11 Highest Rated Horror Games We Have Seen So Far

EasyGuidez: We select a List of 11 Highest Rated Horror Games we have seen So far. Horror games focus on fear and attempt to scare the player via traditional horror fiction elements such as atmospherics, death, the undead, blood and gore.

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Physco1166d ago

5 to 1 are great Survival Horror Games

Funkydesert1166d ago

Alan Wake and Resident Evil 6 Both are Deserving games

prince51166d ago

What is your opinion about Darkness 11 and Dead Space 2

nerdman671166d ago

Alan Wake was great.
Resident Evil 6, however, is one of the worst gaming experiences of my life. I put it in a hate bin next to Superman 64

pancras1166d ago

Every Buddy Has Different opinion

Jyndal1166d ago

When they said 'Highest Rated' in the article title, I mis-read it as being a list of the best horror games to date. The original Resident Evil and Amnesia: The Dark Descent were the only games to ever make me feel a sense of dread or uneasiness.

tenacious_b1166d ago

Here you go. The true list of best horror games:

4. Silent hill 2
3. Fatal frame 2 crimson butterfly
2. Resident evil code veronica
1. Outlast ( deserves this for being the only media : game or movie- that has scared me in 10 years )

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