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GTA IV: first details emerge

Halo 3 aside, the undoubted star of Microsoft's conference at this year's E3 was the bombshell GTA IV announcement, in which the Redmond giant boldly proclaimed that the next GTA will not only be on 360 from day one, but that it would feature ongoing episodic content delivered over Xbox Live.

It was not only a great coup, but gave Peter Moore a chance to add to his impressive tattoo collection, but of course such an announcement could only leave us panting for more and the shutters came down swiftly as they'd risen.

Well first solid details have trickled through this morning via an IMDBlisting for the game, with Rockstar President Dan Houser and GTA and Manhunt vet James Worrall being named as the principle writers.

Also rather strangely listed on IMDB as 'crew' are Lazlow Jones, who wrote for GTA III and Vice City and starred as voice talent for Liberty City Stories and San Andreas. The final entry is writer Navid Khonsari who starred as the Porn Host in Max Payne 2 and has voice credits on all the GTA series as well as Manhunt. (Grand Theft Auto IV, Halo 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

OutLaw  +   3363d ago
GTA Great
I do look forward to GTA. But I have to say I'm more pumped about Saints Row. Especially that it's exclusive.
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3363d ago
Saints Row is a sweet game and I cant wait for it and all its exclusiveness as well but GTA is GTA and it is going to be tight ass hell especially with the exclusive content.
Schmitty07  +   3363d ago
Never was interested
I have never owned a GTA game in my life, and when I try it out over friend's houses, I can't understand why everyone likes it so much.
Grown Folks Talk  +   3363d ago
i'll have to agree with you
i've tried them as well. boring and repetative like star wars battlefront to me. same thing over and over in different environments.
speed  +   3363d ago
Yes please!
I've played every GTA, they are GREAT! Its not a game you can play for 15 minutes and be hooked. Give it a chance, after about 2 hrs of gameplay you will be completely hooked. San Andreas was a freakin' masterpiece.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3363d ago
Their rediculous, lol theirs so many things you can do without having to follow a storyline, it's frickin cool. I just love firing it up to drive around and kill as many people as possible than book it from the cops, nothing like running from swat, oh and if u have the code, nothing like booking it in a big as* tank from the swat and cops.
DG  +   3363d ago
Gamer13  +   3363d ago
GTA is the best ever game ive played for the ps2.
You can do alot of stufff in GTA games rob banks fly helicopters even plane and even fighter jets tanks etc.

Can,t wait for this 1. but it won,t be out in about 1 year and 5 months.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3363d ago
I know it's going to be a long time before it comes out, but they need to one up Saints Row now also, Saints Row has way more features than any GTA game so they have to beat them and THAN add some, thank god for Saints Row cause now GTA can only get better
USMChardcharger  +   3363d ago
your right and they will feel like they need to
these two competing will make each other try to out do each other...which will be good for us.
this is a perfect example why companies like EA getting the football exclusive is bad...because with no one to compete with, there is no reason to evolve.
OutLaw  +   3363d ago
I agree also.
It is good when there is more than one company trying to fight for our money. That way they wouldn't get to lazy in making a great product.
mikeeno7  +   3363d ago
the list...
here's my opinion on the GTA games...
GTA 3- Fairly Good
GTA Vice City- Utter excellence
GTA San Andreas- Utter crap. The world was stupidly massive with awkward guiding icons. The whole 'homie' story was cringingly bad. Graphics worse than Vice City, gameplay again in San Andreas saved the day...
96impala  +   3363d ago
San Andreas
I understand and appreciate your opinions but at the same time i feel compelled to add that i liked gta 3, i liked, gta vc a lil better, and i absolutely looooved San Andreas which is by far the best one in my opinion. Yeah there were a lot of glitches but not even those glitches could stop this one from shining the game was pure fun for me and i was actually hoping that the next gen gta would be just as much fun, but if not im still happy with GTA san andreas......i love that game.
TheXgamerLive  +   3363d ago
I've also played and beaten them all several times and I think..................
Without a doubt that vice city is king, it has a very I dont know but just a way of grwoing and bocoming adictive to you, from the music to all the cool and funny, hilarious radio talk shows to the fantastic miami vice like setting and it juat shines the best of all to me.

