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Master of Horror : Outlast VS Daylight Showdown

Playing Outlast gave me the idea of making an article on the subject on comparing what appears to be two different games and pointing out what connects each other. Both games offers pretty awesome technical achievements, on one hand we got Outlast that is built on the Unreal Engine 3.5, and on the other hand we have Daylight that features the newest (and the first game to do so) engine (Unreal Engine 4). This is where the extra months of development comes in play. Both of the games are made by “indie” teams, not surrounded by big bad wallets and community driven. Independent developers are very active on social networks and getting to know their community and ultimately polish their game. (Daylight, Outlast, Outlast Whistleblower, PC, PS4)

KinjoTakemura  +   349d ago
Daylight sucks. The end.

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