This Side Up: Will Titanfall Finally Land on PS4?

"This week on This Side Up, Steve Perry discusses the recent rumors and possibility that Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall will be making its way to PlayStation 4." Steve Perry, Stealthy Box

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Imagine how good Titanfall would do launching on PS4 with over 7 million install base. Damn. I sure hope it's true I'd have a great FPS to play since Ghost was trash. Another thing is I bet you anything it would be 1080p and a solid 60fps.

daggertoes831316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

"I'd have a great fps to play". It's not really great buddy. I had it for only a few days and got bored of it. Of course that's just my opinion. those who want it I guess it's a good thing. I'm enjoying forza 5 and infamous a lot right now.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I played it when I had a Xbox One before I sold it of coarse and I liked it pretty good. It needs more content and modes for sure but between Titanfall or Call of Duty: Ghost I'd 100% get Titanfall.

fluffydelusions1316d ago

I got bored in less than 24hrs and got a refund from Origin. I don't blame the was fine. COD pretty much bored me of that sort of run and gun shooter last gen.

mikeslemonade1316d ago

It's coming to PS4. Told ya so..

And I'm not buying it.

georgeenoob1316d ago


No it's not. Respawn confirmed it to be lifetime X1 exclusive.

ziggurcat1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

@ georgeenoob:

contracts get broken all of the time, and i don't think EA is going to pass up a larger install base just because MS threw money at them.

edit: a subtle change in the title is all it would take to get it to PS4.

truefan11316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I feel sorry for those holding out hope Titanfall 1 is coming to ps4. Does reality really escape you guys that much, that you totally ignore devs explicitly saying Titanfall 1 is exclusive to MSFT platforms for the life of the game. Also I remember last time this article came up people were talking about unmet sales goals. Do you realize Titanfall sold 925k physical copies in US alone in 3 weeks, and week in week out for the last 2 months has been one of if not the top selling games worldwide. Titanfall has over a 40% attach rate for a new ip, only a fanboy would call that a failure.

MysticStrummer1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

@george - "Titanfall" is a lifetime XB1 exclusive. "Titanfall Ultimate" or some other variation of the title isn't. It's happened before and it will happen again. No one but MS, EA, and Respawn knows the terms of that exclusivity agreement, or what would end it.

As for the title of the article, "finally" implies it's been a long wait. Is the game even two months old yet?

ocelot071316d ago


That link you says this "Always MS exclusive at launch"

I couldn't care less of this game made its way to PS4 or not if am being brutally honest.

aceitman1316d ago

@georgeenoob look at that statement really good from your link this is it right here -Respawn's Vince Zampella tweeted in response to this news, "Always MS exclusive at launch, do you see it clearly , the key words exclusive at launch, the answer is right there all along at launch -at launch - at launch. so it launch exclusively on xbox platforms. so it doesn't state anywhere life time exclusivity , just at launch. hell im sure there is something in the contract that says no one can say its coming to ps4 until the specified date . and if you've noticed in the commercials it doesn't state only on xbox . like true exclusives .

kohlgamer1316d ago


Well since the x1's life is pretty much over already I guess it will be able to come to ps4... lifetime does not equal forever

scott1821316d ago

If it does great! I'm not holding my breath though, it's not that big of a deal.

DigitalHope1316d ago

@george your just plain ignorant. Do you know how many times a developer has said something that just doesn't pan out. After every metal gear game kojima says the same thing, that he will never make another, yet here we are 5 in.

Or better yet here is something more relevant to you, those fable games that are so dear to your precious xbox. How about all the empty promises made by those devs.

Grains of salt should be raining on your head by now.

NatureOfLogic_1315d ago

I hope It's releasing on PS4. PS4 does have the larger community right now, so better online experience than Xbox One. Also, nobody wants an Xbox One right now, so this would be nice.

NewMonday1315d ago

without XB1 fans over-hyping it Titanfall will be exposed s the overrated game that it is.

Respawn should listen to criticism is they want the franchise to live up to it's potential.

Magicite1315d ago

this definitely will make xbots sad.

Benchm4rk1315d ago

"if you've noticed in the commercials it doesn't state only on xbox . like true exclusives "

That's because its not Only on Xbox One. Its available on PC also. That is the reason why it doesn't say Only on Xbox One.

