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"There are many truly frightening games for consumers to choose from; games with the ability to get inside the player's mind and terrify a person at their very core. Daylight is not one of these games. Instead, Daylight is akin to the haunted house at a traveling carnival: a dull and ultimately pointless experience with a few minor "jump" scares that ceases being interesting long before the ride is over." Travis Tucker, Stealthy Box

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Wni01472d ago

well i have to admit, at least they tried something different, and maybe it will age with time

tigertron1472d ago

I really can't bring myself to finish this. I keep getting lost and nothing happens, except the odd ghost here and there and they're not threatening if you have flares.

The concept sounded good, the games can be creepy and tense at times, but this is no Outlast.

GamerzElite1472d ago

This game is waste of time and money, I unlocked 3 doors and left the game unfinished.

ThichQuangDuck1472d ago

I was solely interested in Jessica Chobot writing for the game. The game's premise of a procedurally generated horror game sounded a little far fetched.

McAwesome1472d ago

this game sucks THE END

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