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Sunset Overdrive Dev Denies Resolution/Framerate Rumors, Talks Gameplay, Day/Night Cycle and More

After the latest unveiling of Sunset Overdrive a couple days ago, a few media outlets mentioned specific resolution and framerate targets for the game, some even specifying that they were told by developers. Interestingly enough both 1080p/60 fps and 1080p/30 fps combinations were indicated by different sites. Today James Stevenson denied such rumor, and gave plenty new details on gameplay. (James Stevenson, Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One)

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lifeisgamesok  +   514d ago | Well said
No matter what the finalized number of pixels on the screen is, the quality of the pixels are great

This game really looks like an animated kids movie but it has a mature style too

Day 1 whether 720, 900 or 1080p
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christocolus  +   514d ago
I said the same thing after watching the official gameplay vid reveal some days ago . This game is coming home with me no matter the res or fps. What i saw was enough to convince me so im getting it either way besides its going to be so much fun to play and i cant wait to see the online multiplayer aspect shown off at e3. Ms and insomniac have done good with this new ip.
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4Sh0w  +   514d ago
Sure res is important, but other assets trump resolution everytime, I'd rather have a huge lively world with a stable framerate than a boring 1080p one, I'd rather dev spend more time optimizing gameplay mechanics, than just throwing together an old tested formula so they can spend months optimizing the game code for 1080p, I'd rather a dev be focused on the details of their game world rather than focused on what they can cut to hit 1080p, I'd rather a dev/writer lock himself in a room writing/rewriting their SP story until they think its good, rather than just doing interviews about how their game is the greatest thing since slice bread because "Look Ma its 1080p". I'd rather a dev think about amazing features that give me a reason to keep playing rather than the PR 1080p label on the box that won't make me want to bother playing it again. I'd rather devs have a "shoot for the moon vision" when creating a game and then in the dev process scale back THE RES before cutting advanced game tech, like lighting or physics because of how much resources 1080p takes up.

What's ironic is in my eyes the best looking next gen game is only 900p, while again imo Ryse was a good game, better than many give credit, I'd easily take it at 720p with more variety, lol and personally since I never bought those super pixel counter glasses on ebay I doubt I would notice the res difference anyway. lol

I don't know much but I know for damm sure SO looks like an awesome game whatever the res.
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Calvin_ISA  +   514d ago
Dude, the difference between 720 and 1080 is staggering. Have you tried setting your PC settings to 720 when you have a 1080 monitor? In short, it is very noticeable.. You don't have to act like it isn't noticeable, because you care about how they can pump out 480i as long as there is a lot of crazy stuff happening; because the fidelity matters when you're showing high end graphics, you want to see high end graphics. 720 looks like trash compared to 1080. 480 looks like trash compared to 720. This game will be good regardless, as I really enjoy Insomniac's games, and I will have this one too, even if the resolution is low, even though I would prefer it to be 1080. I just want the game.
Eonjay  +   514d ago
Do you think its would be better if they actually created trailers in the same resolution as what the final product will actually be in? If you send out a 1080p gameplay trailer, is it appropriate for people to assume that it was created on X1 hardware? I know its not final but you can't blame people for thinking its 1080p if thats the resolution of the footage sent out.
cyguration  +   514d ago
Then why is it that when a high quality Wii U title with cartoony graphics makes it on here everyone says it's crap?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   514d ago
They do? I could have sworn everyone praised MK8 and SMW3D to the high heavens, even people who don't own WiiU's, such as myself. Both of those games are visually great too, especially MK8.
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Dannyh  +   514d ago
Who said Wii u was crap, I plan on getting one after e3, want to make sure a price drop is not coming after I get it
Mystogan  +   514d ago
Never heard anyone complain about the Wii U games before... Except for the initial lack of them.

I'm planning to get a Wii U next to my Xbox One.
NatureOfLogic_  +   514d ago
Both Xbox One and WiiU are underpowered. I feel like the cartoony graphics mask both of the consoles weakness. I don't see why they can't get 1080p with these graphics. Xbox One struggle to do 1080p, but this doesn't look demanding at all for next gen. It looks like a last gen game.
MELMAN26  +   514d ago
Nope....I like the way a lot of the Nintendo games look. I just bought a Wii U and I love the way mario u and mario 3d world looks. It's a nice change up from the more serious "realistic" games out there right now. It is nice to be able to switch up, between the two.
AussieBadger  +   514d ago
Not me. I love anything you can put a game in.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   514d ago
@cyguration...Are you new here on N4Xbox...
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   514d ago
"This game really looks like an animated kids movie"

