Watch_Dogs: One hour and a Half and a PS4 are Not Enough - Golem

Golem previews the upcoming Watch_Dogs on PS4.

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Zenith4k1439d ago

gave up on reading it, maybe its just me (or if its a translation error, if it was translated) but theirs alot of writing errors, but that could just be me. not trying to start anything.

WeAreLegion1439d ago

It's a translated story. I'll chalk it up to that.

markyboy21811439d ago

worst written article ive ever seen

mike32UK1439d ago

It literally took me 30 seconds just to read the title haha

Tyre1439d ago

The journalist clearly stated that the game indeed runs at 60fps in 1080p on the PS4. No advertizing mistake by Sony, probably had to be removed because of multiplatform contractual agreements. Sony thoughtfully posted it as short as possible.

I_am_Batman1439d ago

@Tyre: He also said that the graphics fidelity was disappointing and that he would've preferred 30fps with higher fidelity. I absolutely agree with him on that.

GameDev11439d ago


"Watchdog despite these criticisms by no means ugly game, the key played version has sobered us in terms of graphics"

He talked a lot about ambient occulsion, lightning and textures but still said despite them it is still good looking

And if you go by anything in the PAX EAST footage, the graphics still are impressive

so 1080p barely drop 60fps with good looking graphics is still okay

But i agree with you, i still rather see great graphics with locked 30fps like Sony has been doing with their 1st party games

daBUSHwhaka1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Was this written by a infant.Worst strung together article I've read on N4G since I joined.

mdluffy1439d ago

This is a google translate, I guess that's the problem?

majiebeast1439d ago

Its a German site being google translated.

LightofDarkness1439d ago

Seriously, we shouldn't be allowing google translate articles. This is an English speaking site, if the article has to be pumped through a translator then you have a 90% chance that it's practically unreadable to the site's core user base.

DragonKnight1439d ago

The company that owns this site is based in Norway, so it isn't an "English speaking site" strictly speaking. I would surmise that most people here speak English as a second language actually.

But your point is still valid. Translated stories are always a problem.

Hk85karlsson1439d ago

Yup, I´m Swedish so English is my 2nd language.

But I must say, translated stories sucks. Until Google fix that shit, I will not read them.
It´s practically unreadable.

rsnotz1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I read it and seriously it was funny. I couldn't for the life of me understand what was happening. I was laughing too hard.

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