Borderlands 2 Plagued With Game-Breaking Bugs on PS Vita

Hardcore Gamer: Borderlands 2 is a key title for the PS Vita. It is supposed to serve as proof that console quality games can be ported to the handheld, and prove that Third-Party titles can succeed on the platform. We've been working hard to bring you a review of Borderlands 2, but at the moment it isn't possible. Borderlands 2 is currently plagued with game-crashing bugs that have hindered our progress through the game.

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ValKilmer1501d ago

Wow, so I guess the PS Vita couldn't handle a game of this magnitude after all. What a shame, this could have been the console's saving grace.

sobotz1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

> 2-year-old game that already free on PS+ once. (Why don't they just make the Pre-Sequel version for Vita instead of porting Borderlands 2 which almost everyone already played it).

> FPS drops.

> Ultra low texture (It's bad. Gravity Rush and Uncharted is so much better than this).

> Lots of pop-up too.
> Multiplayer is limited to two-player online.
> Buggy (this just confirmed in this article).

Seriously, PSVita can do better than this. This is just a lazy ass port from Gearbox to make an easy money.

smashman981501d ago

Incorrect this is a port made by Sony gearbox just lett them do it

Ghost_Nappa1501d ago

You are both wrong, the port was done by iron galaxy studios

Eonjay1501d ago

Gearbox hired Iron Galaxy to do this port. This is an example of poor software engineering on the developers part. Frankly, I am tired of developers shipping broken products. A delay is preferable.

randomass1711501d ago

They outsourced it and apparently it's broken. The Vita deserves much better than this.

pwnsause_returns1501d ago

i dont understand why this game was made for the vita... Why not a vita game pertaining to the Borderlands universe from the ground up? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....lets make another port....No wonder the vita's struggling...

theshonen88991501d ago

@Eonjay I wouldn't blame Iron Galaxy for this. They're a small indie dev who was tasked with porting a AAA title from a home console to a handheld.

Yodagamer1501d ago

It was published by sony, so if it was buggy it would have gone through them and if it didn't it just shows how much they don't care about the vita.

maniacmayhem1500d ago

Iron Galaxy?? Aren't they taking over Killer Instinct?? Uh oh....

Baccra171500d ago

I thought Vita could stream PS3 games, why port tot he Vita when you can stream to the vita?

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Eonjay1501d ago

This has nothing to do with the Vita being able to handle it. It is poor programming.

randomass1711501d ago

^This. The Vita has excellent games, even excellent console ports running on it. It is a very well made piece of hardware. This port was just not well handled. This is very disheartening.

iagainsti1201500d ago

If it can handle Killzone Mercs. It can handle Borderlands.

OrangePowerz1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

And I guess the PC couldn't handle the original demo of Alien: Colonial Marines. It shows the dedication Gearbox has for products that are not developed in house.

Besides it's not like the original release of the game was free of bugs. During my playthrough I had several side quest bug in me and I wouldn't complet them because they broke.

Codey471500d ago

"It shows the ZERO dedication Gearbox has for products that are not developed in house."


TimeSkipLuffy1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

As much as I love my PS Vita. For these kind of games I believe it is just not powerful enough. It is kinda old hardware compared to the newer mobile phones. More RAM (2GB at least!) would really helped this little beast.

I think it is not always the developers fault. It is easy to say they are lazy, they could do better. But sometimes you have to except that there are limits to what hardware can do. 512MB and 128MB VRAM is not much. I'm happy that Sony didn't make the mistake to include less than 8GB RAM in the PS4! Although much of it is used for useless stuff :D More RAM for gaming would be much better ^^

Th3o1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Have you seen some phone games? This is an example of poor coding, please don't speak out of your arse.

Look at Killzone, the amount of detail and graphical fidelity they put into it.

I'm sure if they tried hard enough we can expect almost anything from the console. We've seen games like this on PS2 and this is more than capable of matching wits with the ps2.

The PS Vita should have around the power of the ipad 4. Which has some beautiful games on it.

Also your saying 2GB of ram and forgeting that this is a game dedicated device, that doesn't need that much ram to run the games alone. Again this is restricted to the gaming world, and I'm comparing apples to apples and not oranges. It's always better to have higher hardware specs, but being realistic to both cost and yields you work with what's right. So don't argue but ps4 and xbox one have 8 GB becuase you can't compare what market either console targets, and also they are 2 years technology apart.

When the Vita came out it was one of the only quad core handheld devices, the only other being S3 International I believe. Even the Ipad 4 has a slightly toned down GPU. And just now 2014 we're breaking the 2 GHZ max clock of the vita with the S5 and HTC and many others. CPU efficiency has also grown exponentially in the past 2 years. So don't compare a $400+ unit that also needs a screen and power source to run, to a until 10x's smaller, with a built in screen, controller an battery.

The ps3 had 512 GB ram split in 2 and handled borederlands just fine. The Vita has 512 GB dedicated ram and 128 Vram...

This is more than capable of doing Borderlands, we just need a proper port team.

Foraoise1501d ago

This article is a fucking lie. I've beaten the game on two different characters. NO game breaking bugs. Downvoting site, heavily.

SpiralTear1501d ago

Good. YOUR situation is fine. But if you go on many other sites (including ones that are conveniently linked in the article), you'll find out that there are in fact bugs that are preventing progression.

This is not an isolated incident at all, so stop treating it like it is. The evidence is right there.