VICE CITY II - Tommy Returns ........ah that has a ring to it doesnt it:)))
Gamer13  +   3363d ago
To mikeeno7 you need to wake up.
GTA San Andreas was the best in the series.
mikeeno7  +   3363d ago
it was an opinion gamer13, OPINION. Believe in what you will. If you was happy with the underperforming game then good on you...
PS360PCROCKS  +   3363d ago
San Andreas was the best one, lol, I loved it, searching for Big Foot and alien ships and things
USMChardcharger  +   3363d ago
search for big foot?
i missed that one somehow...sounds crazy.
mikeeno7  +   3363d ago
paul cerula
where is that paul cerula guy? He's an intelligent guy, even if he leans to the xbox 360 side a bit. We need more people like him to keep at bay the extremist SSJ 04. One day i will get you banned SSJ, and i need support. It sounds like a conquest doesn't it? Maybe i'm getting desperate but he needs to go. And don't reply to me SSJ, i probably won't get any words you type, i call it Klingon (the star trek language).
Scythesean  +   3363d ago
Have you taken you meds today?
dude he hasn't even posted on this topic yet.... paul cerula is the biggest 360 fanboy on this site. Next thing he will be on here saying how he believes that the 360 version will have better graphics just because.
OutLaw  +   3363d ago
I think ssj
I think ssj hasn't even been posting since june 07.
TheMART  +   3363d ago
Oh yes he did, he came back in the person of

PS3Lord go watch that guy type the same alfabetic English as ssj04 did
OutLaw  +   3363d ago
thanks for the heads up (TheMart)
Thanks for the info. I thought He just disappear from the site.
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USMChardcharger  +   3363d ago
I just did some research on ssj
i think he is least as ssj. i just check his name and every comment he has posted says this:
Reported as Spam, Unrelevant or Offensive Comment
it is unbelieveable how many pages of comments say this...he has to be banned.
THE TRUTH  +   3363d ago
I hope they add....
I hope that rockstar adds more multiplayers features to both games.Both Co-OP and deathmatch type games. A even bigger step would be if they let both ps3 and xbox360 players play together/against eachother online. I have owned every GTA game thus far, my favorite is the PsP verison because I can play it anywhere and it's unreal how much (both graphiclly and city size) they fit on the PsP UMD's.
FamoAmo  +   3363d ago
360 VS PS3 on GTA
That would be awsome. You could have the 360 gang vs. the ps3 gang and both sides go around whooping the other!! I hope it happens.. Anyway GTA is far away so who knows what could happen!! Also SAINTS ROW is looking up! I heard that game is gonna have something where you can jump into oncoming traffic to sue people for hitting you?? Anyway that game is gonna kill any GTA to this date so lets hope GTA can top Saints!!
joemutt  +   3363d ago
You can also sue for....
When you walk into a grocery store, you can "accidentally" slip and fall, then go to a lawyers office and get paid for suing the grocery store.

The delay is going to be worth it in the end, but you remember when this was going to be a launch title? Seems years ago.
USMChardcharger  +   3363d ago
you can jump out in front of cars too, for insurance fraud. i think the motto of this game is "if it is a crime you can do it."
PS360PCROCKS  +   3363d ago
that would be sick if you could play against all systems but Sony wouldn't allow it, and make up some lie about how it's bad for gaming or something.
96impala  +   3363d ago
Just a thought.
Man i don't know about the 360 vs ps3 with gta but i do know that as far as the 360 players are concerend aside from the regular mode they should incorporate a mode where as just about every person you see, on motocycles, walking, driving etc. Will actually be a person via live. Police whatever, and you'll play as usual just its not A.I its actaul players. That would be great. I see that happening in the future maybe not with gta 4 but an up and coming one in future.
USMChardcharger  +   3363d ago
i cop and robber xbox live mode would be cool.
some what like you are saying.
can you imagine the insane car chases and gun battles. that would be fun.
Cyclonus  +   3363d ago
Thats happening!
In a game called APB, thats like a MMO GTA game. In fact, its being made by David Jones, the GTA & Crackdown guy......too bad its coming out in 2008


It says PC, but its coming to 360/PS3 too.
USMChardcharger  +   3363d ago
o yeah
i remember that. isn't that going to be a MMO?

but if you could take the fun cop chases of GTA and put that into that would be fun.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3363d ago
That would be fantastic, I would love to be the guy in the helicopter shooting missles and bullets at any of you trying to blow you up
DG  +   3363d ago
I think what Im most excited about is the fact that IT IS going to take so long to make and actually make it good. I hope they add a lawyer and a jail element plus make the environment more interactive like people and places. Asides from that make the $#!T look good so I can kill cops in HD! and Im sold.
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Majunior  +   3363d ago
can not wait
As i was reading the article on the link above.....i noticed a flyer for a game called haze it sounds pretty cool check it out!...back to the subject..i cant wait to get my hands on all of these sandbox titles saints row gta4 and crackdown...360 rox!
USMChardcharger  +   3363d ago
it does rox majunior, it does. all hale the xbox and its sandbox titles.
mephixto  +   3363d ago
Begining of the end
GTA won't be the same with all the new laws on games
PS360PCROCKS  +   3363d ago
yeah lobbyists need to die, I hate these new laws, old people suck
bushgreen  +   2124d ago
bushgreen  +   2124d ago

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