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Mass Effect 4 May Not Be as Far Along as We Thought.

This news may come as shocking to some, but Mass Effect 4 might actually still be in early development. The Bioware Montreal director, Yanick Roy, says they haven't even settled on a name yet. (Dev, Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ArchangelMike  +   199d ago
I wonder if it will involve the Reapers? I mean if it is a prequel, then the Reapers will still be in dark space waiting for the next cycle, right?

If it is set during the first contact war, then you won't have a variety of races to choose from really. I presume you'd only have humans, and maybe Turians.

Nah, I think it's best to just set the game after the events of ME3. It doesn't have to follow any of the same characters from the previous games, but could just pick up one of the many side stories and characters, and tell their story going forward, and whatever new threat is posed to the galaxy.
Tross  +   199d ago
Agreed. Or, heck, it could be set centuries later. The Mass Effect mythos allows for quite a bit of flexibility. I'm calling it. It's going to be about Elcor politics, with extra long cutscenes, to accommodate their slow speech.:P

In all due seriousness, I'd like to see a game set either way in the past, without humans, or way in the future. Maybe some of the other galaxies will be explored. Only a fraction of the universe is supposedly featured in the original trilogy.
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randomass171  +   199d ago
If there is a prequel, I'd like for them to explore the discovery of the mass relays and what happened when human civilization came in contact with the other planets and their intelligent species.
elninels  +   199d ago
The only way a prequel would really intrigue me is if it were to be about the creation of the reapers, or another cycles struggle. No contact wars please.
Tatsuya  +   199d ago
"Are you disappointed to hear that Mass Effect 4(working title), is not as far along as many were hoping? Leave your comments below."

The only thing I'll be disappointed with if this is a PREQUEL, Bioware.
randomass171  +   199d ago
Out of curiosity, why is a Mass Effect prequel such a disappointing concept to people? I'm honestly curious since a lot of fans seem to be against the idea.
elninels  +   199d ago

I am personally averse to a prequel because we are aware of the outcome already.

Im down for a reaper origin story, otherwise id like a distant sequel.
Sovereign59  +   199d ago
Let them take all the time they need, lest they rush out another incomplete disaster like Mass Effect 3.
Sovereign59  +   199d ago
Curious about those whom are disagreeing, did you not play Mass Effect 3 at launch? Or are you disagreeing because you really hope they rush the next game out the door before it's ready?
incendy35  +   199d ago
Because they haven't decided on a name? It could be done completely and still undecided on the final name, the name has 0 to do with development. I would be worried if they hadn't decided on the engine : )
ThichQuangDuck  +   199d ago
There have been previous stories in which they have stated they have begun development and are probably around pre-Alpha. Taking their time to avoid messing anything up with the hardcore fans of Mass Effect. Name is not the most imperative task. Nor is box art
showtimefolks  +   199d ago
ME3 came out march 2012,

So about three to four months before you ship, the designers sit down and think, what can we do for the next one. That happened then [with Killzone 3 to Shadow Fall] as well. So, about three years ago we went into that phase.

This is the Quote from Guerrilla Games.

