fun games but people just arent noticing it.

Mr-Dude1472d ago

Is there anything they didn't reverse by now? Jeez.... dam Microsoft where is that spinalcord?

morganfell1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

For 98% of the people this has never been about price. This is a sign of how desperate things have become for a console sitting around 100 on the GameStop list. I called it 2 weeks ago. The NPD gap will be 80k or more. Time to ban vgchartz once and for all.

I always said MS should have supported Kinect and instead their one ace against a much stronger console, whose PS Now will crush all competition, has been tossed out.

Cue a great many X1 supporters voicing anger over having been forced to buy a device MS swore was integral to the X1.

Seriously, how can you now believe anything that comes out of Redmond's mouth.

Ri0tSquad1472d ago

It is bombing - or drastically under their expectations. All this talk about the whole xbox brand being spun-off says alot. What a hugee turnaround though. MS came into this gen with too much arrogance. All of their reversals make Xbox One far more accessible. They're ticking all the right boxes.

fr0sty1472d ago


You'll be another 1 bubble troll before long, but to address your made up point, Sony has not lost 1.2 billion on PS4. Sony as a corporation has, not PS4's division. Also, Microsoft never paid back the 4 billion they lost on the original Xbox, nor the billion more they lost because of Xbox 360's RROD. The Xbox division has never once turned a profit (as in, repayed all investments made and made additional income to profit). Not one red cent in over 10 years. Granted, PS3 erased all of Sony's gaming profits too, but the PS brand was very profitable up until then.

SilentNegotiator1472d ago

Reported as fake. Microsoft clearly stated that they would never do this because Kinect was vital to use of the Xbox.


styferion1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

money-wise this is a good move, now people who had doubts about buying XB1 and those who want to buy multiple consoles will be more compelled to buy it.
but that's such a lame pricipal they had, after all that saying Kinect is inseparable from Xbox..

whatever brings them money I guess, they just have to use "listening to the fans" excuse if someone ask..

Back-to-Back1472d ago

Another flip flop from Microsoft. How can anyone trust them anymore?

Boody-Bandit1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

"Reported as fake. Microsoft clearly stated that they would never do this because Kinect was vital to use of the Xbox."


On topic:
So many of us that are not MS only consumers have said that this was always a matter of when and not if. This is the final nail in the coffin of how MS royally screwed up this generation for themselves.

I also said that all their apps should NOT be behind a paywall and it looks like that is also being undone or soon will be.

MS and their greediness and extremely poor decision making has finally come back to fully bite them in the @zz.

Oh and to those of you comparing Sony to MS losing money? Sony's gaming division has made tons of money over the years. It's Sony's other ventures that have lost money. While MS's gaming division is still and might always be in the red. They lost billions with the original Xbox and 360. Why do you think the shareholders want out of gaming?

E3 is going to be very interesting now. Personally I would be sweating my backside off if I had to put on a smile and walk out on stage for MS. I don't know how these MS guys can keep a straight face with all their 180's and lies as to why they are happening. This went from being a train wreck to an apocalyptic disaster.

Again, E3 is going to be very telling.

Simply put. MS has to stop the PR, stop the lies, stop being anti consumer and prove that they are in this for the long haul. I have said from jump it never felt like MS jumped into the industry and said here we are everyone, deal with it. No. I always felt like they had one foot in the door and never entered and closed and locked the door behind them.

Mean while Sony kicked down the door and burned down the house only to try and rebuilt it from the ground up. And this coming from a guy that spent more time on MS hardware over the past decade plus over Sony hardware. I'm just keeping it real.

ZodTheRipper1472d ago

This just screams despair half a year after launch. Now they reverted almost everything they announced last year, congrats on a completely failed device MS.

christian hour1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

This is great news :) Once there's a solid library of appealing exclusives on the XB1 this will make my future purchase much less bothersome on my wallet :) I couldnt justify buying an XB1 for Just Halo before because of the price, (and because of their attitude towards gamers/consumers, among other things) but now I think I could, definitely another 2-3 years down the line I can see myself getting one.

doolin_dalton1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

The console isn't bombing - not even close. Just because it's not selling as well as the PS4 doesn't mean it's bombing.

I think this is due to the mixed reception of Kinect Sports Rivals. That game was being touted as a killer app for the new Kinect. While it's not a bad game by any means, it clearly isn't a killer app, and there are no other potential killer apps for Kinect on the horizon.

I think MS was waiting to see how KSR would perform before making a decision about the future of Kinect.

troylazlow1471d ago

I love that for months a voice in the forums have been calling for this, and now that same voice is calling foul??? Almost like they never had an intention on buying an Xbox One in the first place...

UltimateMaster1471d ago

What do you guys think Sony will do?
I don't think they'll drop the price considering it's still the better hardware. (And their financial situation)
Unless AMD agrees to make it cheaper, due to the high level of sale and buying in bigger bulks, then that could be a possibility.

UltraNova1471d ago

Nothing we didnt expect here folks, moving on.

I just feel sorry for those4-5 million who shelled out 100 more for the formerly integral part of the one.

Not really, they should have known better, they weren't 5 year olds.

