Crytek Shares Secrets of Using Xbox One eSRAM's Full Potential, Resulted In 'Big' Bandwidth Saves

"The increased power that the Xbox One and PS4 offer over the previous generation of consoles has been as hot a topic now as it was when both consoles launched."

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lifeisgamesok1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

If anyone knows it is Crytek. The King level in Ryse has some of the best foliage I've ever seen in a game world

Ryse 2 is going to look out of this world

As years go by and developers get a game or two under their belts we'll start to see huge improvements on Xbox One it's all about data flow this time around

No one who has played Ryse can say Xbox One is weak

Webbyy1442d ago

I have no doubt that xbox one can create nice visuals.. but I must say I am tired of all the talks of what it "could" ..

Sigh, just show us with the games guys.. Not trying to troll or anything :-/

We will see in 2 years or so.

randomass1711442d ago

No, you're right. I want to see the potential as well, but so far they've only 'talked' about it and haven't really shown it.

lets_go_gunners1442d ago

"Show us games"
I'm pretty sure that's what E3 is it not?

headblackman1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

x1 is showing you the games. it's the ps4 that you should be saying that about.

Dread1442d ago

He just said Ryse.

Cant u read?

Ryse is not potencial it is real.

MysticStrummer1442d ago

@headblackman - Neither console has shown anything so far that made me want to upgrade. Actually BF4 did, but it was such a mess online that I changed my mind and decided to wait some more.

TheTwelve1442d ago

The "could" is part of the sales pitch.

MelvinTheGreat1442d ago

Irrelevant to the topic at hand. How about we stay on topic instead of downplaying the cloud, because ive seen so videos that look quite good.

truefan11442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

You mention could, but Ryse is still considered one of if not the best graphical game so far this generation. Imagine if DX12 was ready at launch because of the CPU utilization reduction, that would have helped the framerate. Ryse 2 will be immaculate with high quality graphics and nice and stable framerate.

Codey471442d ago


I Bet they won't use my slogan for promotional purposes.

The Xbone...allegedly already has those "system seller" games that no one can stop talking about.
Yet the only thing you guys can rattle on about is DX12.

MorePowerOfGreen1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

"but I must say I am tired of all the talks of what it "could" .."

I think what you're saying is you don't like devs and engineers telling people that developers have not begun to tap the XB1's full potential.

You can't be too "tired" of it if you feel the need to track and troll all related articles with damage control. Perhaps you mean, it's getting tiring keeping up with the articles to do damage control.

"see in two years"

^^The preview is this year. XB1 already has parts of DX12 and I'm sure games use some parts of this tech in the 2nd wave of games.

Best thing to do is stay the fuc out of the articles if you're sick of them LOL

All that matters is that the devs making he games are learning and being helped with tools. No one cares if you don't want to hear it.

"In two years"

^sounds like wishful thinking or misleading.

It's comical how many people are upset over this. First it was all lies and then when too many people/devs mention it, haters start saying they're sick of hearing it or it's years down the road or it won't help that much blsh blah blah

scott1821442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I really have to disagree strongly with Ryse being the most impressive game graphically, maybe artistically, but not graphically. Even it's main gloating point 80,000 polygons for it's character was smashed by infamous at about 120,000 polygons. But another true test of machine power is how well a game runs, and at 900p it can only manage mid 20's and drops to mid teens, while infamous stays at a solid frame rate at 1080p even with it's particle effects going wild.

I am not trying to bash Ryse but nothing about it is the most impressive graphically, sorry to say. I still find it extremely pretty and well made artistically. Software can only do so much for the hardware, and both the PS4 and X1 will improve in that area.

mediate-this1442d ago

Devs of both sides both proclaim their respective consoles could do this or that

mikeslemonade1442d ago

Ryse is on rails and has inconsistent graphics. Looks great in some parts and in other parts it looks first gen of the last gen. I question your critical eyes if you think it's something special in the graphics department.

Baccra171442d ago

They make Xbone sound like a shonen character, like it's going to get a random powerup out of nowhere.

Clown_Syndr0me1442d ago

People should shut up about the cloud, I dread the day the cloud takes over ad it basically means bye bye offline gaming.

As for Ryse, damn that looked tasty. Not a half bad game either just too short and not enough variety in the levels.

ocelot071442d ago

@headblackman How is PS4 not showing us the games? Pretty much all multi-platform future releases have shown PS4 gameplay or picture (watch dogs,destiny,project cars,Dying Light ect) have all shown us PS4 gameplay and graphics of there up coming games. Yer none of them as far as I know how shown the XB1 version's of there games why? Hell Project Cars have even shown us Wii U pictures and yet no XB1.