This was exactly what i thought too. It looked like a controllable Pixar movie.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   513d ago
Cool, animated movie at that as well so who brought the popcorn?
truefan1  +   514d ago
Agreed Definitely day 1 regardless the specs.
randomass171  +   514d ago
Kinda like TF2, actually. That game's art style was really cartoony but was still very mature in themes.
bobacdigital  +   514d ago
I dont know why but it reminds me of No More Heroes...
dale_denton  +   514d ago
lol all of a sudden all of you bots praise insomniac games after y'all clowned on their games when they made sony exclusives. smh.
frankdrebin72  +   514d ago
then again all the ponys cried because insomniac develope a game for xbox only,citing turncoat,judus etc etc
guess we are even then
HugoDrax  +   514d ago
lol all of a sudden all of you ponies praise Bungie games after y'all clowned on their games when they made Microsoft exclusives. smh.

See, I can post the same fanboy nonsense you decided to post above...Play Games, not Consoles...
dale_denton  +   513d ago
lol dance bots dance! got your inner fanboy out the closet. mission accomplished.
malokevi  +   513d ago
coughtBUNGIEcoughcoughcontinue scoughingcough
ninsigma  +   514d ago
Really wish I could play it :( pity it's exclusive, only XBO game I would really love to play!!
n1ko_117  +   514d ago
Then wait for a price drop and buy the console, because to tell you the truth, the Xbox One is going to have a big variety of exclusives, it won't be just halo/forza/gears anymore. I feel like you should check out Quantum Break and D4, those are two new ips coming to the Xbox One in the future.
ninsigma  +   513d ago
I havent seen anything else im interested yet to say im def gonna pick one up. Sony exclusives have always catered to me best. Im not interested in halo (not that i wouldnt get it if i did have an x1) Quantum break looks ok, I'm waiting to see more, it has an interesting premise. I don't like the look of D4 at all really. With uncharted comin up and the order along with the possibility of the last guardian, quantic dreams new game, gg, mm and lots more to be even announce, I'm pretty happy with comin on the ps side of things atm. As much as I would like to play sunset overdrive, it's not enough to convince me to pick one up. I chose my console from past proof of library of games and ps always wins for me. I'd wait until there's a sufficient library on x1 before picking it up as their past doesn't entice me. Though if KH3 became x1 exclusive I'd be straight out to buy one lol
Patrick_pk44  +   513d ago
Only game that looks fun. However, it wouldn't be a day one buy, and I'll never buy a Xbone. It doesn't cater to my taste of video games.
Qrphe  +   514d ago
I really dont care at what framrate/resolution it comes packaged in. The game looks fuggintastic already. It'll be 900p@30fps at best but who cares.
tuglu_pati  +   514d ago
can definitely live with 900p
randomass171  +   514d ago
I can live with that too. As long as the game is awesome who cares?
MysticStrummer  +   514d ago
Looked nice and smooth to me.
Palitera  +   514d ago
Until it is shown on a real XBox One instead of a 5000 USD computer, 'ran smooth' is completely irrelevant.
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Tedakin  +   514d ago
Resolution gate only matters to soldiers in the fanboy war. I swear in 99% of cases I can't tell the difference.
TheDevKit  +   514d ago
There's defiantly a noticeable difference between 30 and 60 FPS.
Ghost_Nappa  +   514d ago
He said resolution, not framerate
Boody-Bandit  +   514d ago
"He said resolution, not framerate"

True Tedakin was referring to resolution but if you replace frame rates with resolution? The noticeable difference still applies.

On topic:
All I care about is performance.
I just want the game to run as smooth as possible. It looks like there is going to be a sh*t ton going on screen at times. Try to minimize drops and stuttering and I'm solid.
randomass171  +   514d ago
Not for me! My TV is only 720p. I couldn't notice a difference because I could never reach that resolution lol.
Tedakin  +   514d ago
Oh yeah I'll admit I can tell that difference. Resolutions not so much unless it's just utterly drastic like 560 to 1080.
tuglu_pati  +   514d ago
There is a big different between 30 and 60 FPS and also between 720p and 1080p.
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Dannyh  +   514d ago
Resolution only matters if the games art style is good, Xbox one bf4 is 720p looks better than call of duty ghost on ps4 1080p,
Mystogan  +   514d ago
We have seen plenty of comparisons between multiplats on Xbox One and PS4.

