Project CARS PS4 vs PC Ultra, High, Medium, Low Detail: Graphical Qualty Screenshot Analysis

Slightly MAD Studios recently released a batch of PS4 screenshots of the gorgeous Project CARS, and both the PS4 and the PC versions look gorgeous, but obviously the developer had to accept some compromises in order to get a good performance on console.

Many are wondering what PC level of detail the PS4 version compares best to, and today DualShockers analyzed a screenshot n each level of detail compared to the PS4 to answer that question.

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GribbleGrunger1473d ago

Get your microscopes out chaps.

Abriael1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Lol yeah, you really gotta squint, the only one that has very evident differences is "low" the rest is a matter of small details.

The low resolution normal maps smudge things a little bit on PS4, but in motion they're much harder to notice, I'm sure.

randomass1711473d ago

Funny you say, despite the lack of blur and the ugliness of the crowd, the car itself still looks pretty dang good on low settings.

Abriael1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Just added a note on that one. The lack of blur is just because I forgot to activate it (I put it in all of the other screenshots because it was in the PS4 screenshot as well). It's just an instant photographic effect you activate and deactivate with F3, and it's not part of the settings themselves. You also won't use it while racing because it's so heavy that you won't see where you're going :D

mikeslemonade1473d ago

still you still had have to project this on your big screen tv. anything looks good on a 3 by 4 inch screen.

randomass1711473d ago

Dang, that's quite a lot of detail. o.o I must say my curiosity for this game is peaking.

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user56695101473d ago

Dont need one easy to see somethings wrong in the ps4 pic. The bottom half of the car looks messed up. Shadows and reflections look hhorrible. AA is also not up to par with med

ATi_Elite1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

you don't need a microscope to see all that aliasing in the pics lower than PC High!

Polygon count is lower along with faded colors and blurry crowds.

YES the car does look FANTASTIC throughout but a lot of other graphical degradation appears as the quality goes down and this will translate HEAVILY when in action as a screenshot does not fully capture the beauty of Pcars.

I'm currently playing Pcars build 680 across 3 1600p monitors so feel free to argue.

toddybad1473d ago

I could hardly spot a difference between any of them without really focusing on minutae - minutae that won't be visible when you're hurling around a track.

uth111473d ago

Except for the PC Low, which looks a little flatter, but still good, I honestly can't see the difference in these screenshots.

Considering that it's fast motion anyway, I don't think anyone will notice a difference in real world gameplay

frostypants1472d ago

These guys did a real good job with the visuals and getting them to run on reasonable hardware, that much is certain. I was a huge skeptic but I take it all back.

hollabox1473d ago

This looks good, but I'm going to stick to more arcade style racing games. If I was to pick this game up, it would probably be on the PC when the price drops to $19.99 or less during Black Friday a year from now.

Abriael1473d ago

Actually Project CARS has very extensive levels of customization for simulation. It can drive almost like Need for Speed if you set it the right way :D

randomass1711473d ago

Now that's flippin' awesome.

hollabox1473d ago

Hmm, I will have to wait to see, all the videos I've seen I'm impressed with the graphics but it looks boring. I've purchased almost every Grand Turismo, after 5, I said I'm done. They look good but I find myself ultimately looking for enjoyment elsewhere.

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