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TitanFall Back At The Top Of Latest UK Charts

Bound by Flame fires itself into a top 20 position. Week ending 10 May 2014 (3DS, Battlefield 4, Bound by Flame, Minecraft, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, TitanFall, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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TheNotoriousNiceGuy   292d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
imt558  +   292d ago
Axios2, where are you?

Anyway :

EA declines to share Titanfall (or any other game) unit sales :


Interesting thread!
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mrpsychoticstalker  +   292d ago
Trolling much, eh? regardless of sales and hidden numbers. Titanfall I'd a great game that is continually improving and creating new game modes.
Lucreto  +   292d ago
Pity we can't see the actual numbers.

How much did it sell to get to number 1. 10,000 units or 2000 units.
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pandaboy  +   292d ago
Probably 0 units since virtually every xbox sold comes with it. The -25% on Titanfall stems from a price rise from the in-store price cuts of £350, in most places, back up in line with the official price cut prices to around £390. The individual game itself(xb1 version) doesn't even chart the top 100 on amazon anymore.
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alb1899  +   292d ago
It comes with a digital TITANFALL and in this chart numbers digital are not counted
pandaboy  +   292d ago
They do track digital sales when it is bundled because it is so easy that way.
OrangePowerz  +   292d ago
Digital games that are bundled count the same as disc games tgat are bundled.
No_Limit  +   292d ago
It is amazing that Titanfall on XB1 is still managing to outsell the XB360 version when you factor in the user base disparity. This game truly has great legs.
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imt558  +   292d ago
Quote :

It is amazing that Titanfall on XB1 is still managing to outsell the XB360

Maybe in UK only, but in the rest of the world probably not.
shadyiswin  +   292d ago
.....it's actually selling much better outside of the UK. Another thing i work in retail and it would be impossible to count all the bundles,cause there are actual titanfall bundles,which were only sent for a week,then there is the pack-in. You can look up a company called mosiac,they come to the store open the xboxone boxes and slip in the titanfall download codes. the sku number is still the exact same as a reg xbox one,making it count as an xbox one sale not TF bundle.
I think initially it was suppose to be limited,then they saw it sold fast and quickly hired a secondary company to do the pack-ins which worked cause it cleared our back room of all xbox ones.
darksky  +   292d ago
Not sure that it is amazing imt558. With the massive userbase of Xbox360 if the game is still lacking in sales then it shows it is not of interest to a majority like for example CoD.

The higher sales for XBone is explained by the fact that those customers simply don't have much else to buy at the moment.
HacSawJimThugin  +   292d ago
Prosthetic Legs even Lol!
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   292d ago
Which should tell you something about what little there really is (new) to play out there...
HollywoodLA   292d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   292d ago
The game certainly has legs.
koliosis  +   292d ago
Yes best game so far!!!
GodGinrai  +   292d ago
I agree..and I bought some top notch games this year. TitanFall is the game I play the most at the moment(I have it on X1 and PC. but play the X1 version , more s that is what my freinds have).
patrik23  +   292d ago
infamous still pretty good. at #9 individual format.
Ryan741  +   292d ago
You think? With the number of PS4 members I definitely thought this would of done better.
shadyiswin  +   292d ago
sony exclusives never sell. You can expect this from the order,uncharted and whatever else they give you this generation. A few standouts will happen. People love to bring up the killzone 2.1 million number,most of those were required to get a pre-order and most felt the need to get it cause it was the only real exclusive other than knack,also killzone was outsold by ryse any ryse,dead rising 3 and forza 5 in the states,and titanfall has already passed it.
Codey47  +   292d ago
Well that 2.1 million for KZ:SF equates to almost half of Xbone's user base.

So they must be doing something right!
GodGinrai  +   292d ago
"Well that 2.1 million for KZ:SF equates to almost half of Xbone's user base.

So they must be doing something right!"

And only a fraction of what the THe PS4 sold.Im going to go out on a limb and say that this gen the PS4 will inherit the COD/FIFA/Madden/Assasins creed customers who buy little else. Dont be surprised if those multiplats consistently outperform sony's own games at retail.
GameDev1  +   292d ago

Sony exclusives never sell??

Yeah that's why most of them are highly successful
ghostface9  +   292d ago
#9 more like #14 that game has fallen off just like most playstation games do. Thats the thing sony has never figured out single player games sell alot less than multiplayer games. Which is why most xbox exclusive games sell more than playstation because there exclusives are more multiplayer focused.
patrik23  +   292d ago
i guess amazon is not very good indicator. titanfall bundle #61, titanfall disc not in top 100

Sitdown  +   292d ago
Oh no... Good Xbox news, hurry up and attack it in two consecutive post.

