Friends and players honor deceased FFXIV player with in-game memorial

PSU writes:

"Osa Talo, an Elezen female in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the Cerberus server, has passed away in real life. Friends, guildmates, and fellow players gathered in-game for a memorial in honor and remembrance of Osa.

Redditors came together today to share memories of Osa and the service, which took place on the front steps of the Sanctum of the Twelve in the East Shroud."

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GribbleGrunger1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

There's something really beautiful and poignant about this. People who play games like this are often seen as geeky or social outcasts but this demonstrates something I find remarkable in an age of growing virtual space. Whilst family and friends can gather around and attend the real life funeral or gather around the grave to lay down their flowers, those who are distanced by geography can come together as one and grieve too.

They may only appear to be polygonal representations of real people, but this shows how emotions can transcend earthly limitations and bring out the very thing that makes us human. Perhaps lobbyists who rail against video games as a force of evil should consider moments like this when gamers show solidarity in the face of great sadness.

I don't believe in God, I never have and I never will, but I do believe in people, and it's moments like this that cement that notion and remind me to never forget.

"I hit a low as a tank and was ready to hang up my sword and shield, Osa pushed me and gave me the strength I needed to continue, for both the game and life in general."

"Osa will surely be missed. She was a wonderful player and person who was willing to do everything she could to help everyone. RIP Osa you will be forever in our hearts"

This should be a reminder to everyone that we are not just text on a forum or a character in a game, we are real people communicating in the only way we can.

GribbleGrunger1683d ago

I hope people approve this article. It just feels disrespectful not to.

Roccetarius1683d ago

Take a look at what happens with a Funeral gone wrong.

This was done on a PvP server, so they were obviously more vulnerable.

DragonKnight1682d ago

Roccetarius: Was there a point to your comment, because I can't find any, especially any that relates to the message GribbleGrunger was trying to convey.

There always has to be someone. *sigh*

vishmarx1683d ago

FOX news begs to differ.according to them gamers are a**hole criminals who shoot anything that moves and are a bigger than to humanity than terrorists and nuclear weapons.wish theyd report stuff like this too

beautiful post btw.

nope1111683d ago

You gotta love the respect these gamers have for each other.

SoulSercher6201683d ago

This is what I like to see in gaming. People coming together to honor a fallen comrade/friend.

fullmetal1561683d ago

Im a grown ass man and this made me almost cry haha damm the invisible onions.

ArbitorChief1683d ago

This reminds of me of the time when two people got married on Halo 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.