This Side Up: Will Titanfall Finally Land on PS4?

"This week on This Side Up, Steve Perry discusses the recent rumors and possibility that Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall will be making its way to PlayStation 4." Steve Perry, Stealthy Box

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nope1111474d ago

I hope so. I plan on avoiding the xbone this gen.

zero_gamer1473d ago

There's always the 360 and PC versions if you really hate the Xbox One this bad...

candy_mafia1473d ago

Titanfall is a good game, I still enjoy it. If it did release on PS4, I wouldn't buy it just for 1080p/60fps.

I don't see the value in buying for my PS4 as well for such a small enhancement, unless I trade it ;/

player0021474d ago

not titanfall its exclusive forever to ms devs already said this now titanfall 2 will probably be on Ps4

MysticStrummer1473d ago

MS devs have nothing to do with it.

Flames761473d ago

EA has confirmed this also the first titanfall is xbox exclusive.Its not hard to understand when the main company and the developer confirmed it.

spacedelete1473d ago

flame76 are you stupid ? its not like developers have ever lied to us right -_- Titanfall ultimate edition by Christmas THIS year. thats a guarantee not a guess. deal with it that you bought an overprice

randomass1711473d ago

@spacedelete There is absolutely no proof you can use to "guarantee" anything. If it happens, you're just making a lucky guess.

Mikelarry1474d ago

if it does come to ps4 i hope we get some sort of demo as well, as i am not sold on the title but then again i havent played it so maybe i might

DVS-Zev1473d ago

If it does - save your money.Game gets incredibly old, incredibly quick.

Pillsbury11473d ago

Yeah I rented it at redbox for 360 and quickly got bored on the second day.

bumnut1473d ago

I got bored of the beta on day one!