Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV Probably Won’t Release Before March 2015

Twinfinite writes:

"Square Enix has been quiet about details on Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, but recent financial results may lend an idea of when not to expect them."

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sonypsnow1405d ago

They Could release Final Fantasy XV Before March 2015.

UltimateMaster1405d ago

They could, they should, but I doubt it.
They didn't announce a Japan release date yet.

minimur121405d ago

I remember reading that because tetsuya is the director on both projects, he's working on FF15 first then KH3.
So at the moment, for KH3 they've porbably got some stuff fleshed out like spells and the character models, but most of the stuff that needs a director won't be done. story, script, and all the petty stuff like weapons and sidequests I'm guessing won't even be touched yet

Tetsuya even said he thought it was too early to annnounce KH3, and said it was a mistake

I expect a mid 2016 release date for kh, in all honesty

4logpc1405d ago

FF 15 will come way earlier than KH3. Im guessing Q1 2015 for FF 15, and KH3 will hit Q4 2015- Q1 2016.

Dark111405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

KH3 and FF XV will have a few years wait in between due to the titles sharing the same director

Kluv1405d ago

I remember this story. I don't remember them ever saying it'd be a few years. I'd say there's going to be a gap of 1 year to one and a half years.

goldwyncq1405d ago

^ I doubt it. FFXV had been in production way before KH3.

Dark111405d ago

FF XV 2015 late in japan and early 2016 in the west
as for KH3 , SE said they will have few years wait in between.

elninels1405d ago

I bet FFXV will have a worldwide release.

lets_go_gunners1405d ago

FFXV was shown 2006 am I the only finding it f**king hilarious that it may not be released till almost a decade later.

Muzikguy1405d ago

Trust me, you're not the only one. For that simple reason I'm passing on this game. SE are not at all what they should be IMO, and I'm not going to support that. I want to play KH3, but who the heck knows when that will be out.

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The story is too old to be commented.