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Submitted by DarkLordMalik 639d ago | news

Xbox One Effectively Has A "Super-Computer Design,"Says Xbox's Director Of Development Boyd Multerer

GearNuke: "The Xbox One might have a weaker hardware compared to the PlayStation 4, but according to the Xbox's director of development, Boyd Multerer, the design of Xbox One is effectively a "Super-Computer Design," and it will allow the developers to squeeze more performance out of the Xbox One with time." (Boyd Multerer, Xbox One)

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jay2  +   639d ago | Well said
Really................. Don't think so, your hardware is weaker than PS4. I don't have any issue with my PS4 Framerate, let's see your games BEAT framerate and res of PS4 MP games then....
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Septic  +   639d ago | Funny
Just because its weaker than the PS4 doesn't mean it doesn't have super computer just means that the PS4 has ULTRA COMPUTER DESIGN
DarkLordMalik  +   639d ago
Well said, lol.

Bubbled up for "Funny"
christocolus  +   639d ago
“He compares this hardware design to a “Super-Computer Design” and ensures that we should expect to see “fairly large improvements in GPU output” in the near future.“

They should have gone with efficiency from the very start imo..developers shouldn't have to go through too long a process to better understand new hardware....but anyway as long as xbox fans keep seeing titles as good looking as ryse , quantum break and sunset overdrive I'm sure theyll be okay and have nothing to worry will only get better....with time. :D.

That said today being 10th puts E3 just about 4weeks away.yaay.
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AsimLeonheart  +   639d ago | Well said
Microsoft should stop running their mouths by now. Bury the issue; it is over now. Everybody knows that it is weaker than PS4. They should just be honest and admit it instead of spinning it even after six months of release. Just focus on providing quality games. Having the weaker console is not the end for them. Every time people start forgetting about the resolutiongate and power difference between the two consoles, Microsoft open their mouths and humiliate themselves once more.
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forcefullpower  +   639d ago | Well said
Let them run their mouths of its great for funny news and comical comment sections. just gives them a worse reputation than they already have.
Mr Pumblechook  +   639d ago | Funny
A 'super computer design' sounds fantastic.
Just wait until they release DirectX 12, 'squeeze more power out of the system' use the 'power of the cloud' and add some of that 'secret sauce' and the Xbone will obliterate the competition. ;)
husomc  +   639d ago
even ps2 has a super computer design
truefan1   639d ago | Trolling | show
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Ron_Danger   639d ago | Trolling | show
dantesparda  +   639d ago
Such PR/marketing nonsense. But watch the fanboys eat it up, like the suckers they are. Sony claimed the same thing about the PS3 and the PS2. It's all hyperbole and bullsh1t. But i digress cuz the suckers/fanboys will fall for it and spew it back at ad nauseam. Well for a so called super computer design it sure is weak. The PS4 is more powerful than it, and just about any PC for around $500+ is more powerful than it.

And man is truefan delusional,...pathetic
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GarrusVakarian  +   639d ago
I think some people are confusing 'design', with 'capabilities'.

Silly geese.


If you really believe either console has been maxed out yet, you are deluded. Stop spewing that BS everywhere. 50% more power does not result in a %50 difference in graphics, google 'dimishing returns'. Also, 30fps for those games you mentioned doesn't mean the PS4 is maxed out, lmao, it means the devs chose 30fps with extra graphical quality > they other devs did with games like Ryse and Sunset Overdrive. 30fps allows for better graphics, any game can run at 60fps if the graphics/effects are toned down enough.
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amiga-man  +   639d ago | Well said
I accidently agreed with Truefan I feel so dirty now.

M$ could feed Truefan anything if they said they have alien technology in the xone and he would eat it up, truefanboy would be a more suitable name
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Pogmathoin  +   639d ago
I love those who do there best to articulate a good credible comment, then end it with the $ somewhere with M$..... All that good work gone as you just provec yourself as a smartass fanboy troll..... Look at Lukas, he never does that, fair play, but others...... Troll....
rainslacker  +   639d ago
How could either system be maxed out yet when they both have parts of their system locked away from developer use for possible future use in the OS? Neither company wants to be in a position of not being able to update with a new feature like Sony got stuck with last gen with cross-game chat.