Foraoise1501d ago

My brother isn't having any issues either. Sure sanctuary is a bit frame-rate-issue-y, and sure there are bugs such as that, but the child who wrote the article is HEAVILY exaggerating. He probably only played for 10 minutes, got fed up with some sort of framerate and went off, exaggerating. Like a lot of kids on the net. And no, there aren't any bugs. You know why? Because I've finished the game twice on my Vita, and my brother's pretty far in his first play-through, without bugs.

So whoever wrote the article is a liar. And you're a follower.

It absolutely pisses me off when people claim a game is HORRIBLE, then heavily exaggerates/lies about the game, or goes off of ONE experience they've had. It's pure ignorance. It IS an isolated incident. Please, tell me it's not. I've finished the game twice, kid.

extermin8or1500d ago

@Foraoise do you have the dlc installed?

extermin8or1500d ago

@Faraoise Do you have the DLC installed?

MatrixxGT1500d ago

Yeah especially when they say their review will reflect issues at launch. Screw this site, seems like click bait. I'm 15hrs in and haven't had a single issue. Frame rate does dip but is most definitely playable and not broken. I say many of these iissues are user ERROR from maybe a bad download. If these copies were physical I bet most issolated problems would dissappear.

Also, if some people are experiencing game breaking bugs then I'm sure a patch will be along to fix it. Writing a decent game off in a review because they had "launch bugs". I'm sad I gave this site a click. Hardcore gamer can piss off.

stavrami-mk21500d ago

[email protected] - not isolated but seems to be fewer rather than the majority .metacritic has 16 positives no negatives and other stories I've read have all been positive so treating it like its game breaking is not really fair evidence when its fine for most

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GribbleGrunger1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Well, what have we here then. here's a follow up post from one of the guys this article is based on after being informed his quote had been used:

"I wish they would have asked me before using my post. Out of context from the rest of my posts, you would think I don't adore the game."

The author of this article should be ashamed.

And just to balance things, here is another quote from a satisfied customer:

"Needed to come in here and say how overwhelmingly pleased I am with this game. My expectations were reasonably low and this game is blowing me away, it's so much fun! Don't see myself putting this down any time soon, so glad I took the leap!"

Narratives are too easy to manufacture because gamers are so diverse in their tastes.

MrUndrhill1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Killzone Mercs is about 5x better looking than borderlands and the vita handles it just fine.

metalgod881501d ago

Killzone isn't a port however. It was made in house and was intended for the vita specifically. That's why the quality is so much better.

Codey471500d ago

Although I agree...Borderlands has more "real estate" than KZ:M.

3-4-51501d ago

So glad I just went with PC version instead. This would have frustrated me.

n1ko_1171500d ago

I like that nvidia physx setting haha, yes I still need to get around to beating the game and getting the season pass.

3-4-51500d ago

Yea The Larger Screen, more enemies, better graphics, physics, & being able to play with a 360 controller all make the PC game a better version to me.

Plus is WORKS, bug free.

* I can't wait for E3 announcements for Vita though, I need a new Vita game to get really excited about besides Tales of

zepthire1499d ago

Borderlands 2 "bug free". Yeah right! Borderlands 2 is pretty full of bugs on every platform.

Jonny5isalive1501d ago

im sure it could, but again they got a b team to port it and it suffered. When actual talented devs put in time and finish a game before releasing we get something like KZ merc, that looks and plays excellent.

chestnut11221501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

LOL, How did You say Vita can't handle it when it handled Killzone Mercenary pretty damn fine. KZ:M is 5 to 10 times better looking than this one FYI.

Pretty sure You didn't played it >_<

IMAO at the people who upvoted You .

Tei7771500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Its not about what the Vita can handle ( a lot more than this lazy port), its about this game being rushed out.Same with the GOW and Jak and Daxter colections... Both the later games looked and ran like crap.

Sony still hasn't learned the lesson that quality matters on the Vita, its not enough to just have a big franchise name on it.

Cam9771500d ago

My Vita is dead. Last night I thought 'ooh let's dust off the Vita', looked at the interface then turned it off and put it back since there's nothing £150 wasted.

Th3o1500d ago

Oh I get it!, so this troll saught out a way to troll the device LOL the post on his on post hahahahaha

He created a Troll situation to troll on, that shows dedication!:)

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Snookies121501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Wow, how are they trying to put out a game like this if it's got game-breaking bugs? I love my Vita, but this is a real shame...

randomass1711501d ago

They must have rushed it. The Vita deserves better software than this. Especially when the game is already a year plus old on other systems.

Snookies121501d ago

Yeah, I agree completely. The Vita is a fantastic handheld. It's just not getting the type of widespread love it deserves. Although, as someone who enjoys Japanese games, the thing is a goldmine for me personally lol.

TimeSkipLuffy1501d ago

Why is it always rushed when this happens? the Vita might be above all handhelds at the moment but sometimes games need more processing power or RAM to run fluently at a certain fps and detail.

XiSasukeUchiha1501d ago

Damn what a real shame and here I thought I was going to buy , not anymore.

amnalehu1501d ago

Why does everyone take everything that pops up on the internet as gospel? I have not seen or heard of any actual players I know having any issues with it and when I played it myself it was just fine.

LemonSlice1501d ago

They should stop with those ports
and build games from the ground up for the Vita

A borderlands spinoff for the vita would be amazing

metalgod881501d ago

I totally agree with this. When are we going to see triple A games on the vita? Indie games are great and all but I'd love to see big games hold their own on the handheld.

Also, outsourcing to port a game over is typically a bad idea, but a game of this magnitude... Come on Gearbox.

Goro1501d ago

That's unfortunate. This is a worse port than the J&D trilogy.

Fixay1501d ago

Ah the frame rate on the J and D trilogy was laughable at times haha

Sheed1501d ago

okay, it's not THAT bad