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"Mario Golf: World Tour is a mixed bag. On one hand, it is an almost perfect golf game with interesting and compelling online options. On the other, it adds in a bunch of gimmicks and lacks enough actual golf courses."

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Summons751502d ago

This game is way better than suggested. Just got it today and I spent most of the day just getting to know the game. Tons of content and hard challenges. Plus the dlc is going to add over 100 courses in total and more characters. Having played online yet but for a handheld Mario golf its fun. The last Mario golf game I player was toadstool tour and spent countless hours with it. Wish there was a Mario golf for the wiiu but this is just as fun.

3-4-51502d ago

I'd rate this game an 8.8/10

* It's possibly the best Mario Sports game of all, and is a lot of fun with a lot of content.

It's also more challenging than most would think.

Noxious1151502d ago

I got this game on release day and I really enjoy it. I played Mario Golf 64 and Toadstool Tour a little bit back in the day and I think World Tour is a nice successor to those games. The graphics in World Tour are very visually pleasing and the online play is great. There are a few issues I did have with the game such as the odd choice of controls (high-loft/low-loft hits) and sometimes the camera can be wonky, but I very much enjoy this game none of the less. I agree with the review for the most part.