Madden NFL 25 2014 Draft Roster Released

GoodGameBro writes, "We’re thrilled that people have enjoyed our free agency roster update files for Madden NFL 25 from EA SPORTS, and we wanted to put together one last file before all the attention begins to turn to this year’s Madden NFL 15, due for release at the end of August 2014. This new roster update file included 58 NFL draft picks, as well as more free agency moves bringing us to a total of over 350 free agency changes since the offseason began."

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nevin11442d ago

Wait so does this mean you already have Madden 15?

Kevin263851442d ago

It means we created 58 rookies and put them on their team after the draft. The update also includes 350 free agent transactions (DeSean Jackson to Redskins, Stevie Johnson to 49ers etc.).

Skate-AK1442d ago

Good job you guys. It's not a pretty job but somebody has to do it.