In-Game Screens of Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Weapons – Unica 6, MPX, and CS5

MP1st - Battlefield 4‘s fourth multiplayer expansion, Dragon’s Teeth, is still likely a ways out from launch, but already we’re picking up bits and pieces of details.

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Mister_V1477d ago

I hated the CS5 in MOH: Warfighter because of its damage model. 2 head shots to kill was crazy for a bolt-action rifle, despite its fast ROF. Hope that isn't the case in BF4.

ATi_Elite1477d ago

2 head shots to kill for ANY weapon is RIDICULOUS!!!

(except for a Derringer at range may require two head shots).

But a BOLT ACTION RIFLE requiring two head shots to kill is flat out RIDICULOUS!!

Matt6661476d ago

a head shot should kill in one hit regardless

Majin-vegeta1477d ago

There is a video floating around the web.With all the new weapons.I would post it but I'm on mobile>_<.

ATi_Elite1477d ago

come on put that 4G LTE ultra fast ABC - XYZ network to use.

Do it for the GAMERS!!!

leogets1477d ago

Insert gun geeks below ... 👇

zeuanimals1477d ago

MATEBA AUTOREVOLVER FT(MF)W! Also known as the Unica 6. Beautiful weapon, that one.

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