Anyhow, every big game developers make is going to max out the system. They use every bit of power they can get. Doesn't mean they don't get better at utilizing that power over time. Truefan, you should be well aware of this principal since you go on about DX12 all the time.
MysticStrummer  +   639d ago
Yup if XB1 is a supercomputer then PS4 is alien technology and the highest end gaming PCs are from another dimension entirely.

Edit - lol Just saw what truefan said. Holy mackerel, the Farce is strong with that one.
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badboy776  +   639d ago
"Says Xbox's Director Of Development Boyd Multerer"

SniperControl  +   639d ago

"Say what you want, but the ps4 is already getting maxed out"

You must be a comedian right?.......right? have to be? just tell you are......right?.....
Where is your show, i want to see your act.
MonstaTruk  +   639d ago
@ Septic

You're right, but if I'm comparing it to the competition (PS4), with higher-grade hardware & lower price, "super computer" or not, the PS4 is gonna be +1, THE WHOLE GENERATION. Who buys weaker for 25% more? And for what? More Halo? :-/
MYDEATH21  +   639d ago
I don't care if it can fly itself to space while I'm at work. it just needs play my games when I want.
Dannylew  +   639d ago
Absolutely non sense... if Xbox One have a super computer design.. take a look at PS3 "Cell Architecture"

Microsoft is desperate... no way for xbox one to compete with ps4 hardware design. "in most cases also PC's" no one have a GDDR5 Unified Memory.
the new Apple MacPro "top of the line @ 11k Dollars" have a maximum of 60gb/s of bandwidth.

ps4 192 "218 with latest optimizations"
melrex  +   639d ago
Lol i see what you did there
Legendary-Status  +   638d ago
Umm..smh..I sware this article comes off so wrong in word's that ok a Super PC Design..really? The PS3 was already that I guess..claim to be a Super PC I guess I agree with Septic the PS4 has to be an ULTRA PC then lol really?? Funny stuff.. idk what truefan is rambling about the PS4 can upgrade just as much as the X1 lol and u said Uncharted4, GOW4 & The Last Gaurdian these games will show u the true Power of the PS4 and you kno what im not BS! What? Sunset Overdrive if thats your best then might as well wait for XBOX TWO in 2021 lol
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choujij  +   638d ago
I can't stand MS' BS. Even on their site, they say their cpu + gpu + esram is like having a Supercomputer in your living-room.

That's as ridiculous as saying this Tyco RC toy car is as powerful as a Supercar. They must take their customers for idiots.
GribbleGrunger  +   638d ago

I said months ago that MS should stop with these comments and here's a perfect example why. Every time they do this they feed nonsense to their fans and make them look silly on forums, and every time they do this they cement the notion that the PS4 is more powerful because the discussion then turns to facts.

They need to shut up and show games. They are shooting themselves in the foot every God damn time. MisterX is doing exactly the same thing. If you agree with MS then NEVER complain when articles pop up regularly that the framerate/resolution on PS4 games are better overall. The only reason those articles have any relevance is because MS keep spouting this BS.

Everyone was discussing Sunset Overdrive the other day but here we are once again having to explain why the XB1 will never be as powerful as the PS4. Microsoft's PR is just plain awful.
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gigoran  +   638d ago
man I love to agree votes you racked up there. It is true. PS4 1 ups xbone in every way.
Charybdis  +   638d ago
Super computers have been around since the 60s. Design wise xb1 reference might refer to centralization trend with regards to the cloud and the importance of moving data around.
Sitdown  +   639d ago
This is one of those times where the article title is not even misleading, so without reading the article, you could make an appropriate conclusion..... But instead, your fanboy tinted glasses prevented you from doing such. The theme here is design... Not the raw power of hardware used.
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christocolus  +   639d ago
I thought i was the only one who noticed that too. The guy was talking about so much more than power but heck..who cares?why are you actually bothered about what these guys have to say?

