A PlayStation 4 version of God of War: Ascension is a dumb idea

Save/Continue writes: There’s a rumor going around that God of War: Ascension might be getting a PlayStation 4 release in the near future, with (at the very least) updated graphical assets. The possibility exists that there may be other goodies lying in wait tied to its release, but no matter what, it’s a dumb idea to even consider putting this game on the Sony‘s new platform.

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core_51440d ago

i agree, all leaks are complete bullshit ... confirmed by a look on the last years xD

mikeslemonade1440d ago

Nope. It's credible when they have been basically
thus far correct.

NewMonday1440d ago

God of War: Ascension for the PS3 was a bad idea

Magicite1440d ago

Ive just bought the game for my PS3, hope its not coming to PS4, they should focus on new games.

Applejack1440d ago

Most fans that I talk to would rather have a GOW3 remake than an Ascension one.

Palitera1440d ago

Agreed, but I wouldn't call it stupid.

It is profitable, probably VERY profitable, therefore clever.

Raf1k11440d ago

I don't remember Ascension doing as well as GoW3 critically or in sales. If it's profit they're after then GoW3 makes more sense.

Palitera1440d ago

Surely there is a reason behind this, if it is true. Maybe the assets are ready or closer to it, IDK, but surely there's something.

Baka-akaB1440d ago

I doubt it would be that profitable unless a mix of sort of Gow 3/ascension is done , at least

morganfell1440d ago

Ascension is the best title for the PS4. Sony obviously wants to show off the prowess of the PS4 plus introduce the gameplay to numerous fans making their first outing on the PlayStation.

GOW1, 2, COO, and GOS, all would require the game to be built from the ground up. Basically an entire dev team committed for over a year and a half. Ascension is ready made to port over quite quickly by a small team.

GOW3 would put players into the end game of the series not only leaving a lot of players wondering why as the backstory isn't completely filled in by 3 alone. Also it would ruin major story lines if players chose to go back and play those other 4 titles. GOWA can be played without a great deal of background as well as not ruining every major plot point in previous games.

Omegasyde1440d ago

When you put it that way it does make sense. But I do not like this trend of "releasing games that people may of missed...."

Now instead of a remaster/re-release, I think a re-imagining or "side" sequel would be a better option. In my opinion (I speak only for myself) - I believe that Sony is playing it too safe.

morganfell1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Still with a side game or reimagining you are talking about whole level design, recording audio, new models, etc etc. I understand perfectly what you are saying but this was ther least expensive route in terms of manpower, time, and funds.

I think the fight with Hercules in GOW3 was the biggest mistake ever made in the series. Hercules should have called Kratos brother and walked saying "I have my own fight with the gods". After all, Hercules is the last person Hera would have on her side and as the son of Zeus having been continually played by the gods Hercules had his own scores to settle. So much of Kratos was taken from the Hercules myth.

SSM could have rolled the Hercules legends into an entire series of games. After all, the 12 Labors alone are a gold mine of material.

mediate-this1440d ago

Gow gameplay is so stale, it was alright in gow3 but playing ascension they should have tweaked it somehow. Ascension will just be graphics demo

UltraNova1440d ago

I have to agree with Omega here. Sony is playing it safe and I dont blame them for this. They need a steady stream of releases until they can bring us the heavy hitters.

What they should be doing though is a deal with Square to remaster FF7 and games of the old days in fullHD/60fps, not 1-2 year old games we all played at this point.

As for a Hercules games by Santa M, that would be pretty interesting if they manage to give that game a distinct feel from GoW.

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Monolith1440d ago

I thought ascension was an excellent game. More simple than 3 but I highly enjoyed it front start to finish. Multiplayer was fantastic. I would love for this game to be remastered for ps4. If only they remastered 3 and ascension in the same package. Instant buy. Really I just want them to bring the multiplayer though. That was the best and I truly feel everyone should atleast try it.

gameon19851440d ago

man this has been one slow ass gaming news day. the biggest news of the day so far was fake E3 leaked rumors

GamersHeaven1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I agree if true its the worst one in the series remaking it would be a waste of time and money.TLOU will get people re-buy and people who haven't had the chance to play it on the PS3 to purchase on the the PS4 GOW Ascension is the complete opposite.

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