UK Software Weekly, 3rd May 2014

UK Hardware
XOne 9,304
PS4 8,505
3DS 4,184
X360 2,872
PS3 2,425
WiiU 1,675
PSV 761
Wii 244
PSP 92

UK Software by platform
X360 126,491
PS3 70,384
PS4 40,183
PC 38,023
Wii 28,787
XOne 28,193
DS 26,230
3DS 24,491
WiiU 13,716
PSV 7,675
PSP 5,908

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DanManDantheMan1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

According to some people, all this information is false and biased seemingly because PlayStation 4 isn't at the top.

I really wonder how this place managed during PS3 days.

ats19921232d ago

But when it showed ps4 was on top everyone kept saying look at those sales ps4 is the future and the future is ps4. Now they say this site is biased.

GribbleGrunger1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

You two need to stop inventing your own narratives and follow what most 'sane' PS owners have been saying. It has nothing to do with the European numbers. The controversy (and rightly so) has been centred around the American numbers and the fact that every single month VGC has the XB1 leading but every single month NPD is released, the PS4 is leading. THAT'S why PS fans have been questioning VGC.

@ats1992: Based on official numbers from Sony and Microsoft, I'm sorry to have to tell you that the PS4 is beating the XB1 easily in every territory. I just didn't want to quibble over UK numbers because we have no reference point other than how well the PS4/XB1 is doing on Amazon and the like (the PS4 is selling better by the way) or reports from the companies themselves.

Media create release numbers every week so we know for certain VGC has those right. NPD releases every month so we know how many times VGC has got it wrong/right. VGC has got it wrong every single month and every single month XB1 fans can't resist reminding PS fans that they've once again questioned the numbers in America. Well, they've been right to so what exactly is the point?

Japan is right, America is wrong and Europe is basically Sony land. That's the reality and in no way does it suggest the XB1 is a bad machine. The XB1 has some fantastic games coming, one of which has certainly got my attention and that's Sunset Overdrive.

So, relax, accept that the XB1 is being beaten and enjoy your games, in the same way people enjoy playing the Vita even though it's being beaten by the 3DS. I paused for a moment at the end of that sentence and guess what? Nothing bad happened.

ats19921232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )


Not inventing my own narratives for months you sony fanboys would use vgchartz as a reference saying look at those numbers and you guys would keep saying over and over ps4 is the future and the future is ps4. Don't try to claim you guys didn't.

I have a ps4 I don't care if the ps4 is beating the xbox one i was just pointing out the hypocrisy in you sony fanboys.

GribbleGrunger1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

It's not hypocrisy when they're right every time. What part of that are you not understanding?

edit: Clearly some people think VGC is more accurate than NPD. April numbers soon.

GarrusVakarian1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

" for months you sony fanboys would use vgchartz as a reference saying look at those numbers and you guys would keep saying over and over ps4 is the future and the future is ps4. Don't try to claim you guys didn't."

As far as i recall, it was literally only one person saying that line. I've noticed that around here, the many seem to get judged by the actions of the few, or in this case, the individual. This guy/gal -

On topic: VGC is garbage, i don't care what console comes top, i mark the site down every chance i get. All it does is spew BS rumoured numbers and cause gamers to argue with each other. They need to go.

NatureOfLogic_1232d ago

According to fakechartz, Titanfall was the system seller MS had hoped for, meanwhile MS announces a production slow down. Also, according to fakechartz PS4 seems to be in free-fall every week, but this isn't even close to being consistent with the official numbers. When will it be time to ban fakechartz from n4g?

GribbleGrunger1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Currently there is a poll on the VGC forums on what people think April NPD numbers are. 99% of people think that PS4 won April. There is also a poll on Gaf and 99% of people think the PS4 won April. Now why do you think that is? I use 99% percent but I've not actually seen a single person predict that the XB1 will will April yet. I could have missed one or two posts though so it's best to be on the safe side. These polls include XB1 fans by the way.

ats19921232d ago

I told you i don't care if the ps4 outsells the xbox one because i have both consoles. You say you don't care yet you seem to keep bringing it up and go to those websites to see the polls.