It does exactly what I expect from a next gen gaming, media, multitasking and super online..the games out also look and play great and those coming down the line look even better. I just wish devs wouldn't have to take so long to master the hardware though.
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redwin  +   639d ago
I noticed it, he didn't read the article. It's like comparing a mustang GT to a lotus Elise, the mustang is faster but the Elise is more about performance and design. I have both systems and I understand what they mean about smooth frame rate. Maybe there is something to what ms said about the sera having to be constantly feed so it can perform well. All I know is that in a few years we'll look back at now and laugh about it.
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MysticStrummer  +   639d ago
So I guess just about every console ever made had a super computer design, because most had better performance over time.
Legendary-Status  +   638d ago
But truefan has everything mess up talking about PS4maxing out?? Lol well X1 looks maxout already..whos trying to update get system optimization forward Lol the X1 is playing catch up when shud came as you said from the jump..this what you get when you rush..this aint 2005 with your lil one year head start face me straight up lol
Matt666  +   639d ago
I don't have any issues with my frame rate on the PS4 or Xbox One
THamm  +   639d ago
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killzone619  +   639d ago
well tbh the framerate on ps4 currently isnt smooth.

knack drops as low as 14fps and killzone SF MP framerate is pretty horrible.
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Angels3785  +   639d ago
Don't you mean Ryse? Because there is actual proof to back up that it drops to as low as 14 fps. Killzone and knack have ZERO proof of bad frame rates only varying frame rates from 30-60. Which is in no way bad.

You have said on numerous occasions you don't have a ps4

Also in every performance video killzone AND knack have never dropped below 30. EVER


I know it's fun to say stuff and feel like it's true so you feel better about your opinion. But just because you twist your reality doesn't mean it makes it everyone else's reality.

Also everyone knows your name is BS.
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medman  +   639d ago
A 720p supercomputer.....ok. When will these Microslop bozos stop talking and get to work making better games and actually attaining the hd standard this gen.
generalthadeape  +   639d ago
As an Xbox One owner and fan, these are the two main things that I'd like to give giant kick in Microsoft's ass to get this sorted out once and for all.

If the hardware performance between the PS4 and the Xbox One weren't so apparent, I literally would have much to complain about the Xbox One at all-- but as it sits right now this is just embarrassing to me.

It is my greatest fear that all of the games I love so much such as TitanFall, Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Crackdown, and others like them will all somehow be released at these strange sub-HD resolutions that seemingly have been made up to to squeeze the last pixel out of each game--(what the fuck is 792p anyways?)-- while still slowing their framerates to a painful crawl. This is simply unacceptable to me.

In my opinion, Microsoft made a huge mistake--(to be clear about this, they absolutely & totally fucked this part up)-- by not making sure that the hardware they chose for the Xbox One would be strong enough to pull their vision for the future off-- (TV, Cable, Kinect, multiple OS running in the background, etc).

In other words, the base model of the Xbox One should have been much stronger that the PS4's hardware before they tacked all that extra crap on to the Xbox One's already struggling hardware.

Let's face it folks, this is not rocket science, after all-- even though Microsoft would have liked us to believe all that PR BS from last year's E3, hahaha.

With a brand new E3 coming up in a few short weeks, I'd really like to see if Microsoft can turn this glaring problem around once and for all.

Although I do believe that the cloud and DirectX12 might improve Xbox One's performance slightly in the future, I simply have my doubts that it'll be enough to actually pull off today's 1080p native / 60 frames per second standard that we have all come to expect with these next-gen systems on a consistent manner.

Please, please, please Microsoft-- you have to work overtime on this because it is a huge problem for me as with millions of others around the world.

You have the great online experience. You have my favorite gamerscore, achievements, friends list and more. You have so many excellent games that I'm looking forward to playing in the future. These are the things I love the most about the Xbox One.

