The rarest retro gaming items in the world

The hallowed archives of videogame history have become a veritable paradise for the humble collector. So join games™ as we dust off those old NES cartridges, delve into the box of forgotten gaming peripherals and join us as we take a look at some of the most sought-after collectable items that you probably don’t have and can never afford.

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Neonridr1406d ago

I have a Cheez-Whiz jar (empty) that is in the shape of Mario from when I was a kid, think that's worth $100,000 yet? :P

Geobros1406d ago

Nice article, I am collector too...

MCTJim1406d ago

WoW, I still have my vectrex

WeAreLegion1406d ago

Whoa whoa whoa...

My Vectrex is worth money? I searched it on Ebay less than a year ago and they were fetching like $30-$40 "Buy Now". What happened?!?

Dchops1406d ago

Perhaps Classic Game Room made it more popular? I haven't watched their videos in a while but even just 2 years ago they were always making references to it after Mark did a bunch of reviews on Vetrex games and cover slips.

WeAreLegion1406d ago

Haha. Awesome. I think I'll hold onto it. It's actually a fun little system.

marloc_x1405d ago

Mine Storm, Armour Attack, Cosmic Chasm, Web Wars... absolutely awesome:)

Skate-AK1406d ago

Atari VR haha. Pong jn your face.