GiggMan1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

To be honest I don't remember the PS4 (or any PlayStation product) having a (+) associated work it since Christmas lol. It's always a (-). According to vgchartz PlayStation is either declining or no change in sales every month.

That can't be true. This site is a joke.

GribbleGrunger1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )


I don't go to those sites specifically to find these polls LOL. I'm a member of both Gaf and VGC. I've always got them open and flit between them and here, as I am now.

How else do you think I find out what most 'sane' people are thinking and talking about? If you rely on N4Gs as a gauge for sanity you'll end up thinking Alice in Wonderland is an autobiography.

Chrischi19881232d ago

I really am not a Xbox Fan, look at my comment history for prove. But fact is, that ATS1992 is totally right. Sony fanboys always take VGCZ as reliable source, if Sonys PS4 is selling better. Then again, I actually look at the numbers from VGCZ every week and I cant remember, when the Xbox One actually sold more than PS4, that is like the first week, so it is very very funny, that some Sony fanboys actually claim the opposite here^^

Why o why1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Retconing ....

Most ps fans shunned vgc even when the ps was on top... what the dig was, was that the site that notoriously undertracked sony sales whilst overtracking ms ones actually put the ps on top. Therefore if that said site would put the ps4 on top then it would be obviously closer to the truth and every single offical disclosure has backed that up.

Vgc have to continuously readjust so when you look back at their numbers, they seem credible. We are not fooled. Just take the titanfall month for example. That game was meant to make the difference. It left those championing vgc's numbers up to that point, looking kinda stupid again. How quiet some were that could smell the sodium....lmao

More credible sites and members have been banned from n4g yet vgc continues to hit grab.

randomass1711232d ago

When people start voting it down in droves.

Eonjay1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

It has just become extremely obvious that their prediction methodology is flawed. I used to use them as a reference because it is basically all we had. Think about it, if it wasn't for VGChartz all we would know is that the Xbox has sold 3 million and the PS4 has sold 7 million. Microsoft for one, enables VGChartz by continuing to be non transparent about sales.

JMyers1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Fact remains... The UK and the US are the closest market when looking at PS4 and XBONE.... However, the US numbers are grossly incorrect, showing the latter outselling, when the NPDs say something completely different.

Nothing to do with fanboys... More to do with facts, and fiction from VG vs reality of sales. The European picture shows sales being 5:1 in some weeks in favour of the PS4. Infact the UK Market, albeit small, accounts for 70% of European sales. No matter what the Numbers say for the UK, this is dreadful.

The question isn't the UK, or these Numbers... It's the overall trending of this site and the continuous upward adjustment of the PS4 numbers. Sony will be closer to 8 million now. Watch this Space when it will be 2:1 worldwide.

Funny how when the PS3 was outselling the 360 worldwide, Xbox owners kept quoting the US sales... Now look they're quoting UK sales. Just like MS switching from sell through to shipped.

Stop avoiding the blatant facts and focussing on tiny "victories" like the UK Market and TitanFall. People forget the XBONE is £100 reduced with TitanFall FREE.

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Axios21232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

X1 still doing very well

TitanFal still #1, on X1, and #4 on 360

So much for the hype dying down fast

Majin-vegeta1232d ago

Holy Batman.You must be the most obsessed person with Titanfall I have ever seen.

OT:VG is fake every time they pull out numbers they always get shot down.

GribbleGrunger1232d ago

Don't judge him too harshly. I'm sure when Titanfall releases on the PS4 he'll continue to post how wonderful the game is and how well it's doing in the charts ...

lifeisgamesok1232d ago

@Axios 2 you make me laugh :) but yes it's great Titanfall is still going strong

There's a lot of potential system sellers coming Halo, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon

JMyers1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

The usual from Axios.... TitanFall, TitanFall, TitanFall!

Marry the game already and have babies.

The game is FREE in the UK with XBONEs.

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Xdone1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Yep, vgchartz is a joke and it is proven time and time again.
And most sony fans have criticized vgchartz in several articles.
Btw, isn't it the same thing you people do, I mean you rejoice seeing x1 winning at vgchartz but start calling it fake when the result is in ps4's favor.