But now you really need to get your heads out of your asses and get this gear running at its absolute optimal best once and for all.

No more PR spinning BS. Talk is cheap. It's time for Microsoft to show the world what the Xbox One can really do once and for all.
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osprey19  +   639d ago
When will people learn that resolution isn't the main thing u should be asking for when it comes to games?
generalthadeape  +   639d ago
The single main factor I used when buying my TitanFall bundle a few weeks ago was the games. To me, games trump everything.

Having said that, why should we have to settle for less because Microsoft didn't have the foresight to integrate hardware that would match or exceed what it was that they were trying to accomplish with their vision for the future of gaming?

All I'm saying is that we don't have to give them a pass on this and that we should all be playing games that can compete with other systems as far as resolutions and frame rates go.

I understand that the hardware can only do so much. Since Microsoft painted themselves into this corner, the are now going to have to dig themselves out of this hole if they want to be taken seriously ever again.

I'm sure that improvements can be made once they get their minds to it. It's just that I'd like to see something concrete sometime in the near future that shows real progress instead of dropping all of these PR BS tag lines and pretending that this issue will just go away all by itself.

It would be foolish for Microsoft to ignore this issue. It is up to us gamers to express our feelings so that they can make improvements whenever possible-- it really is our duty to speak up when we something just isn't right in our hobby.

I am passionate about gaming. I love my Xbox One. I am just asking them to make it even better than it is now. I am also hoping that they will remember these things when it comes time to design the Xbox 2 sometime down the road.

Microsoft must remember that the games come first. Innovations and add-ons come next-- but only if-- and only if-- they can integrate the hardware to support them without harming the way they games actually play. In this case, at the expense of resolution and framerates. In my opinion, they got that part wrong and we as gamers are now suffering for that.
medman  +   638d ago
Resolution may not be the "main thing", but it sure as heck shouldn't be the last thing either. MS done f'ed up.
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BallsEye  +   639d ago
brute force is good for a while. Xbox360 had brute force (yes, more pure power on paper, go research), ps3 had fancy and complicated design. At the end multiplats were performing better on X360 (especially first few years), while dedicated ps3 exclusives were one of prettiest games that gen.

Now ps4 went for brute force, XO went for fancy and more complicated design. You can say what you want but more and more XO games show amazing detail and effects not seen anywhere else (XO so far only next-gen console having games with real time global illumination ex. Ryse, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive). It's quite interesting, you might still get suprised.

Also resulotion is not the most important aspect to make games more realistic. It's the lighting. Launch minecraft the way it is at 4k, it will look just as bad as it does now. If however minecraft would have realtime beautiful GI, caustics etc etc at 900p it could be the most realistic looking game despite it's blocky design.

Now to proove my point. What looks more realistic?
this 4k super high res minecraft screen

or these lower res but ones with better lighting:
#1.8 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
CryofSilence  +   639d ago
Not true. This time, they both went for a simple design with CPU/GPUs that are virtually identical in design (with varying compute units on the GPU in the PS4's favor). The difference is their choice in a highway for the data (RAM). The PS4 went for a very fast, very wide freeway, whereas the X1 went for a slow, wide highway with a tiny superspeed express lane. At the very best, they will equal each other in data transfer; power will always favor the PS4. There is no secret sauce in the hardware of the X1. Cloud may help (with latency, it is highly unlikely), but Sony is also creating a cloud service that can be appropriated for cloud compute. Once people accept the truth, these fanboy wars can end and gaming can resume.
#1.8.1 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
HugoDrax  +   639d ago

"Sony is also creating a cloud service that can be appropriated for cloud compute"

Regardless it won't be able to compete with what Microsoft in that department. As far as I know, PSNOW is not a compute solution, it's a streaming service. Sony does not have the resources for compute solutions. Anyhow, Microsoft is a SOFTWARE company, that is their strength. Sony is a HARDWARE company, that is their strength. Just look at the rate at which software updates are being released for XB1. Sony will not be able to compete in this department, nor financially. For instance, every new XB1 AAA ip that is announced comes from Microsofts funding of that project. The reason Sony is pushing indies so much is because they don't require millions of dollars to develop, which they don't have. Microsoft on the other hand claims to have spent $1 billion dollars on games. Not indies, but AAA games.

