Club Nintendo’s loyalty program includes classic games

Nintendo revealed the new range of games that will be offered to members of Club Nintendo in the US. For Wii U owners, Nintendo included two Virtual Console entries, both classic games and staples of their respective generations.

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user95970821258d ago

The title for this article makes it seem like they haven't already been doing this for three years

Dchops1258d ago

No kidding. This was poorly done.

DarthZoolu1257d ago

I join a buy first party games Nintendo club back when gamecube and gba came out. Spent alot of money never got anything. So Nintendo lost me as far as that goes.

3-4-51257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Yea, whoever wrote this needs to go back and take some classes on how to write an article properly and be taken seriously as a professional.

Also known as " How could you screw that up? 101 "

Aside from that, the facts are there, which is nice.

I already have Mario Kart 64, and MK8 is about to be here soon.

Not sure I want to get burnt out on MK before Mk8.

GenericNameHere1258d ago

I downloaded Kirby classics 3D. I only got 5 points for it. I'm still 5 points away from Platinum status :(

vakarian751257d ago

Do the post play survey and you'll be Platinum.

Skate-AK1257d ago

Might get Mario Kart 64. Think I still have 200 coins.

DC7771257d ago

Finally they are listening and getting us some good free games. Not to mention an N64 game.