Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 Release Date, Rumors: Being ‘Worked On’ Says 4J Studios

Recently, 4J Studios took to Twitter to announce : “The most important thing is that we work editions Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita, and Patch 1.06 for PS3 :)”

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imXify1500d ago

Click bait.

No release date was mentionned. And it isn't new that we know they are being worked on.

Fasttrack761500d ago

Tell us something we didn't already know

GutZ311500d ago

Any type of hype these announcements generated back when PS4 and Xbox One were announced has completely died out with how long its taking to bring the game to them.

Originally, it was hinted at an early release, not day one console, but not 6+ months later.

Soldierone1500d ago

Starting to lose interest. I wanted it early with PS4, didn't happen. They confirmed infinite worlds on PS4, now that isn't happening. I want cross buy between Vita and PS4, and that isn't even confirmed yet.

aawells071500d ago

Horrible horrible article. I now know to fully avoid that website.

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