Job well done, what's next?

Seriously though... Why does good news regarding a competing console disturb certain people so much? Especially if they're not stock holders...
No_Limit  +   292d ago
What chart are you looking at? The Titanfall Standalone Sku for XB1 is the best selling item on Amozon UK's PC and Videogame best sellers so far in 2014.

Your list is the the one that is updated hourly so it changes from time to time and not a real representation of how well something is selling.
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n4rc  +   292d ago
It isn't...

Think about it realistically... Who actually buys games from amazon?

The vast majority of people will walk into a store and buy it, or download it from their couch.. Shipping a physical disk makes little sense to most people and therefore Amazon's numbers are not representing actual sales
Immorals  +   292d ago
9 times out of ten I get games from Amazon, usually much cheaper here in the UK
Sitdown  +   292d ago
At times cheaper, and can get it on launch day.
n4rc  +   291d ago
Are they cheaper on your side of the pond?

Well I'd stand corrected then... Over here they are no cheaper on release.. And I honestly don't know a single person that buys games from amazon so that's why I made that comment..
Ryan741  +   292d ago
Really thought Second Son would of done better.
Webbyy  +   292d ago
Yea me too man.
Neonridr  +   292d ago
To be honest, that's their loss then. Lots of PS4 owners out there, and the attachment rate for Infamous is not spectacularly high. But they're missing out on a great game though.

This was my first Infamous game, but I loved it.
Ryan741  +   292d ago
I've played 1 and 2 and really liked them.
Themba76  +   292d ago
im not got for 360 played it once 4 weeks ago and went back to bf4 not impressed at all to casual for my tastes and got bored of it in 2 hours.
spacedelete  +   287d ago
i could have bought Infamous but I didn't because the game is shorter than eating a curry. it will be on PlayStation plus in a year anyway.
Tedakin  +   292d ago
This early in the console cycle, breaking 1-2 million seems good to me. That's a huge install base.
Neonridr  +   292d ago
KZ sold considerably a lot more when the install base was even smaller though.
GameDev1  +   292d ago
It is doing great considering it is on one platform, in the UK, who are known for hardly changing their choices in games. I mean look at FIFA just below Titan fall, you would think after many boring iterations of it, it would go down their charts.

Surprised Second son is even there
aiBreeze  +   292d ago
Yo where all you trolls at? COD with mechs selling so well? INCONCEIVABLE!
JMyers  +   292d ago
This is good for Resapwn. I wish them every success.
HacSawJimThugin  +   292d ago
I really felt bad for these guys after the whole Activision debacle and I'm glad TitanFall is doing so well. They deserve it and I salute them....Now back to finishing All I Do is Win,then Gen 9 baby!!
SilentDarknezzz  +   292d ago
In my opinion, if PS4 is going to stay on top in the U.S. and possibly U.K., it needs a killer F.P.S. exclusive title. Aside from the better graphics the 360 had over the PS3 with multi-plats, the 360 dominated here in the U.S. largely because of games like Halo. Killzone 2 was the only great F.P.S. I really enjoyed on PS3. Having got a PS4 this time around, I'd love to see some great exclusive shooters coming this gen. One can hope, right?
mokkeyrg2  +   292d ago
on top again jheez there going in good for respawn.
GameDev1  +   292d ago
Not a shocker, UK especially England are known to keep on to certain games for long periods on the chart like numerous iterations of Call of Duty, FIFA, Battlefield, I guess their new one is Titanfall. I honestly don't think even Watch dogs or Destiny will knock it off the chart in England as when cling on to a game, they cling on to it tight
kewlkat007  +   292d ago
Go Titanfall....
Bundi  +   292d ago
That TitanRise.
King_of_Nothing  +   292d ago
Titanfall will likely continue to keep peoples interest and stay on the charts especially with the DLC coming later this month.
system22  +   292d ago
I think as more people play titanfall, more people will see what a blast it is and then their friends will pick it up and so on. I could see it on top for a while. It's still my favorite title and I picked it up the day it came out.
system22  +   292d ago
But don't they know that TF isn't 1080p?? How could it be worth buying? What's that, infamous? Resolution doesn't make a good game? Oh the comments on this site have led me astray regarding what makes a game fun to play.
ghostface9  +   292d ago
Thats why you dont believe the lies the sony ponies tell you
GeisT  +   292d ago
When they stopped matching people based on connection I stopped playing. I'm not interested in playing against people at my "skill level" who always seem to have trash connection and lag everywhere. Stupid move EA, games should ALWAYS be based on connection.

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