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Modder makes portable Ouya

A dedicated modder has created a portable version of the OUYA. (Culture, Tech)

AceBlazer13  +   357d ago
A portable version of a home console based off of a portable platform. The ouya has gone full circle.
Voozi  +   357d ago
Now we just need someone to make a portable vita tv
knifefight  +   357d ago
And they should call it the "Portable PlayStation" or some variation of the term.
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General Shrooms  +   357d ago
Sounds like it went full retard.
DemonChicken  +   356d ago
Bubble up, I lolded xD
AKR  +   357d ago
Wait... So this guy makes a portable Ouya; which is a home-console, based off of an OS that powers portable devices?

. . . Certainly an achievement on his part, but a real-waste of time in reality.
ELpork  +   357d ago
Portable Ouya... You mean a phone?
R-A-S-0  +   357d ago
was gonna make this exact comment
ContinuePlay  +   357d ago
Energy-HL  +   357d ago
The Ouya app store is not currently available for anything other than the Ouya.
PaulKersey  +   357d ago
The emulators (the main reason to buy an Ouya) play like crap on touch screens.
ELpork  +   357d ago
Whoa... Way to take a joke far to seriously fellas.
harrisk954  +   357d ago
I already have a portable Ouya...it's called an HTC Evo.
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shivvy24  +   357d ago
could just buy a phone
lemoncake  +   357d ago
Could this be the most pointless mod ever..
zerog  +   357d ago
I thought that was done in 2011 with the xperia play.
Th3o  +   357d ago
This has to be one of the fails of 2014? I mean it's awesome that he can do it, but I think he could've made a much better achievement?

Don't we already have the Nvidia shield? That does more than the Ouya anyways?

He's should turn a game gear into a sega master system next!
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TXIDarkAvenger  +   357d ago
No one asked for this. Cool but still...
NeoTribe  +   356d ago
Ouya is a joke.
AnEwGuY  +   356d ago
Um....the average Android Smart Phone is a portable Ouya. SMH....
ContinuePlay  +   355d ago
We kind of like the OUYA. It's sort of the scrappy underdog, They don't always seem to know what they're doing, and they don't always do it right - but more choice is always a good thing.

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