So Webbyy, and randomass171 is correct. Microsoft or devs instead of talking about what xb1 could deliver. How about showing us? Hopefully at E3.

fr0sty1442d ago

I agree, the whole cloud thing is just MS trying to slyly force always online gaming on its users, and then saying "we can't disable it, because this game relies on the powah of teh cloud!"

When developers themselves come out and say modern internet infrastructure cannot handle cloud aided rendering, i'll take their word for it over the company that has made it loud and clear they have a vested interest in trying to force their console to always be online.

BX811442d ago

All this show us crap, look at ryse and sunset overdrive.

pyramidshead1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I love it when truefan1 crystal balls out of his ass. Haha.

I always like to point out that Ryse is the only one out of the launch games that does look decent, visual wise. Crytek are pretty much geniuses about creating amazing visuals with games so they probably have a lot of tech within their own engine to bypass Xbone's many bottlenecks with intelligent tricks.

Shame the rest of the devs weren't clued in cause they needed a bone thrown judging by the output.

edit: With all these talks of massive improvements in a year or two more than solidifies my decision to pick up and Xbone maybe in the 2016 era, seems to be struggling right now.

4Sh0w1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Downplay Ryse all you want, avoid the fact that just like when Gears of War dropped, then Killzone 2 arrived the vast majority of the press and gamers were rightfully calling those games for their time graphically superior, other games look great too but clearly Ryse keeps getting mentioned for its graphics long after release. Ryse is visually stunning and that could not be achieved unless you have powerful hardware. If you personally don't like the game itself for its flaws then that's fair but despite those flaws that doesn't take away from the fact that the hardware allowed for still the most next gen visuals of any game at launch.

I want every X1 game to push graphics but I don't need every X1 game to look as good as Ryse, I'm sure over the years some will surpass it and many won't but what I want is for devs to be creative first and foremost and decide what will visually, artisticly and overall be better for their game direction then ultimately chosing what res works best to give me the BEST GAME for my dollar, not the best RES.

Finally the X1 although not as powerful as ps4 is clearly more than capable of producing jaw dropping graphics, Ryse only proves like every gen before that game development is a combination of hardware AND has a lot to do with tools, game engine, optimization, game budget, artistic design and dev talent with both having limits short of todays powerful PC's. This all means that the best games will come from those who put in the most hardwork, regardless of hardware. If not then explain to me all the crap looking rushed games last gen on 360, ps3 and pc last gen, and how did games like Halo4, GTA5, Uncharted games, TLOU look so good on old console hardware compared to games running on much more powerful pc hardware???

Again history speaks louder than all the shouting, we know X1 has eSRAM that takes a bit more optimization to utilize, we know DX12 will also be helpful to devs, how much?; I don't know. We know ps4 will improve too but then how much? We don't know what kind of optimizations will be made for either.

So without a majic crystal ball, we can make an educated guess= Logic and history says if you look at the gap in terms of launch and first year games in regards to specs then there is no question they both will turn out some fantastic games as the years go by with the ps4 remaining slightly ahead in specs(due to being more powerful now). That said again looking at the current games we are not talking wii-u difference in specs here so they are comparable but truthfully we all know the ceiling for either console is 1080p 60fps(highest spec in any genre that will be achieved) so cross out Forza5 and given ps4 has more 1080p games) then its fair to say that ps4 is closer to that mark from the start but no doubt that's where they'll both end up, unfortunately its worth mentioning this 1080p 60fps benchmark CAN BE fools gold, since it doesn't automatically translate to a *better game.

Eonjay1442d ago

There is no exclusive game advantage. That is an illusion because even if you bought multiplatform titles only, you would still have plenty of good games to play. In fact you would have more.

k3rn3ll1442d ago

To be fair... all of these articles are reporters asking questions of MS and devs. So lets stop acting like MS and yhe devs are bragging what could be. They are simply answering questions

fr0sty1442d ago

Big bandwidth saves over DDR3, for 32mb of data at a time, yes.

GameNameFame1442d ago

Two issues.

1)Game is still 900P and hits as low as 15 fps.

2)Tiling is fully supported as well on PS4. Dev mentions nothing that this was some special secret sauce that only can be taken advantage of.

