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What Should Sony do at E3 2014?

TSA writes: ... strategy has paid off for Sony, not only with the sales figures but also a slightly more open approach to their strategy and the much-lauded courting of smaller developers leading to plenty of goodwill among the press and consumers they’ll be talking to at E3.

It is now crucially important that they keep up that momentum. Here’s how I think they could do that at E3 2014.

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Community1167d ago
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nope1111167d ago

A Vita price drop isn't necessary since $200 is a very affordable price for such a high quality device, what Sony should do is lower the memory card prices again and announce a Minecraft Vita bundle.

colossalblue1167d ago

I think you're absolutely right about a Minecraft Vita bundle. I'm surprised it's taken them this long to do it. That's got "system seller" written all over it.

Paul_Murphy1167d ago

I've said this for a while. I know the PS3 has more units out there, but Minecraft is arguably the only system selling indie. Had the Vita version been completed first, released in December and bundled we would be seeing a more favourable attitude towards things.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has shifted over 20m copies apparently, and to be fair, it is pony. With buttons and as a more "complete" version, this is going to shift. If Sony market it, of course. But that's the main problem with the Vita. It isn't games; it's that nobody still knows either anything or enough about it.

GameSpawn1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Technically they have price dropped the Vita ($50 in value between the Game and 8GB card). I wouldn't doubt that after a month or so they will debundle the Slim Vita to a standalone package for $20-$30 less. It would be nice to see a system only at $150 with a 4GB card, but this is probably a pipe dream.

They only price drops the Vita really needs is on memory cards. Drop $10-$20 across the board and bring the 64GB cards to the rest of the world so we can stop having to import the damn things.

3-4-51167d ago

$200 is a damn good price for this machine, it's just like the Wii U.

Both good machines that need a few more games for people to really notice that.

* I'm really excited for E3 for the Vita, because as of now the release list for the remainder of 2014 is kind of "ehh", but not terrible, and if they can really surprise us with something good at E3, it could kick start this thing even more and get it to where it needs to be.

SkippyPaccino1167d ago

PSV Phone would blow everyone's mind! (well me personally)

Immorals1167d ago

Like the xperia play? Cos that did so well :p

SkippyPaccino1167d ago

Well if you factor how great the Xperia Z2 is and you can definitely see that they are able to pull off a great gaming phone now... It would be very expensive to make but on a 2 year contract it would bring the price down to what the PSV is now....

Blaze9291167d ago

"What Should Sony do at E3 2014?"

go first.

Outside_ofthe_Box1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

What would that do?
Is that all they have to do in order for them to win E3 in your eyes?

Trolls will be trolls I guess...

Blaze9291167d ago


it would just be interesting to watch, especially after what happened last year. has nothing to do with winning - what is this a game? (no pun intended)

Outside_ofthe_Box1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

You know what I mean. How about "impress" instead? You know what I was implying.

You still didn't answer why they ***"should"*** go first at E3. Them going first wouldn't change anything about their conference at all other than the fact that they would either be doing it early in the morning or in the evening the day before.

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Hellsvacancy1167d ago

Project Beast has me excited, Sony could show that game alone and it's a win (for me anyway) everything else is a bonus

Massacred1167d ago

Any of the following, Project Beast, Agent, The Last Guardian, Gorilla'z next game, Santa Monica's Next game, Bend's next game, footage from uncharted 3 and the Order, KH3, FFXV, whatever quantum dream has been up too etc. . .

jay21167d ago

Announce the getaway and 8 days to return! show Agent, show Last guardian, Until dawn coming to PS4, won't require MOCE to play. Devils third info. That's what I want from E3. DT won't be a PS exclusive though sadly.

Darth_Yoda1167d ago

Unannounced new IP's to be released this year.

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