There are no big differences at all. Just fanboy nitpicking.
randomass171  +   514d ago
Frame rate differences are far more noticeable than resolution differences. At least to me. My TV can't do 1080p anyway.
JasonKCK  +   514d ago
Tedakin said resolution. He didn't make the mistake, you did.
KingPin  +   514d ago
who cares.

its insomniac.

the visuals are smooth the controls are tight the game is solid and fun.

what more could you ask for?
randomass171  +   514d ago
I think some people are just upset it's an Insomniac game that's exclusive to Xbox One. I believe in Insomniac, so I don't mind either way. Whatever this is, I'm sure it's THEIR project and they're being allowed the creative freedom they need to make it.
HollywoodLA  +   514d ago
I just like how Insomniac decided to go over to Xbox, this one time, for an exclusive deal, and of course now Sony is dominating the home console market, and Insomniac must be thinking "...Well, that was a rather irrelevant business decision."

It's just funny. They stuck with Playstation throughout the dog days of the PS3, and now that PS4 is King of The Hill, insomniac once again finds itself on the losing side, at least in a very small way.

Although I fully expect them to never make another xbox exclusive, this gen - still, it's funny.
Dudebro90  +   514d ago
"Well, that was a rather irrelevant business decision."

You should really proof read.
HollywoodLA  +   513d ago
Okay then, buddy... great vague response lol.
lets_go_gunners  +   514d ago
Maybe they'll never make another xbox exclusive however I can assure you that they are now multiplatform.
BX81  +   514d ago
I am almost certain they aren't phased at all. They have a Sony fan base and now will have a share in the MS fan base. Sometimes it's not just about the most copies of a game sold. It can be about reaching a wider audience as well.
LonDonE  +   514d ago
exactly i for one will be buying sunset overdrive on my x1 since the game looks stunning! and the frame rate and particle effects looked insane too! that and its insomniac game! I wasn't too into it till i saw the game engine game play, i think being exclusive to X1 has helped insomniac make the game run and look great on X1, time will tell if performance holds up.
I love the creativity they put into the weapon designs.

I do miss resistance though i aint going to lie, it would have been awesome on PS4.
Resistance 3 was actually a great game along with the first game the 2nd was ok too.
The story wasn't executed very well but everything else was good and i did prefer the multi player of resistance 2, and oh man the ratchet and clank games were equally awesome.

Going third party is good for them more gamers get to experience their wacky game design skills.
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BallsEye  +   514d ago
Sony dominated console market years ago but not anymore. Competition is huge. We saw Nintendo Take over for a while. We've seen MS totally take over console online gaming and now xboox is only 2 milion behind ps4 in sales despite launching in only few countries. No one is currently dominating and that's a good thing. Also you should read about why insomniac chose to go with xo. It's not only keeping rights to the franchise but also is about Xbox live and cloud support for live events and constantly changing worlds. Real deal cloud support, you like it or not is for now only at MS camp.
imt558  +   514d ago
I think Xbone is more than 3 mil. behind the PS4.
nate254  +   514d ago
Who cares what the resolution is, the game looks great both graphically and gameplay wise.

"Oh man, the graphics look good. Wait, its not 1080p? Nevermind, doesn't look that good."
SporadikStyles  +   514d ago
Exactly! Once again the anything Microsoft witch hunt continues. Every time I put in Ryse I'm still blown away 6 months later after release. It still is the best looking game IMO and its not 1080p. Same people never said a word last gen when PS3 titles were upscaled to 720p and had no AA. Grow up kids
windblowsagain  +   514d ago
Never said a word. Are you kidding,lol.

That's what started all of this, xbox people slagging off PS3 before release and then the shit that people spoke of about the system without owning one. Although the best looking games of last gen are on it.

I think this game looks excellent, colourful and could be fun, But not seen enough of it, and it's good that Insomniac is getting another chance to get some good sales going. The main thing for them was to hold on to the I.P.

As for Ryse running on cryengine3, is a very nice looking game, but struggles with framerate @ 900p and as low as 16fps in places.