As matter of fact, it is already being supported on PS4.

Why o why1442d ago

All this ryse talk... I truly believe it would run at a higher res and at a more stable framerate on the ps4. It does look good and x1 fans will proclaim its the best looking next gen game whereas ps fans will probably say infamous ss. No point getting into an unwinnable debate. From a tech standpoint there is no real contest as one of the games mentioned has a lot more going on plus its open world running at both a better framerate and res. Thats got nothing to do with preference or opinion, just straight facts.

Ultimately, time will tell and technical competition is a worthy battle.

Docknoss1442d ago

The Xbox One is about to become a graphical Juggernaut. I predict E3 will prove what the cloud, Direct X12, and Crytek's Esram knowledge can do for the enhancement of this generation's graphics. Black Sails are on the horizon with the Xbox Banner and there bringing Greatness.

JokesOnYou1442d ago

Why all the Ryse talk? Well because gamingbolt wrote this news thread about "Crytek’s Sean Tracy talks about how the Ryse dev team took advantage of the Xbox One".

Its a win win for xbox detractors they love specs but when a X1 game turns out to be graphically praised or a game like Forza 5 actually does hit 1080p 60fps then naturally ignore all that and immediately deflect, dismiss, downplay those games by talking about game design flaws, framedrops, pre-baked lighting talk....all while praising great ps4 games that have their own flaws, ignore things like having a short, uninspired shooter with a boring multiplayer that does nothing next gen, ignore a ps2 quality platformer at 1080p, ignore a delayed racer that still isn't hitting 60fps(conveniently it doesn't matter because it will have all these other things that the other 60fps racer didn't, really and I guess a sim game running cutting edge physics is easy to do, that's why GT takes so long) ignore a open world game that YES looks damm good but is downgraded from its trailer but more puzzling the world is small and lifeless.

lol, same old Jokes, same old n4g.

AndrewLB1442d ago

Scott- Those numbers you stated pertaining to Delsin's polygon count are complete BS. They originated @ VGleaks and were specifically talking about triangles, not Polygons. And spare me some lecture on semantics because if you had any knowledge of 3d model development and design, you'd understand that they're not the same thing. A polygon consists of two triangles.

Don't believe me? Go read what people actually knowledgeable in 3D graphics and programming have to say about it over at Beyond3d.

As for the graphics in Infamous:SS, everyone keeps praising how great they are. But as I've said, it's easy to distract and deceive with all the pretty neon glowing crap from seriously poorly done


The game suffers from incorrect parallax and general inaccuracies that cubemaps suffer from, or the absurd wipe behavior inflicted by screen-space reflections.

Beyond3d is without question the most knowledgeable community on the net having to do with 3d technology in modern gaming.

madpuppy1441d ago

That's because Microsoft's favorite hook is to tout about "the potential" and "the possibilities"
of what they are going to bring in the "near future". Microsoft's history is rife with the corpses of products that never lived up to the hype and pages of great innovations that ended up being nothing more than vaporware.

That is why it is foolish to buy a product from Ms based solely on future promises. you WILL be disappointed.

andibandit1441d ago

The "could" is part of the sales pitch.

But it's only half as good as "Teases"

dcbronco1441d ago


People always say something can't be done on current systems. There have been new developments in the past that have pushed internet speed to where it is and the same will continue to happen.

It will also happen with Xbox One. People will learn to do more with the design but some will not accept it.

scott1821441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


Crytek used the word triangles when talking about Ryse's polygon count as well!


I am not saying infamous is perfect, but it is the most impressive graphically.

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windblowsagain1442d ago

Nobody is saying xboxone cannot output good visuals, PS3 still does. TLOU speaks volumes.

Cryengine3 is an excellent engine, Seriously Crysis3 maxed on PC is nothing short of stunning.

The trouble Ryse is that most of the time is spent @ 28fps and then dips into low teens at times.

n4gamingm1442d ago

True but take into fact that it is a launch game. To can only get better from here.

True_Samurai1442d ago

I have Ryse have not seen any frame rate drops. So where are these frame rate problems you speak of? They must've patched by the time I bought cause it runs smooth to me

Bzone241442d ago


It's easier to see the frame rate drops if you don't own the game or console and haven't played the game. /s

Revolver_X_1442d ago

Ryse' framerate issues are no myth. It was clearly rushed to be a launch title. The lack of content reflects that too. While Ryse is pretty, its nowhere near a masterpiece. Crytek are always lacking in gameplay though. Thats not an insult to the x1. Crytek are just all about visuals.