UltraNova1471d ago

Nothing we didnt expect here folks, moving on.

I just feel sorry for those 4-5 million who shelled out 100 more for the formerly integral part of the one.

Not really, they should have known better, they weren't 5 year olds.

UltraNova1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Sorry for the double post above.

On another note,

It makes me wonder though, why drop the Kinect altogether? They know the reputation around it is awful and widely considered a FAD, don’t they realize that they have just killed it?

Or are they intentionally killing it off in sake of something else? Say VR?

A small reminder, MS owns 4% of Facebook which just bought Oculus, effectively meaning MS owns part of Oculus.

Did anyone believe MS would let Sony go at it alone? This years E3 will be interesting to say the least.

Just remember you heard it here first folks.

pyramidshead1471d ago


"It was inevitable, but i wasn't expecting it so soon. I wonder where all of the usual suspects are that said this will NEVER happen?

Georgeenoob, MorePowerOfGreen, Truefan, Lifeisgamesok...where are you guys? I thought Kinect was vital to the X1 experience and MS would never release a kinect-less X1? It clearly isn't if MS deems is ok to do yet another 180 and release a kinect-less X1. So many people are now eating crow right now."

I assure you all of them ate crow that night and cried softly in their sleep. I assume at least some of their friends put them on suicide watch.
Brilliant post though haha, man that must have ruined all of their collective days :P

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Rickgrimes951472d ago

Just shows Microsoft is losing badly an they had to do something because their getting pretty desperate

osprey191472d ago

Be warned, there is nothing more dangerous than a desperate opponent.

osprey191472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Why hate on this? Its a good move, people have been asking for it. No one is losing, gamers are winning.

MysticStrummer1472d ago

Yeah as I've been saying for awhile, MS could see what was going on even if some of their fans couldn't or wouldn't see it. I didn't expect this to happen so soon, but it's a logical move from MS. So much for all that "integral" business.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231472d ago

Yeh because Sony losing heaps of money on the PS4 and giving Kaz a pay cut is doing really well right?

MS are still in the profit although it be slow selling.

randomass1711472d ago

Even if it is a move of desperation, it's a very competitive one and it makes their service look closer to Sony's in appeal.

Mikeyy1472d ago

X box division is still at a loss learn to read financial releases. Microsoft billions is all windows money. It always has been.

kenshiro1001472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

SPAM, what does your ranting have to do with Microsoft dropping Kinect?

Anyway, all I have to say about this is...LOL.

You start out wrong, you end up wrong. Microsoft got way too arrogant for their own good.

Malacath1471d ago

Desperate or not.

This is a good move by Microsoft.

Most Sony fanboys wont agree but competition is good for us gamers.

If MS do ever lose the war you can say goodbye to free games on Playstation Plus. If Xbox didn't exist then Sony would have no incentive to keep giving us free games every month.

At the same time if ps4 didn't exist then MS wouldn't need to lower prices, unbundle kinect or give us games with gold.

So any console fanboy who wants the other console to fail is a total idiot

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Eonjay1472d ago

Thats the power of competition baby.

Rainstorm811471d ago


this is why we need competition, imagine if what ms announced in May '13 came with no competition

Or if Sony wasn't forced to make the PS4 what it is after last gen

Now I may have to get a X1 near Xmas

Gotta love competition, and the fans having a voice

insomnium21471d ago


You seem to imply that there is/was something wrong with PS3. Sony had a monopoly of sorts during the PS2 era and look what happened. Games, games, games, games and games.

Now fast forward when MS fealt that they had a strong foothold they immediately went for the throat (DRM etc.).

MS should leave the industry. This 180 even further proves that they have no backbone. They are willing to do anything for money. You cannot flip flop your "this is what we stand for" and assume that people are dumb enough to believe you every step. MS blew it with the initial reveal for XBone. Better luck next life as far as I'm concerned.

Septic1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Honestly...what cowardice from Microsoft.

This shows that:

1) They don't have the courage of their convictions with the Kinect

2) The X1 is getting merked in sales by the PS4.

So NOW you want to offer choice? What about at the start? Delivering for choice for fans? Seriously, eff off. You caved so hard after shouting from the rooftops about the bleeding thing, and now, any advantage regarding developer parity in catering for Kinect games just went down the toilet.

What a load of bull. Seriously...go ahead and trademark Xbox 180. This has royally p***ed me off.

pyramidshead1472d ago

All those articles about stating they were 100% behind it too and that they would never ever offer a kinectless bundle.

This should help them get back in the sales race some what. This also does render kinect as the over priced voice controller that it always looked like and always was. The gaming software for it is terrible, it's a terrible gaming peripheral like the first kinect. It is the buttonless mouse. The move is equally a joke but it has buttons and ACTUAL precision.

Also from all of those that remember the user, Edonus on suicide watch xD.

majiebeast1472d ago

They should atleast give you guys a bunch of free games like Nintendo did with the 3DS. Its the least they can do.

Volkama1472d ago

In all honesty, Kinect isn't having the impact they hoped it would, inside or outside of gaming.

The all-in-one ir blasting magic voice set-up switches off my TV and AV if they're already on, and I still need a controller to navigate blu-ray menus.