They should have dropped to 720p for solid framerate.
jukins  +   514d ago
Lol see with unprovoked comments like these I'm wondering are the ps fanboys on a witch hunt or are xbox fanboys on a witch hunt
Tedakin  +   514d ago
Agreed. I'm sick of a game being judged by a number of pixels that most people can't see anyway. Like if it's 960p, and not 1080, the GAME sucks. It's horseshit.
Bonkerz  +   514d ago
I am pleased to see that we are starting to get past this whole resolution debacle. Obviously much more things go into making a game look good than just resolution. I have 0 complaints with the visuals for any X1 game, and i have every single title out except for Fifa. They all look beautiful and i am playing on a 55 inch LED.
Software_Lover  +   514d ago
A good game is a good game is a good game.
Number-Nine  +   514d ago
This game looks like utter trashhhh. Looks like it could be a PSN game.
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Farmassy  +   514d ago

You just don't want it to be good. It is too early to say either way but you have to admit that what we have seen so far looks really good.

I know you probably don't like X1 and instead love PS4 (I'm sure this has nothing to do with how you feel about the game you don't really know about)

get over it
Lukas_Japonicus  +   514d ago
You forgot to add '/s'
christocolus  +   514d ago
Lmao...what a joke.
AnEwGuY  +   514d ago
LOL...nothing CLOSE to this quality will EVER come to PSN.
ritsuka666  +   513d ago
Agree. Looks nothing special.
thebudgetgamer  +   514d ago
I have faith in Insomniac.
Farmassy  +   514d ago
does this game have multiplayer? as in not co-op?

I don't know if it has been announced or not

Game looks great. Can't wait to play
Volkama  +   514d ago
They're waiting for E3, my guess is that the city is cloud-hosted and the multiplayer drop-in/out stuff is tied to that.

I don't have twitter, but if I did then I would ask this insomniac community manager "does sunset overdrive require a connection to play?"
Lucifun  +   514d ago
I heard that the multiplayer and single player is separate.
HacSawJimThugin  +   514d ago
Real gamers, and I mean true fans of the culture do not care about res-gate. The fun factor in this game far outweighs any crazy fanboy predisposition. All I care about is stability, give me that will very little to no frame drops and I'm good.
BX81  +   514d ago
Lol, my bad accidentally hit disagree, wanted to hit agree.
HacSawJimThugin  +   514d ago
I do it more than I care to admit....lol. Shite happens.
annus  +   514d ago
Love how a new game is shown off and the first questions are about framerate and resolution. You fanboys play on systems known for crap framerate and resolution and yet you care so much for it. Just shut up and enjoy the game for what it's meant to be.
mokkeyrg2  +   514d ago
drank some #overCharge and got my juices flowing cant wait for this beautiful game day one for me :D
Julion0715  +   514d ago
I never played jet set radio or ratchet and clank but I like the art style of this game I'm def going to try this out, and for frame and res I wish we could get 1080p 60f but it's not a must I jus wanna have fun that's what games are for not looking at the back of a box seeing if it's a certain frame or res
elsuperamigo  +   514d ago
Hey if resolution dosent matter stay whit the.xbox 360! what was the point of next gen then?cuz thats the reason i.moved from.ps3 to ps4 i expect at least 1080p/30-60 fps for my ps4 games! Honest question my friends
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annus  +   514d ago
There are plenty of changes through generation than just framerate and resolution. The increase in RAM and CPU alone means that multi-tasking is much easier now (people haven't already forgotten the YEARS of people asking for party chat on PS3 have they?). Throw in the fact that the industry will move forward with or without you, and you are suddenly left with the inability to play new games because they simply are not released on older platforms.
4Sh0w  +   514d ago
"Hey if resolution dosent matter stay whit the.xbox 360! what was the point of next gen then?" -elsuperamigo

I don't know how about:

-Bigger worlds not possible on last gen
-Faster loading or no loading at all
-More enemies on screen
-Better effects
-Better physics in simulation games
-Better cloth physics
-Better lighting
-More polygons
-Dynamic Weather, smoke, volume effects, etc.
-Higher framerates while being more stable
-and plenty of other new tech breakthrough's

I'm not saying any 1 next gen game has all this or that there won't be hiccups but all these things together can have a much bigger effect on gameplay and immersion without the holy 1080p tag next to it. Again yes 1080p is good but a dev's vision and other assets combined are far more important. I mean truth is both these consoles have limits, resources are not infinite so yeah as a dev if you want to make a badass linear shooter that just nails rock solid, shooting/gameplay mechanics along with the most impressive graphics we've ever seen then yeah we should support that and it can be every bit as good or better than classics like Half Life, but if your vision is broader, especially for open world game but you bow to demands of 1080p and half way through the dev process you realize all that extra cool stuff can't be done because you've bloated the game beyond the hardware resources, what do you think he will cut behind closed doors if the standard has become 1080p or its a sh*t game?