My point is the ME3 designers have been thinking about next ME since November 2011 and now its May 2014. I am fully expecting ME4 or whatever they call it by MID-LATe 2015
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   199d ago
I would say it would have been even earlier than that. Most design is done upfront than redesign is done during development as things dont work out etc, pacing needs adjusting and so forth. On a title like ME the design is prob pretty well done a good year before they ship with just the odd bit of work needed here and there. I expect to see this at E3. This was just a click bait artificial. The assumption its not long into dev because of a titles is weak to be polite about it.
MYDEATH21  +   199d ago
I feel awful. I bought all three games about a year ago and I barely got through the intro of the first one. I wish I would've finished them -_- I have a lot of games I've bought and never finished. Having to work and having a family takes a lot of time. And then deciding what to play when you do have some time usually ends up being what you already know and like. So it becomes hard for me to get into anything new anymore.
Tross  +   199d ago
I waited a little while to play these games too, after I bought the collection. My backlog sure is awful. I will say though, when I finally got around to them, I was glad I did. I pretty much fell off the face of the earth for a few months, except when I had to go to things like my job. It's one of those games that nails everything, from story, to gameplay, to voice acting. Well, ok, its soundtrack isn't the most iconic out there, but it's above average in all other areas IMHO, and I think the music's good too.
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randomass171  +   199d ago
Never too late to get started though. I've already beaten the trilogy, but I'd like to play it again before the new game comes out. :)
TheTwelve  +   198d ago
Ummm...just play Mass Effect. All three. 100% worth your time.
medman  +   199d ago
Damn it.
videgamenext1  +   199d ago
That could be why the original trilogy could be coming to ps4 and xbone, 4 might not be ready till spring 2016
mhunterjr  +   199d ago
How does the lack of title mean the game isn't far along in development? Do you think they hold off of coding and designing until marketing and the dev team agree on a name?
DevilishSix  +   199d ago
That is a bit shocking seeing as ME 3 came out what around MArch 2012 and the last free DLC for mp came out what March 2013. Yeah I thought they would be at last a year into ME4 by now. Oh well looking forward to see what direction they take the franchise.
Rodney25  +   199d ago
I hope it's not a prequel, and you can still create your character. Femshep was badass, way better than Dudue Shep.
randomass171  +   199d ago
Heck yeah man! Femshep was mah gal. Jennifer Hale's delivery was perfect. :D
Tross  +   199d ago
I actually choose a femshep when I played ME, for the heck of it. Usually for something of this nature, I would go for a male lead, for the romance elements, but I wasn't originally expecting to like Mass Effect that much. I was wrong. Jennifer Hale's a pro when it comes to voice acting, so it's not surprising that she made a great femshep. I actually think of Shepard as a woman now, just because that's what mine was.
Princekai13  +   199d ago
I'm hoping they ignore the reapers altogether and give us a villain we can actually have a boss battle with. Reapers are too big to take on the way you play mass effect, ie on foot with just a few weapons
rainslacker  +   199d ago
You actually did fight a reaper in the 3rd game. But I will admit it wasn't particularly spectacular, and the reaper was not as imposing as they were supposed to be.

Maybe you could actually be inside the reaper, but that may be a little cheesy.
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Flungsomepoo  +   199d ago
It's over! No need to see a 4. If anything, make a mass effect movie.
randomass171  +   199d ago
Well they did an anime film. And I heard it wasn't that good.
Stoppokingme  +   198d ago
I own it. It's called Paragon Lost and stars Freddie Prince Jr as Vega, and sadly I'm not making that up.

And no it's not very good.
AussieBadger  +   199d ago
Take your time bioware. Nobody likes a rushed out game.
McScroggz  +   199d ago
Take your time and get it right.
WitWolfy  +   199d ago
If hey want this to work then for the love of God dont call it Mass Effect. Prequel or sequel I dont want to return to a universe that they aped so badly in the ed.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   199d ago
Mass Effect : Inter-species Porn - Extra thick edition.
Solid_Penguin-64  +   198d ago
Don't think they'll go the prequel route:

Rachni Wars - Don't need another Red Faction Armageddon
Krogan Rebellions - Who wants to fight an army of Krogans throughout the game lol
First Contact War - Humans anger Turians, Turians bombard Shanxi, council forces a peace treaty (not exactly game material)

It could be something completely different in the past but no major conflict (well maybe the Turian independence war). Personally I'm hoping for a full scale civil war after galactic civilisation has been rebuilt in quite some time following ME3...
Stoppokingme  +   198d ago
"As for the details so far, Roy was intentionally vague, but he did state that there is not a cannon ending to Mass Effect 3."

For starters, it's canon, not cannon.

Secondly, Going non canon can completely screw up a storyline, especially for a story heavy game like ME.

Finally, the suggestion that the ending of ME3 is no longer canon suggests that the next games will take place after ME3.
MasterD919  +   198d ago
Where exactly does it confirm that the game is far less behind schedule than we thought? If there is an E3 trailer/teaser this year, then we're looking at next year for a release (2015).

Just because they haven't settled on a name yet doesn't mean that they aren't in the bulk of the development phase. As far as gamers are concerned, I'm sure most would be happy with Mass Effect 4 (despite the unlikelihood of Bioware actually calling it that).
Npugz7  +   198d ago
You won't be seeing this game for a long time!!
Geekman  +   198d ago
Let's hope the ending isn't a gigantic load of BS this time.
Harmonizer  +   198d ago
Mass Effect needs a proper antagonist again like Saren in ME1. That's why ME 1 had the best storyline in my opinion. Gameplay wise, ME 2 was huge upgrade though, except for the lack of planet exploration. I for one loved the Mako :P

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