Aceman181315d ago

does anyone get the feeling if it does that George and the other X1 defenders would lose their s**t lol?

i don't put nothing past these publishers they want our money, and they'll do anything they can to get it.

WilDRangeRrfc1315d ago

Your opinion personally I can't play anything else addictive fast paced fun,the games amazing and the best MP experience for me since Gears

DragonKnight1315d ago

I hope it doesn't. Who the hell wants Xbox One's scraps, especially when it's just a Call of Duty clone with mechs?

I for one hope the extreme Xbox fanboys in this thread are right and that it's not coming to PS4 even with a name change or its sequel.

randomass1711315d ago

^It's EA. They'll put it on more consoles if given the opportunity. I do think Sony fans will enjoy the multiplatform sequel in the long run should it come to the PS4.

r2oB1315d ago

@ truefan1

How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you make comments such as Titanfall having a 40% attach rate. Are you forgetting that it's also on two other platforms? Do you realize how many copies would have to have been sold on the Xbox 360 to maintain a 40% attach rate?

Perhaps the contract terms were contingent on a total sales target (I.e. both Xbox One and 360). They may be happy with the Xbox One sales but disappointed in the 360 sales? New IP or not, it may not have hit it's target. Maybe they had higher expectations?

I'm not claiming its coming to PS platforms, but I'm not ruling it as an impossibility either.

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daggertoes831316d ago

Yea ghost was the WORST in the franchise in my opinion.

Snookies121316d ago

Oh you don't need 'in my opinion' buddy. It just was...

Ghost_of_Tsushima1315d ago

I couldn't play multiplayer at all. Everything about it was just bad. I couldn't keep from throwing the controller across the room I'd get so mad at all the BS. The campaign was ok. I'll be waiting for Advanced Warfare.

randomass1711315d ago

I heard it was pretty bare bones and poorly put together. Advanced Warfare looks rather slick though.

Software_Lover1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

So you bought a console for a game you actually liked, got rid of the console, now want the game to come to the other console you bought?

I just don't get people.

Edit: for the record, I don't like Titanfall or have an XBone.

randomass1711315d ago

Could just be trolling. I loved Titanfall, but I don't feel it was enough to justify an Xbox One purchase. But more XB1 games are being announced, so I'm far less against the idea.

amazinglover1316d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble but Titanfall 2 will go to PS4 but not number 1 it is a lifetime exclusive MS essentially funded the last part of development for EA which is the publisher making it a lifetime exclusive. To be fair it's probably not lifetime but is more likely exclusive for ten years or so making porting it over a after thought by that time.

MysticStrummer1316d ago

Ten years? This is EA we're talking about. I'm not even someone who likes this type of game so idc what happens with it, but EA's past says it's not impossible for TF to be on PS4 by the end of THIS year. I'd say next year is more likely. It will happen sometime before the sequel lands on both consoles, unless of course MS throws down more money and keeps the whole series, which isn't impossible either.

die_fiend1315d ago

I don't think anyone cares if titanfall is on ps4. It looks pretty bland. I wouldn't buy it when it comes out...if you compare it to how destiny looks, I doubt many will. Has it even sold well cos I haven't seen anything to indicate it made a splash

SmielmaN1315d ago

Exclusivity deals that expire are usually 6 mths- 1 yr. 10 years lol. What is it a patent?

brave27heart1315d ago

Will Titanfall finally land on PS4?


Next question.

Jazz41081315d ago

Where are the mods on this site. You can not say in every other comment that xbox is finished or it sucks or no one wants it and not be labled trolling. Think if people said that about ps4 people all over that marking that as trolling. Mods please do your job. This is a gamer site not a place to disparage the competition when you cater to both platforms and have fans of both. Xbots and m$ are all trolling terms as well as the bone. On topic I could care less what respawn does with this as it would be nice for more people to play it but that is why ms purchased the funding to bring people to their console. Sony does it to its called exclusives. I found a list of almost every ms exclusive game last night with petitions to bring them to the ps4. What is wrong with you guys. Is sales not enough for you?

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Ultimax1316d ago

Even if Titanfall : The definitive edition coming to PS4
I'm still NOT interested

Snookies121316d ago

Eh, it's a pretty fun game. Nothing spectacular though. Played it on both my PC and a friend's X1. I wouldn't pay full price for it, we'll put it that way. Might pick it up down the line though.