Be careful what you ask for.
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Bhai  +   514d ago
"I don't know how about:

-Bigger worlds not possible on last gen
-Faster loading or no loading at all
-More enemies on screen
-Better effects
-Better physics in simulation games
-Better cloth physics
-Better lighting
-More polygons
-Dynamic Weather, smoke, volume effects, etc.
-Higher framerates while being more stable
-and plenty of other new tech breakthrough's"

imagine all that in 1080p!!! Wouldn't it be a better game with all that you said than in a 900p or 720p game?
Yes, thank you for pointing that out.
If no other system can do it, its fine... but if one system can do all that in 1080p yet yours can't, even with a higher price tag... you have been deceived ;)
4Sh0w  +   513d ago
Bhai, of course, but >>IF<< is a big 2 letter word. elsuperamigo's question was simple; whats the point of next gen if its not 1080p 30-60fps? My answer is a lot of other game related assets can be improved, not just resolution.

Actually 1080p 60fps on either of these consoles isn't hard, hell wii-u can do that but it doesn't translate to a better overall next gen experience.

Think of it as a point system= the hardware resources have a total amount of points. Lets just say for the sake of my scenario that each console resources is the total CPU+GPU performance:

X1= 100 pts of resources
ps4= 110 pts of resources

As a dev this is all you have to work with and so at the very first stage you want to make a game and you know that:

Avg RPG= 30pts
Avg Open World Size= 25pts
Avg Shooter= 15pts
Avg Racer= 10pts
Avg Fighter= 5pts

1080p= 40pts
900p= 30pts
720p= 20pts

Avg Game Engine= 20pts
Main Character Polygons= 15pts
Advanced AI= 15pts
Destructable Environment= 10pts
Motion Capture Animation= 10pts
Non-Static Environment/Foliage= 5pts
High Quality/Up Close Enemies on Screen= 2pts each
Low Quality Enemies on Screen= .5pts each

Simulation Physics= 20pts
Dynamic Lighting= 10pts
High End Particle Effects= 5pts
Day Night Cycle= 5pts
Volumemetric Smoke= 5pts
Shadows/Shaders/Textures/etc= 2pts each object

-So its always a matter of picking and choosing which will make YOUR GAME SPECIAL. Now you tell me as a dev with a set amount of resources and a set amount that each asset requires whats the right choice because even PC can't do everything. Sure if you want to make a linear shooter, with great shooting mechanics with jaw dropping high end graphics and effects that blows everybody away in one tight package I say go ahead I'd love to see it but if you are a dev making a broader shooter with RPG elements or a Open World game bigger and filled with more life than GTA along with awesome majic effects, etc, with go everywhere, interact with everything gameplay, then tell me what should you cut if you find that the scope of your vision won't be possible on either console at 1080p?

Again I'm not saying devs shouldn't target 1080p what I'm saying is its much further down my list in terms of important assets. In other words I appreciate scope more than resolution, plainly stated DR3 720p appeals to me more than Knack 1080p but depending on your game preferences there's enough room in gaming for both.
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Immorals  +   514d ago
Because I wanted better graphics and more features, and a more powerful console.

Resolution can be whatever it wants, but the graphics and effects are more important.
chris_x2k3  +   514d ago
So. You're telling us that because this game hasn't been confirmed to be 1080p, that it looks like something the 360 or PS3 could handle? LOL. Do you know how utterly foolish you sound?
Bhai  +   513d ago
Well, speaking of cartoony cutesy, it kind of does, all the effects, resolutions, onscreen effects were there past-gen:

Even with 4 player co-op:

and not to mention, A Crack in Time had AWESOME water physics... just as Resistance 2. But I've heard Sunset has only cloth as basic physics attraction:
----------------------------- -------------------

Onwards, Insomniac did mush complex monster models... the Grim, in Resistance 2. 10s of them onscreen at once in the same resolution as Sunset Overdrive. What's the excuse here?:
Predaking77  +   514d ago
The hypocrisy of these fanboys is something that even Satan himself would be amaze.

Few days back they were criticizing Planet Side PS4 1080p 30fps resolution and now they say of this game that they don't care about resolution and they can't hardly see the differences.

