Titanfall Expedition DLC – First Gameplay Trailer

Catch the very first gameplay footage of Titanfall‘s upcoming multiplayer expansion, Expedition, hitting Xbox One and PC this May, and Xbox 360 in June.

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Mister_V1527d ago

Swamplands - Reminds me of Star Wars' Kashyyyk. Love it :D

ddgaming8201527d ago

This has got me excited. Can't wait to start playing Titanfall again!

AKissFromDaddy1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

There's a livestream on twitch right now.

The trailer is more exciting in my opinion. Sadly, it's only maps + updates, nothing else. No guns, no abilities, no camo. New games modes coming later.

ddgaming8201527d ago

Cool! Thanks for the link.

Webbyy1527d ago

Yea plain and simple, it looks badass

JeffGUNZ1527d ago

Video not working at my job, is their finally a release date for this?

TheGreatAndPowerful1527d ago

You mean you stopped playing it? I wonder why. lulz

Septic1527d ago

Oh man Swamplands looks sick!

4Sh0w1527d ago

Yeah Swamplands looks like a whole lot of fun. Can't wait.

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HaydenJameSmith1527d ago

Looks great... Cant wait to pick it up...

GusBricker1527d ago

Running along the top of the trees looks pretty damn awesome.

pompombrum1527d ago

Lol, seeing the cloak ability plus jumping between trees I was thinking more along the lines of Predator. Either way, whoever thought about making a map with lots of trees to bounce around deserves a medal and possibly a cookie or two.

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tgunzz1527d ago

Those maps look great. They need to drop already!

system221527d ago

dope. i freaking love this game

Palitera1527d ago

Does it have anything other than maps?

Yes... I know nothing about this DLC...

ghostface91527d ago

there should be new game modes coming soon too but those will be free not included in the dlc

Palitera1527d ago

Thanks. I'm hoping for some new content soon, specially guns or titans. I liked the game, but after playing with dozens of guns on BF, CoD etc., it is hard to get used to only two in each class...

thezeldadoth1527d ago

they said they aren't likely adding any guns for titanfall 1, they care more about balance rather than number count.

Galletto31527d ago

I thought they were also adding titan customization sometime soon?

Convas1527d ago

War Games looks amazing. I always loved the training environments.

HugoDrax1527d ago

Definitely! I think the level design for this game in general is astounding. I love the way all three maps look. I'm only a GEN5, but maybe the new maps will inspire me to play more to become a GEN10 pilot like my friends.

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The story is too old to be commented.