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imt5581470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Axios2, where are you?

Anyway :

EA declines to share Titanfall (or any other game) unit sales :

Interesting thread!

mrpsychoticstalker1470d ago

Trolling much, eh? regardless of sales and hidden numbers. Titanfall I'd a great game that is continually improving and creating new game modes.

Lucreto1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Pity we can't see the actual numbers.

How much did it sell to get to number 1. 10,000 units or 2000 units.

pandaboy1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Probably 0 units since virtually every xbox sold comes with it. The -25% on Titanfall stems from a price rise from the in-store price cuts of £350, in most places, back up in line with the official price cut prices to around £390. The individual game itself(xb1 version) doesn't even chart the top 100 on amazon anymore.

alb18991470d ago

It comes with a digital TITANFALL and in this chart numbers digital are not counted

pandaboy1470d ago

They do track digital sales when it is bundled because it is so easy that way.

OrangePowerz1470d ago

Digital games that are bundled count the same as disc games tgat are bundled.

No_Limit1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

It is amazing that Titanfall on XB1 is still managing to outsell the XB360 version when you factor in the user base disparity. This game truly has great legs.

imt5581470d ago

Quote :

It is amazing that Titanfall on XB1 is still managing to outsell the XB360

Maybe in UK only, but in the rest of the world probably not.

shadyiswin1470d ago's actually selling much better outside of the UK. Another thing i work in retail and it would be impossible to count all the bundles,cause there are actual titanfall bundles,which were only sent for a week,then there is the pack-in. You can look up a company called mosiac,they come to the store open the xboxone boxes and slip in the titanfall download codes. the sku number is still the exact same as a reg xbox one,making it count as an xbox one sale not TF bundle.
I think initially it was suppose to be limited,then they saw it sold fast and quickly hired a secondary company to do the pack-ins which worked cause it cleared our back room of all xbox ones.

darksky1470d ago

Not sure that it is amazing imt558. With the massive userbase of Xbox360 if the game is still lacking in sales then it shows it is not of interest to a majority like for example CoD.

The higher sales for XBone is explained by the fact that those customers simply don't have much else to buy at the moment.

QuickdrawMcgraw1470d ago

Which should tell you something about what little there really is (new) to play out there...

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