You people troll in ps articles but get riled up when ps fans like me does the same.

You people believe on the insider info when it favors x1 but when there are insider articles about ps4, you people are the first to criticize.

You people hate indie games but believe whatever positives the indie developers say about x1.

So stop acting as victims! Just because ps fans outnumber x1 fans doesn't mean you are any less criminal. You do all those things you blame ps fans for. You people are not fooling anyone!

DanManDantheMan1232d ago

I've neither owned a Sony or Microsoft console in my life. I'm PC/Nintendo. Doesn't take a genius to see the BS that goes on around here.

randomass1711232d ago

There are fanboys and trolls in all sections of this site unfortunately. It's just a shame that legitimate and intellectual fans will lose bubbles because others mistakenly label them as such and it's because these trolls often make the rest look bad.

Godmars2901232d ago

"I really wonder how this place managed during PS3 days."

When do you think the site earned such a rep as the overall gap between the PS3 and 360 only shrank, yet Vgchartz only kept reporting that the 360 was selling better?

randomass1711232d ago

Sounds like a lot of the spinning in the "press" never really ceased. What a sad state video game journalism is in. :(

Nekroo911232d ago

it smells brand is known for having huge software sales yet they sold 800 more consoles and less 12 thousand games?! get out of here..

No one knows the numbers of consoles for a fact

calis1232d ago

"I really wonder how this place managed during PS3 days"

Like the beginning of the PS360 era, these posts will soon be lost in oblivion. Seems to be when it is a new era it gets massive comments.

adorie1232d ago

The site is crappioca and anyone touting sales numbers via this site are in the same pudding. NPD will paint a more truthful picture.

Put up the flame suits till then. Cause, as far as I know, it's still stupid to argue over false numbers, let alone numbers. -_-

system221232d ago

I agree. The psycho ps4 fanboys spin everything to the ps4s favor. Vgchartz has transformed from a convenient source of proof the ps4 was champ to becoming a biased xbox fanboy running the site out of a bedroom (no joke). Yet the methodology used is posted and the information sources available.

Of course the ps4 can do the work of 16 xbox ones, cure cancer, solve world hunger as well the people talk about it so clearly anything selling more is just lies. /s

My ps4 must be defective cuz it doesn't seem nearly as amazing as everyone else's on here. It's good, but realistically to me, it's not much different than my x1 when you cut thru all the hype, internet comments, articles. Shrug. Certainly not worth all the intensity.

JMyers1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

The site hasn't "transformed" in anyway. People have been complaining, comparing and challenging these numbers since the 360 era, where this site ALWAYS untracked the PS3, and overstated the 360 numbers... Especially in the US and worldwide. The NPD and released numbers from the manufactures themselves also confirm this.

It's just more transparent now with the monthly NPDs. VGC had the XBONE ouselling the PS4 in March. Proved incorrect and probably will again in April. The site continues it's trending in the same way despite the market trend being different. Lets see how it once again adjusts the PS4 numbers, but keep the weeklys and monthlies the same.

system221232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

@JMyers: Thats a fair enough point. I mean honestly I don't really care which one sells more at the end of the day, i just think people get way too nuts about this stuff in general... often times to a creepy extent ( just had one guy send me 3 PM's in a row because I said something about how i felt infamous had a short run at the top). this was my attempt at poking some fun at the craziness.

JMyers1231d ago

I know what you mean about the crazies :)

Just ignore these people. They come and go like night and day to this site.

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DJustinUNCHAIND1232d ago

Another VGChartz article approved.

Let the bitching commence!

randomass1711232d ago

That's just about sums it up. :/

TheFallenAngel1232d ago

Hmm how is it that the xbone is beating the ps4? Is it because it's cheaper?

WeAreLegion1232d ago

Price cut. Titanfall bundle. Marketing. Have you seen Microsoft's marketing in the UK and North America? Those are their two biggest markets, so their focus is all on them.

heisenberguk1232d ago

VGChartz couldn't even be bothered to find out who made Child of Light so just put 'unknown'!!! It's laughable!!!

randomass1711232d ago

I believe the appropriate term is "click-bait."

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