3DS Weekly Deals: 2DS $99.99, Kirby Triple Deluxe $30, Mario & Luigi 3DS XL w/ DS Game $169 & more

3DS deals and sales on Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, Best Buy, Groupon and Cowboom.

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dannygamer1500d ago

What is the best DS game around?

Tom871500d ago

New Super Mario Bros.
Pokemon Black and White

lebr0n1500d ago

Amazon never price match Newegg :(. I did submit Kirby Triple Deluxe for price match this morning and price is still the same.

Rockefellow1500d ago

Maybe that's because Amazon had Kirby at that price for a few weeks before launch.

liamn1500d ago

My girl was looking for a 3DS, I think 2DS for $99.99 is a great find.

edgarohickman1500d ago

Go for 3DS XL, better design and larger screen.

jacobvogel1500d ago

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for $26.99 is the lowest price I've seen.

andrewsimons1500d ago

I suggest going for Wii U version if you own one. Cheaper and better gameplay/graphics.

Rockets121500d ago

It was $20 at GameStop earlier in the year. Would have bought it but they didnt have any left.