No wonder no one respect them. They don't even respect their own arguments.
XStation  +   514d ago
You should be banned from Xbox articles now...
Predaking77  +   513d ago
Yes, let's ban me for saying the truth.
Infinite_Legion  +   514d ago
Its pretty dumb to take a whole fan base and throw it into one generalization. If theres certain people being hypocrites, call them out, but acting like every one of us are being hypocrites just because a few people are being one is just dumb yet it happens all the time. I think that resolution and stuff doesnt matter as much as fanboys act like it does,does that make me a hypocrite because an Xbox fanboy goes and trolls planetside because of it??
Pancit_Canton  +   514d ago
Another franchise for Microsoft that would associate doritos and mount and dew.
kakashi81  +   514d ago
I cannot lie, I don't have a xbox one because of the resolution and frame rate issues as of right now. Once DX12 update comes out I'll get the system.
AussieBadger  +   514d ago
The more the merrier.
XStation  +   514d ago
You're not a true gamer then.
ger2396  +   514d ago
Define "true gamer".
tommygunzII  +   513d ago
Microsoft fans aren't true gamers by my definition. Unless people that play shooters exclusively are true gamers.
Masterh0ppa  +   514d ago
Framerate issues... Never noticed those!
corvusmd  +   514d ago
Admittedly when I first saw this game, I wasn't sure what to think, then I slowly started getting into it, but after this week and actually seeing it in motion and such, it's a Definite buy for me. I looks great already regardless of whatever Res it's running at, FPS will be much more important, but as long as it's locked 30fps or better (which seems to be standard for open world games so far this gen) it'll be great. From there, in this style of art/graphics the differences between 720/900/1080p will be minimal at best. It looks like a blast...like a game you could play with friends for hours and not get pissed off at all.
Bhai  +   513d ago
Yeah, there are great games on Wii U, 360, PS3 or even PS2 for that heh heh... but on a next-gen system, graphical fidelity does matter A LOT! and no 720 900 or 1080p are not same in any case... as ratchet on PS2 was nowhere comparable to Ratchet on PS3. Yes, it can make you sleep better to think as it is but no, game does look great but it'd be 'greater' if it runs in 1080p!
WeAreLegion  +   514d ago
It makes me sad that developers have to defend their games now. Especially a developer like Insomniac.

They don't deserve this crap.
jay2  +   514d ago
1080 was around from last gen, it's should be the rule not the exception rather than the rule, we shouldn't be getting TF's 792, Ryse 900P etc. everything should be 1080P 30FPS MINIMUM!
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ELpork  +   514d ago
Making games is still hard, MORE so with modern stuff like this. Expecting game's that are cutting edge graphics/tech wise, to run 1080/60 is not feasible so early... or ever really. Down the line on a PC sure, absolutely, but on consoles right out of the gate? Perhaps a select few with big teams and huge budgets, IE: COD.
Bhai  +   513d ago
Naaah Elpork, PS4 is doing the number with ease... a console... no excuses there. Exclusives and multi-plats alike. No select few... ALL of them :)
ELpork  +   514d ago
Damn it... I really wish this was coming to other platforms... Not that I'm one of those "XONE SHOULD HAVE NO GAMES" people, but I really wana play the exclusives that that system has with out needing to own that system. Namely for the next gen respawns.
n1ko_117  +   514d ago
You could just wait until it gets a major price drop and buy it then. Also there will probably be an xbox one slim so I'd say wait for that too. It is a great system and Sunset Overdrive is going to be using that cloud power for the city I think.
ELpork  +   514d ago
By the time the slim comes out I'll more then likely not want to play the games that are out now... I mean nobody who was buying a PS3 slim was like "DUDE YEA RESISTANCE!".
n1ko_117  +   512d ago
Well, it doesn't hurt to play games that will be old and not recently released. When I bought a PS3, I made sure to play uncharted 2 and metal gear solid HD collection, on the Xbox 360 I was always buying old titles that were good.
TheFallen1327  +   514d ago
Plays minecraft but complains about this graphics?
Julion0715  +   514d ago
How about dev give us fun forget the numbers jus pure fun that's the whole reason I turn my game on not for 1080p 60f
supercpu  +   514d ago
Day one for me can't wait . Looks great .
frontiermarine   514d ago | Spam
Solid_Penguin-64  +   514d ago
Game looks beautiful as it is and at the end of the day that's what pushing graphics is for, not just upping a number.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   513d ago
The only thing I find might be off-putting is the creepy character modelling. & the guy in first trailer reminds me of Kevin Pereira. *shudders*
user9558903  +   513d ago
Day one buy for me
#30 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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