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Summer Rae Confirmed For WWE 2K15?

2K representative Ronnie Singh (Ronnie2k) has hinted that Summer Rae will be in WWE 2K15 according to a post he made. (PS3, PS4, WWE 2K15, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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snarls200  +   341d ago
cra2yey3z  +   341d ago
You can say that again...
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   341d ago
They pulling out activision strats :D Put some big name in the game , sell tons of copies, except they can put whole hollywood and game would still blow.
memots  +   341d ago
Geekman  +   341d ago
It sickens me to think that they're morons out there who think this and COD is the "real gaming" and FF, Mario, Skyrim, Infamous, etc are all gay.
DCfan  +   341d ago
Skyrim is a bug infested, grim colored mess.
Mario is the same shit since 1985.
FF has gone downhill, Atlus does better JRPGs.
Infamous is ok at best.
snarls200  +   341d ago
u don't like the games fine. do not insultt the people who like the games
cfc78  +   341d ago
In your opinion why are people morons for liking COD and WWE 2K15 aren't they just the same as you but like playing those games,and what is the definition of "real gaming"?
Geekman  +   341d ago
I didn't call them morons. I called the people who think that and that alone is real gaming morons.
2pacalypsenow  +   341d ago
It sickens me to see morons that think like you
magikmark8  +   341d ago
Add the bella twins and its a must buy. (Sarcasm)
SG1_dapunisherX  +   341d ago
I miss wwf

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