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Fallout 4: 5 Things We Want to Happen

EasyGuidez: Fallout 4: 5 Things we must have in game With an establishment as enormously cherished as Fallout, it is a matter of unavoidability that before anybody has affirmed if the title will even happen, a throng of fluctuated gossipy tidbits are constantly circled conjecturing as to the specifics about the freshest Game. Desires could barely be higher. (Culture)

Physco  +   322d ago
yes Fallout 4 must have these killing features
Funkydesert  +   322d ago
They Should upgrade the vehicles
nope111  +   322d ago
Why does everyone want co-op? there are other games for that.
-Foxtrot  +   322d ago
So they can show off to their friends for like 1 week then go play another game while leaving single player lovers with a half arsed game.

Seriously the people who want this silly feature in games like Fallout/Elder Scrolls obviously don't think it through and realise what the consequences would be. This is a studio who can't even make a single player game without bugs, imagine what co-op bugs would bring....then you have the fact they would waste their time on those ones first instead of the game breaking single player ones.
Onenyte  +   322d ago
This post made me smile , I felt the love and you also kept it as real as possible , respect bro .
jocomat9  +   322d ago
because it will push the experience further.. . instead of having an ai companion you will have a player.. is that so bad? I love fallout and would love to play with someone with my customized character and explore the world with them. You don't need to use it. Now your gonna complain about the resources of it all now aren't you?
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Hellsvacancy  +   322d ago
Bethesda will screw it up, they'll add multiplayer features etc, I can guarantee it
Bassmint  +   322d ago
Is it me or is this article poorly written? I take it whoever wrote this doesn't speak English as their first language

Edit: Ali Hussain. Yep, never mind i guess the atrocious grammer can be forgiven..
Saints94  +   322d ago
MasterD919  +   322d ago
Fallout is supposed to be played from an isolated perspective...you are the survivor roaming the wasteland, not with a group of your buddies- so I disagree that co-op or multiplayer would be necessary. Frankly, it hurts the experience.

I also think vehicles are unlikely as part of what makes Fallout Fallout is the fact that you are roaming the wasteland, not speeding through it in a buggy at 60 MPH. Todd Howard didn't think much of the idea when it was referenced before too, nor did he seem open to try.

I know the story will be great as they've heard the feedback from FO3 by now. I want upgraded graphics and a better-suited engine to handle the demands of a great open-world gaming experience. Bethesda has the right tools IMO, but I'm dying to see if they are on the right track to do so.
SouthClaw  +   322d ago
I would hope that with a new generation comes a new method to these types of games when it comes to DLC. I would like official DLC as well as mods / addons made by the community. Be honest this is the type of game that gets great mods from its fans.
nate254  +   322d ago
5. Okay
4. No, part of Fallout is roaming the wastleland on foot, I don't want vehicles.
3. Maybe, I would rather have co-op in an (non mmo) Elder Scrolls, not so sure about Fallout
2. Definitely
1. Would like it, but I'd be fine without it.
MYDEATH21  +   322d ago
What I want the most is less bugs.... My god I get so mad when my character gets stuck. I completely quit playing new Vegas after I my character stopped leveling up -_-

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