PSVita1316d ago

I'd check it out if it were $30 or less

1316d ago
showtimefolks1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

just my opinion(i don't have any inside sources)

I fully believe TF will come to ps4 in about a years time with all the DLC/Improvements. There is no way in HELL EA so so stupid to sign a 100% permanent exclusive. That is my only reason.

see we all know EA regrets making it exclusive to xbox. They thought xbox one would beat the living crap out of ps4 but they bet on the wrong horse.

3rd party games that remain exclusive is so rare in gaming


that's what so many of my friends said too, its a very good game to play but after about a week its over and done with.


let me ask you one very simple question, why would the devs confirm now that its coming to ps4? isn't that the reason its exclusive to it will make people who want to play buy a xbox brand console?(or pc)

its a 3rd party game

ger23961316d ago

It doesn't need to come to the ps4. I got for the 360, and in my honest opinion it's an ok game. Nothing earth shattering. It is fun in short bursts, but playing for long periods gets boring. Since its exclusive to Xbox it's a moot point.

Mikethejew1316d ago

I played titanfall for about 25 hours, the game is fun but their is no depth to it. After you find your fave weapon and titan it gets really repetitive. So dont think its the end all be all of shooters.

ifistbrowni1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

trust me, you're not missing much. I bought an XB1 for Titanfall and Dead Rising 3. I had way more enjoyment and playtime on Dead Rising 3, though i was mostly interested in TitanFall.

When the beta to titanfall launched, i thought to myself, "wow, greatest game ever." I probably logged 8 hours into the beta alone. I was the first in line for Titanfall's launch and rushed home to play it. Stayed up til about 8AM playing it, and woke up the next day to play some more. I prestiged, started through the ranks again and around level 40 prestige 1, the excitement flat-lined.

I tried to give it a break, thinking i got burned out on it, but even picking the game up days later and trying it, it was still just the same old experience every time. The gameplay was mostly casual and can't remember one match where I was "sweating" on my controller because of competition (I'm not implying im great at the game, but more so that the game isn't competitive).

My conclusion: Titanfall is great fun for the first 10 hours of gameplay. Then, it just turns into a "same-old" experience.

I for one, do not understand the fascination with TitanFall. I am hard pressed to believe that the online community is still hyper-active. I believe that most the people who have played it have probably moved on by now (100% of all my friends that own Xbox One had bought TitanFall, 100% of them have all traded it in within the first 2 weeks of launch).

I have a feeling that TitanFall would have the same outcome when it launches on PS4. I understand people who haven't played it, wanting to play it (it has a serious hype-train), but i promise you... It's nothing special.

I think if TitanFall launched as a Xbox Live arcade game around the price of $30-40, it wouldn't had suffered from such scrutiny from consumers.

Mikethejew1315d ago

Fucking media hype train, but dr3 was great, i could still play that for hours even after maxing out everything.

vickers5001315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

"My conclusion: Titanfall is great fun for the first 10 hours of gameplay."

I only played the beta on PC, but if those 10 hours (as you say) are as fun as the time I spent with the beta, then for me personally, Titanfall will be 10 hours of pure, blissful fun, more fun than most other games I've played in a long time, and certainly worth more than most other games in my opinion.

I bought a ps4 and wont get an xbox one for some time, and since I don't really enjoy playing on pc too much, I really want Titanfall on ps4, I wanted it on ps4 before it was even announced, as I was really looking forward to what West and Zampella were working on. Your description of the game seems to be accurate amongst people who play the game, but I don't see that as a bad thing, 10 hours of pure fun (as opposed to the milder sort of fun you find in RPGs where it's more of a "I worked towards this and earned something" sort of fun) sounds like a good thing to me.

That said, I probably wont buy it full price, since TitanFall seemed to drop price very quickly after it launched, but at $40, I'll definitely pick it up.

zero_gamer1316d ago

After watching gameplay footage on YouTube and live streaming on Twitch, I've lost interest at that point.

zero_gamer1315d ago

Adding to that, I don't need this game to be on PS4 for me to play Titanfall. I have a really good PC capable of running this game on max settings but didn't buy it. I was very interested in the game until I saw it in action.

contradictory1315d ago

if you want a good FPS for PS4 then wait for PlanetSide2
because if it's anywhere near as good as the PC version
it'll blow your mind...

well, if you haven't played the PC version obviously.
it's free-to-play atleast.. and doesn't include pay2win so that's nice thing to have.

