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FIFA 15: 8 Things Need to Fix by EA Sports

EasyGuidez: It may appear insane to propose that an alternate gaming season has arrived at an end so rashly particularly with the arrival of FIFA: World Cup 2014 simply a couple of short weeks prior however with gaming's greatest gathering, E3, practically around the bend, it won't be long until everyone's eyes turn to the following cycle of the following diversion in the establishment (Culture)

Physco  +   445d ago
Referee Mod really need to Fix
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Funkydesert  +   445d ago
WE Want Something new in Fifa 15
prince5  +   444d ago
Head shots and Defense need some attention
listenkids  +   444d ago
The AI in Pro Clubs is atrocious. Would like some work some with Pro Clubs in general, having an actual custom team would be awesome, not just custom name.
farhad2k8  +   444d ago
Yep, Pro Clubs is brilliant, sad that it gets boring real quick. They need to make it a main priority along side Ultimate Team, add a levelling up system, and a coin system so you can buy peripherals for your player, and they need to add offline training to allow you to get a few basic stats such as 3* skills, and +1 on every other skill by doing some sort of related skill game. I really hope they pay attention to Pro Clubs.
listenkids  +   444d ago
Anything like that would be great. They had team creator in the Euros addon pack, here you could make the badge, kit and such, that'd be nice to include.
iamnsuperman  +   444d ago
Career mode needs and A and B team option. I have no idea why this hasn't been included before but it would make changing the teams around before a game a lot easier if you had an A and B team option.
AcceptedWalnut  +   444d ago
Yes, this frustrates me as I'm someone who likes to use my full squad and its an absolute pain rotating 11 players for a cup match etc
asmith2306  +   444d ago
Bring back offline tournament modes. Why they got rid of that is beyond me.
iistuii  +   444d ago
The only real problem I have is in career mode if your successful I had 4 games in 6 days which is stupid. I was in the beta & told them about this, but as usual nothing happened. They should have posponments & re arrange heavy fixture congestion. Also how about being able to change shorts & socks like real clubs do on away kits when they are similar to the home team.
Scrivlar  +   444d ago
Exactly the same problem, the least they could do is give players more energy based on their real life fitness levels, FIFA is seriously trying to tell me that Ronaldo Di Maria and Bale can't manage the league and Champions league. and sometimes there's a 6 day wait with no games then 3 games in 7 days....wtf...
snarls200  +   444d ago
some of the long waits are due to international games
ssj27  +   444d ago
Fifa EA need to stop buying exclusivity. . Which is stopping PES to have a fair competition towards regular costumers.

I usually only have to wait and get a user created patch to fix all the teams and etc.. but the regular gamer will not go through that and buy fifa just because it has the msot licences.

My point it that, will make fifa a better game in term of gameplay because it will force them to step up their game.

I care about gameplay and FiFA 14 on the Ps4 doesn't have a unplayable gameplay.. but is still far away from PES 14 and that is bad because PES14 has a lot of issues..

Let's hope FIFA15 and PES15 are amazing games..

And someday let's hope EA play a fair game with the licences. .
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L30N4KU  +   444d ago
I had a hard time reading through that article.
L30N4KU  +   444d ago
1- Balance headers.
2- Better graphics, animations on nextgen
3- UEFA license.
ALS365  +   444d ago
Mannnnn that article was as hard to read. Some of these comments aren't much better either "the head shots need to be better". Fifa 14 on next gen was one of the best yet, EA servers are still the biggest issue in my eyes.

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