The gesture control shows the device still carries real latency that will make it quite limited for gaming.

Concerns about "spy cam" have penetrated minds far and wide, whether fair or not.

I am disappointed because I have a kinect, so of course I want to see MS make it work and now the chances of that are slim to none, but it's a risk you take when you buy into something new. See HD-DVD players, or the Sega Dreamcast.

Kayant1472d ago

Looool well said a bit over the top ;)

Am not surprised I fully expected them to drop it just that the announcement will come E3. Kinect is just something that will never really be beneficial for gaming as a whole it has very limited use cases and does really add that much of a compelling experience if any IMO. It's a media/interface device that's what it's best at as shown by XB1's OS features.

So £350 in the UK?

johndoe112111472d ago

What did you expect them to do? The reality is poeple who were saying that the xbox was selling well enough for microsoft and that they were happy with their sales were living in freaking denial.

If they were happy with their sales there is no way they would have removed the kinect. The fact that they are getting raped in sales means they had to make a desperate move. there is nothing else they could have done to help boost sales, nothing.

The sad part about this is that microsoft just basically screwed every single person who bought an xbone up to this point because there is no way now that they will continue to support that thing as much as they were planning to.

If this doesn't open the eyes of a lot of the microsoft fanatics who post around here I don't know what will. This is a good thing for xbox one sales and a terrible thing for the future of the kinect.

IrishSt0ner1472d ago

Very annoyed at this too, they've just cheapened their whole position.

XBOTTOX1472d ago

I AGREE. Been a xbox fan since 2002. Just my preference. Being someone who shelled out $542 for a 'Day One Edition' having them scrap the kinect and lower the price is so ridiculous. We might literally have to petition redfunds because this is not what we bought into

Eonjay1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

No. None of that crying bull up in here. You are not a child and you know how the world works by now. Microsoft is a corporation and as such will change as they see fit to ensure their piece of the market share. How many times have they reversed course. What, Kinect was beyond reproach?

You are a gamer so play the damn game and chin up. Kinect was a bad play. Its over.

-Foxtrot1472d ago

Well least your being honest Septic and not trying to spin it

Got to give him that one

I agree with this post aswell, I just find it hilarious how people are making it out like it's Super Duper Phil Spencer to the rescue again

Gunstar751472d ago

So if you were running a business and you knew that a LOT of potential consumers were asking for something that you could deliver and you knew you were missing out on potential sales because you were not offering that something, but it was not part of someone else's original vision you would just puff out your chest and stand your ground, so as not to look like a coward?

I wouldn't, I'd say "screw their vision, lets diver what they want"

Seems more like business acumen that cowardice to me.

maniacmayhem1472d ago

I agree with Septic, from a gaming standpoint the Kinect would have guaranteed that devs could have made a game with Kinect features in it and they be used by the gamers 100%. Now it will be pushed back as some ON/OFF button in the Options menu.

If MS was serious about supporting Kinect they should have just dropped the price 50 bux and took the loss.

It's going to take a serious well executed E3 to take away this bad taste.

DragonKnight1471d ago

What I want to hear is the comments from people who said the Xbox One is the true next gen console because of its inclusion of Kinect, and that the PS4 is just a PS3 with better graphics.

So many people are eating crow today.

candy_mafia1471d ago Show
Volkama1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

@DragonKnight While I never directly said that, I will admit that Kinect interested me. Anything that can enable a new gameplay experience for me, something I haven't tried before? That is more exciting than a visual bump.

Kinect had that potential to add something new this generation. Now I'm pretty much pinning all my hopes on Cloud Compute and VR to make things interesting.

Without such innovations these consoles are indeed a quite poor showing in my opinion. They're only an incremental performance advancement from the old consoles and sit orders of magnitude behind my PC.

Of course that wont stop me enjoying some games on them, but the hardware itself does not excite.

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gillri1472d ago

Yes your amazing we get it, you just totally called it! But unfortunately for your ego alot of us did, its wasnt exactly hard....but well done!! 5/5 for you sir

MysticStrummer1472d ago

A lot of people said it was what MS needed to do, but not many thought it would happen so soon and some said it would never happen.

Dark111472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Yeah great move from MS , also this is a bad news for sony because they need the playstation division to make profit as much as possible because it's the only part of their company that still make profit , but now MS will make things harder for sony and try to push them out of the market.

if the PS4 failed , it's game over for sony.

OrangePowerz1472d ago

They still have several advantages such as multiplatform games performing better.

Ron_Danger1472d ago

How is this bad news for Sony. The XB1 without Kinnect should cost less than the more powerful PS4, not the same.

The system hasn't even been out for a year and they slash the price.

And whenever MS says "we listen to our fans" you should all know that it's just PR talk for "our inverstors made us".

Codey471472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

As it stands a couple have already realised/realized the bigger picture.

Apart from the Xbox One losing it's identity....they've also sent the Kinect V2 into the graveyard buried next to it's older brother.

Every developer had an excuse to implement extra features because the device was bundled into every Xbox One Packaging.

Now you'll only find a select few that'll dedicate themselves to the device.