New Off-Screen Footage of Lords of the Fallen Leaked

OnlySP: The developers of Lords of the Fallen did a live presentation this weekend at Digital Dragons.

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CyrusLemont982d ago (Edited 982d ago )

By what I can make out, there's some pretty awesome particle and lighting effects. The character, armour and environments also look nicely modelled and is not just a lot of textures on flat surfaces. That should hopefully give everything a much more unique feel. That circle opening at the beginning of the video reminds me of that UE4 tech demo too. I'm quite excited for this game. It will hopefully give the impression of what a next gen Dark Souls will be like. Of course it will probably awesome on its own merit as well.

PockyKing982d ago

I'm excited to see what Tomasz Gop does with this game and for what comes after this project as well. Being a lead developer on The Witcher series, this guy knows how to make a good RPG.

denawayne982d ago

Can someone translate for me?

iDadio982d ago

Yeah the Souls similarity peaks my interest, looking pretty good so far.

stavrami-mk2982d ago (Edited 982d ago )

lol i'm looking forward to this game but from what I've just seen hasn't swayed me either way ,my mince pies can't handle the 120p resolution video with added wobble effects and 700 meter distance is just to much.thanks for posting though ,still i think this game is gonna turn out alright

PockyKing982d ago

Yea can't see much, but it's enough to actually see some live gameplay. From what I saw the animations look really good which is a big deal because action rpg titles like this that use medieval weaponry need good animations for the combat to feel fluid. Dark Souls doesn't really have that.

sdozzo982d ago

Bound by Flame looked good on video too. Just saying.

PockyKing982d ago

Not really, the combat has always looked like it had no power to it, which is how the gameplays. The graphics and story aren't bad, but the gameplay never looked all that great.

oIITSBIIo982d ago

I don't think so BBF animation was bad since the first time I saw it but Lords of the Fallen animation looks pretty good .

GusBricker982d ago

Pre-ordered and waiting...

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