HaveAsandwich1315d ago

yea, i think it will be a great fit for the ps4 online community. bunch of nuts flying around in a galaxy.....i can see it now. :D

LackTrue4K1315d ago

If your this sad about your self, just stop asking a pidiy favor and get an XboxOne.

XStation1315d ago

You say, "over 7 million install base" Like all those people are gonna buy the game. And then you say,"I played it when I had a Xbox One before I sold it of coarse and I liked it pretty good." So, despite the fact you liked playing the game on a console you had originally, you sold it for whatever reason even though you liked playing a game on it. You sir, are just a bias PS4 fanboy and just admit it. I seen you plenty of times saying bias things towards Sony, so just gone head and change your name to, "The_Infected_Sony_Pony.

liquidhalos1315d ago

Maybe he was enjoying the game and console but he had to sell it. Perhaps he is a student and needed the money. It's hardly a reason to call him a Sony pony, oh and by the way saying Sony pony isn't insulting in the slightest. It just makes you look like that friendless snotty kid on the playground who goes around rhyming names in a desperate attempt to be noticed. Get over yourself

TheTowelBoy1315d ago

Don't know why people are disagreeing I concur your sentiment. Ghosts was trash and it would help Titanfall to move more units for Ps4. People here are so salty lol

Flames761315d ago

First off respawn and EA has already confirmed that the first titanfall was exclusive to the Xbox and would never be on the PS4.Also second son flopped in sales which was the PS4s big game with only selling a million on a platform that has 7 million sold.Titanfall has already done 1.7 million on the X1 a platform that has sold 5.1 million units.You should really do some research next time

cfir1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Not sure how you can call a game which sold a million copies in 9 days a flop.

Also where did you get the X1's Titanfall sales figures since neither MS or EA have released any. Only article I can find says TF is only just approaching 1M on XB1

Lastly, when did XB1 make the 5.1 Million sold ? I can't find any updated figures since MS said over 5M shipped to retailers (not sold to consumers).

Lets see your research to back up the numbers

bettergetdave1315d ago

Oh my goodness man. None of what you said is accurate at all. Check out VGchartz or something...and telling other people they should do some research...ouch!

avengers19781315d ago

Did this guy just say check out vgcharts, lol

CertifiedGamer1315d ago

People act like Titanfall going to PS4 is would be like when Mass Effect went to PS3. I see it happening after a few years from the original release date. I do expect titanfall 2 to launch on Xbox one and PS4 at the same time though.

USMC_POLICE1315d ago

If you had killzone shadow fall youd have a great FPS to play.....

Future_20151315d ago

I believe that Titanfall 2 is 100% coming to all platforms but this is a long shot if microsoft has a1 year deal then theres no point releasing it when titanfall 2 is around the corner

GordonKnight1315d ago

If this is true I'll be trading in my X1 version for the PS4 version.

3-4-51315d ago

It took me 4-5 matches in the BETA to realize this game isn't that fun.

* It's LESS fun than most "last gen" FPS games, but it looks better than them but a little bit.

* Lack of Guns is pathetic considering how many games even 10 years ago had more guns.

* It's just BLAAAAAHHHHHHH, is the best way I can describe Titanfall.

It's not a terrible game at all, it's solid, but it doesn't "do anything" really to make me want to play more than 1-2 games at a time.


VforVideogames1315d ago

are ps4 owners that desperate for a AAA title?

kenshiro1001315d ago

goerge @ truefan: If you two REALLY think the game's not coming to the PS4, you're sorely mistaken.

Acadius1315d ago

Titanfall is fun but it just doesn't feel like it was worth a $60 price tag. Lately it's been feeling like a chore to complete challenges in order to regenerate aka prestige. I went back to playing BF4 on my PS4.

BTBuck11315d ago

aside from the campaign being short on Ghosts, how is it any worse than any other COD game? They are all the same to me, just different guns and graphics.

MYDEATH211315d ago

Respawn just shat in Microsoft's cheerios!