BitbyDeath1442d ago

People should just forget about Ryse, everything about it could be put down to a rushed launch title, however Sunset Overdrive now that game looks great. Easily the best upcoming title for the Xbone.

Gamer6661442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I played the game though all the way. I never saw a frame rate dive.


I love it... You've played the game through you tube!

Trekster_Gamer1442d ago

It clear you have never played Ryse with your trolling statement.

I have played through twice and it is smooth and slick ALL the way through!!

A freakin awesome game!

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Ghost_Nappa1442d ago

Ryse was also extremely linear and has frequent framerate dips

candy_mafia1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )


You're getting Disagree's but what you typed is legit.

I know you own X1, and so do I, and I'll concur, Ryse IS linear. Linear on a similar level to GOW3, except due to variety, I enjoyed GOW3 more. There definitely are framerate issues. Sometimes it feels like Ryse drops to sub 20fps.

Ryse is even better when you watch someone else play, but after you've seen the 100th execution, I defy anyone not to feel a little bored with Ryse. It's incredibly cinematic and totally beautiful though. I dream of the day when Ryse visuals are in an open world environment :)


BX811442d ago

I can honestly say I never experienced this frame rate issue you are speaking of. I'm not saying it didn't happen. Hell I had some issues with TLOU graphics popping in once you entered an area. As you can imagine I got plenty of flack for that. Sometimes for what ever reason or the other we experience these issues when many others don't

UltraNova1442d ago


PS4 and Infamous SS will keep you satisfied for now as its 80% there, and that's more than enough for now.

Mikethejew1442d ago

Give me a break with ryse, no doubt it looks good but it's on extremely linear rails so its not saying too much. Also the enemies on screen are almost always twins, their are 3 different looking enemies you fight at a time. Its like gta3 when you get a car magically everyone else is driving the same car, do you know why? Because they ran out of ram, same thing with ryse. Honestly if anything ryse shows the limitations of the xbox one.

Jazz41081442d ago

If ryse is on rails then so is killzone and any game that's linear.

Gozer1442d ago

You obviously have never played through Ryse. The graphics are truly amazing, I could definitely notice the "uncanny valley" feeling at points in Ryse. How this some how shows weakness in the X1 is a laughable theory.

christocolus1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )


Crytek definitly knows their way around the hardware.I enjoyed Ryse and for a launch title they did good. The game had some of the best visuals I've ever seen..I can't wait to see Ryse2. I know that game is going to do even better with some drop dead visuals.

However im sure all MS first and 2nd party devs(remedy, BT, rare, lionhead, playground,343i, rare, T10, BT etc) have their own secret solutions to using the esram,it would be great though if crytek shared their idea with the other guys and together help third party devs get a better understanding the hardware.

Gozer1442d ago

I agree about Ryse. Its one of, if not the best looking game that I have ever seen. I also thought the story was entertaining. The gameplay is kind of simple but challenging when you start going for flawless combos. Im a level 50 in Gladiator Mode. I downloaded all the current dlc as well. Ive seen some wicked gladiator armor since Ive been playing. I think Ryse got cheated on a lot of its reviews. I think they have layed the groundwork for a good sequel.

It would be nice for Crytek to explain to other devs how to get good results with the Esram, but that wont happen. Crytek is out to make money on the CryEngine by selling it to 3rd parties. Frankly, Ryse has a very good argument for a dev to choose the CryEngine.

choujij1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Until games like Ryse and Titanfall are able to be rendered natively in 1080p, the hardware shall be considered weak. Even my midrange $150 gtx 750 ti outperforms Xbone and runs Titanfall in 1080p:

But feel free to disagree with facts.

kevinsheeks1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Butt butt butt on a article about titanfall the very game you just mentioned to prove your point you said earlier

"Yup. Among other consoles, I have a gaming PC, PS4 and Xbox 360. I have no desire to buy this over-hyped game on any platform I own.

I just want to see what M$ has to say when they explain: "wha' happened?". #2.15.5"

So you haven't experienced it yourself? don't tell me your just speculating out of your ass?

it's over-hyped yet you've managed to keep tabs on various articles about it O.o

ohhh but feel free to disagree with facts :)

choujij1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


I'm sorry you're experiencing difficulty comprehending what I said, but nice try tho. I never once said I play TF or even own it. I said even my gtx 750 ti outperforms Xbone and runs TF in 1080p. I even provided a source to show that this point was fact. I'm sorry if you mistook that meant I personally play it, but I don't. So I don't disagree there. But I also don't need to test my card to prove it's a known fact.

