Child of Light Review: Gorgeous Emptiness - Hey Poor Player

Child of Light possesses massive potential, but leans too heavily on its admittedly beautiful aesthetics, while forsaking the deep, complex gameplay that made turn-based RPGs popular.

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guitarded771314d ago

I think the game is well better than a 3/5, but I have hit a glitch in the basement mission where the game won't let me progress through the mission, saying I have more enemies to kill. I posted to Ubi's Facebook page with a 3 minute video showing the issue, and have heard nothing back.

GravelerMagnitude91314d ago

did you miss the chest in the bottom most right with enemy in it. i did first time round.

guitarded771314d ago

No, I got it... I checked online to see if there was anything I missed. I beat half the enemies in the basement, then I saved and shut down the system to eat a bit... went back and finished the basement later, and it keep saying "did you kill all the enemies" (or something like that)... and I did. Went through the entire basement showing it empty of enemies, and uploaded it to Facebook, and posted it on Ubi's wall. They have not replied.

il-JumperMT1314d ago

To review: Go back to your shitty FPS

dead_pixels1314d ago

So, let me get this straight. The reviewer should go back to his "shitty FPS" because the RPG-lite he reviewed lacked depth and challenge.

Just making sure I'm getting that straight.

Besides, the reviewer said the game was good, but nothing exceptional. I remember a time, many years ago, when if a game people may have liked received a less than perfect score people were able to resist busting out the pitchforks and torches and refrain from reverting to troglodytes.

I really miss those days.

Blacklash931314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

"I remember a time, many years ago, when if a game people may have liked received a less than perfect score people were able to resist busting out the pitchforks and torches and refrain from reverting to troglodytes."

I certainly don't remember that. People, especially where the Internet is concerned, have always been like this.

Those "Good 'ol Days" are just rosey sentiment we tell ourselves. And usually, it's just a cheap device used to deride.

TGF_William1314d ago

To be fair, the reviewer didn't perform a standard playthrough. In a game that is only 4 hours, to grind out 3 Princess Stones for everyone would mean you're spending 15-20 hours grinding. Any RPG is trivial at max level, so saying it's too easy after doing that is not really a valid review.

The game structure was simple, but at least it should have received a 4 or 4.5/5. Given it costs less than ordering a pizza, I personally think it should be a 5/5 for the cost.

tamriilin1305d ago

Here's the thing, William: I don't review games based on their price. If a game is $15 and 15 hours, that's great, but what matters to me is the experience I got from it. If I enjoyed it a lot, it's worth more money. The only time that comes into play is in cases like Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends Complete Edition (HOLY CRAP) where the game is a broken POS port on the PC and they still try to sell it for $50.

LAWSON721314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

I am a huge RPG fan and I felt the game was lacking depth and I really did not care for the battle system. I prefer the less realtime style of say the ATB gauge in FFs. They give you time to actually strategize, while this game made me feel rushed (something I really dont care for in turn based games).

It has great atmosphere with good art style and music, but as an RPG it felt so simplistic that it just felt disappointing, like seriously the depth is 3 different occuli that can make like 4 different occuli that all can become more powerful by combining 3 of the same.

The limit of 2 players is huge handicap to create any depth. The skill trees lacked actually making my character feel powerful and it was just boring. In this day and age like to unlock moves at least, yet all this game did was let you pick MP,HP stat and limit, and speed related upgrades. Maybe if they made a different class out of my character or something I would understand this method but it does not so the system is pointless. (I have yet to beat it so forgive me if the thing gets more interesting). IT might as well work like a standard RPG and do the stat leveling all by itself

I cant help but wonder how people think this is an amazing RPG. It blows my mind, well not really because probably the same people call ME2 and 3 RPGs (which actually have more depth and elements than this game).

Also does anyone know if their is any ability to examine enemies to learn their stats/type? Since I have not beat it I will not judge the puzzle element but so far I think a 3 year old could figure them out like come on matching light patterns and putting blocks on switches is all I( have witnessed thus far.

I was expecting this rich deep RPG that was almost like say a classic JRPG in a way, but from what I have played it is a casualized RPG that lacks any real depth

TGF_William1314d ago

Well from a game design perspective:

It's fair if you don't like the Igniculus system in combat. That's a nonstandard component, and different people like different things.

The 2 player limit is actually needed. Since you can swap players mid fight, you actually have everyone for every right, but if you had more than 2 people out at a time, interrupting enemies would be too easy. Bosses would never get a turn.

As for the skill trees, if you look at them more closely you'll see they do specialize your character. Aurora's Starlight tree gives her: Two new spells and way more magic damage/MP than, say, her Strike tree (which gives more physical attack). Given that you only have enough skill points to max out 1 tree by the end of the game, which one you go down is pretty important.

The game is basic, yes, but you have to remember the price. This isn't a full fledged triple A RPG. It was $15. It's the price of lunch. You've gotta remember what scope you're looking at before you start comparing it to Final Fantasy.

LAWSON721314d ago

Great comment, bubbles for you.

Anyways it is growing on me after coming to the conclusion that it is not the rich RPG I thought it was when I bought it. The puzzles are still really lame though