My reasons for passing on TF is because the lack of campaign and the inclusion of the auto-aim pistol are a huge deal breaker for me. There are other aspects of the game which I find disappointing, but no need to go any further.

I have no need to disagree with your comment, even though your grasping at straws. But unfortunately for you, nothing you said disproves the facts, such as that Xbone doesn't play these games natively in 1080p and that my cheap GTX outperforms it, including the above mentioned title.

Feel free to disagree with me again though (along with the rest of you fanboys). :)

DoesUs1442d ago

900p with dips in the late teens = not a very good game on a performance level. In stills? Sure, looks motion?...

Magicite1442d ago

Ryse had poor sales and mediocre scores, why would they want make a sequel, unless MS funds it?
That game might look great at times, but it performs terrible, lower resolution and subpar framerates.

christocolus1442d ago

Lol..dr3, forza5 and ryse have actually sold pretty well. You hate the xbox one and it games and always post crap like this. Alot of people actually enjoyed ryse and many more want a proper sequel but does it bother you that MS would want to publish a sequel?you dont like the xbox one so what do you care?

Clown_Syndr0me1442d ago

Ryse didn't perform badly at all. Have you played it? Not the best game ever but absolutely nothing wrong with its performance..

DigitalAnalog1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Just another "sales" pitch talk when it all boils down to visual improvements. Improvements no drastically different from the previous gen and they didn't resort to marketing bull like "DX12".

So why is it a big deal now? Because there are sad individuals that need to validate their console to equalize the competition - I get that, but there's a difference between having realistic expectations and blindly idolizing it to be more that it actually is.

And what have we learned here? Nothing, really. Other than an in-depth look on how the X1 (just like the 360) is getting optimizations down the line. You know what else is getting improvement.. the PS4, and, like the "cloud", does not need to create echo chambers to create their own distorted reality.

Enjoy your games, and demand for more quality output from developers.

youndamie1442d ago

I haven't really heard anyone say that X1 is weak, it's just not as powerful as the PS4

LocutusEstBorg1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

As years go by publishers will use screenshots from the PC version and the actual game will look low res and lag like the 360 and PS3 now.

supercpu1442d ago

its not a bottleneck ;) i already know . there is a good reason why they put it in there . when DX12 and tiled resources are ready things will really kick off cant wait to see the other's faces :) .

BadlyPackedKeebab1442d ago

No. They put it in there because they were not confident going down the gddr5 route for whatever reason. Heat.. Cost.. Availability.. Given the Xbox ones TV goals I suspect heat being the main one. There is no doubt which of the two consoles packs for heat and louder fan rates.

showtimefolks1442d ago


no one in gaming can doubt that Crytek can create stunning looking games. But there issues are

fun world to play in

so just a stunning looking game can't be the answer to all. I hope crytek hire some good writers

frostypants1442d ago

But it doesn't change the fact that it would have been better with GDDR5. Just because Crytek took full advantage of the ESRAM doesn't mean it was a good hardware design choice.

BallsEye1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

ESRAM just like any component is a bottleneck only if not used properly. MS wasn't stupid at all to implement it. XBOX ONE was built from ground up with tiled rendering technology in mind, something that only super fast memory such as ESRAM can do. If you didn't play Ryse, do it and you'll be a believer. It's simply best looking next-gen game to date. Crappy youtube videos don't do it's justice. And it's not about resolution, it's about all the things that makes it look ultra-realistic such as amazing real time shadows, cloth and even body fat/muscle simulation, out of this world shaders, tens of thousands of polygons in every character (and you can see hundreds of them on screen)real time global illumination, mind blowing reflections in armors (you can literally see reflections of flaming arrows passing by on the armors of solders)and much much more. I can only dream of what they'll achieve with next installment of the game. Rumors say it will be a more open world game..I really hope so!

DoubleM701442d ago

Only thing I have to say is play it and find out. All the haters are just in denial it's the best looking game to date.

frostypants1442d ago

So now people are pretending that ESRAM was a design decision from the beginning? Wow...the brainwashing worked. Ok guys, carry on...whatever makes you happy.

ThanatosDMC1442d ago

You need to play Infamous SS. Only thing is it's not a great as Infamous 2.