Anyhow, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it lol. Rather you agree or not is up to you. We're all entitled to our opinions, yet whenever someone is pro Microsoft on this site, fanboys hit the disagree button without even reading the full comment hahaha.

N4F (Network 4 Fanboys)
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system22  +   639d ago
i agree with everything you just said. now I will add that i work in a studio that does numerous game trailers both cg and in engine (unity, crytek, unreal)... we've done some trailers you guys definitely know about and we have discussed everything you just mentioned at length.

about the best thing higher resolution output gets you is better or less noticeable aliasing. what gets you the best results for reality are HDR lighting, sub surface scattering, ambient occlusion, varying flavors of global illumination (which ties into HDR lighting rigs) etc... these coupled with the things you mentioned like caustics interacting on surfaces etc, these small details that we never notice until they are gone... those are the magic bits
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Azzanation  +   639d ago
Guess you failed to read the part where it stats (in time).
Azzanation  +   639d ago
Why are fanboys impatient? Wait and see.
system22  +   639d ago
theres a difference in cpu and gpu... and also.. the xbox's frame/resolution probe have to do with neither... it has to do with the way the memory is architected. actually... not that this is even relevant to the point of this article but the cpu of the ps4 is actually considered a bottleneck. sucker punch went into some detail about that when talking about the development of inFamous.
showtimefolks   638d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
kenshiro100  +   638d ago
Hey truefan, let me have some of that joint you're smoking so I can get high and make baseless claims too.

Btw, unless I see something that completely blows my mind on the XB1, Microsoft is drinking that crazy juice again.
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Sy_Wolf  +   638d ago
Having an architecture similar to a super computer doesn't imply it's as powerful as a super computer.
VforVideogames  +   638d ago
Hey that's what SONY used to call the ps3 when it first came out 'SUPER-COMPUTER-ENTERTAINM ENT-VIDEO-GAME-SYSTEM' remember that?? .
#1.15 (Edited 638d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kayant  +   639d ago
The single thing mistermediax and his crew cling on to.

"Part of it is less obvious, in that we focused a lot of our energy on framerate. And I think we have a consistently better framerate story that we can tell.

"On the CPU side, we really pushed how fast the central processor is running, so you'll see much smoother framerates, you'll see much less hitching on the Xbox One, and that's a big deal in these games: you really want them to be smooth" - Am guessing he saying this in comparison to X360 which is true. PS4 not the case.
Niv  +   639d ago
Don't know whether to laugh or cry at that statement?
Hellsvacancy  +   639d ago
I know right, wasnt the PS3 also a super computer? I remember this app the PS3 had that was trying to cure cancer or something, FoldingHome
TH3BR3W  +   638d ago
It was to help with calculating the folding of proteins which helps alot with the study in making new medicines. You can use folding @ home on pc as well honestly don't care which every little bit helps.
Xdone  +   639d ago
#4 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
AussieBadger  +   639d ago
@ xdone did you actually read the hopefully good news for ps4 part. See i've got praise for a system when all I see you doing is spreading lies and hate. Get off your soapbox...
Xdone  +   639d ago
Yep, I read it but the part that got my attention was " love stirring you guys"

You love stirring people up eh?

We too mate ;-)
The_devils_chum  +   639d ago
Thats funny, if thats the case why does tomb raider and metal gear look and play like crap. Wow so super ive heard it all.
Master-H  +   639d ago
Is that before or after you factor in the cloud ?
AussieBadger   639d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
OrangePowerz   639d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
McAwesome   639d ago | Immature | show
Omnisonne  +   639d ago
These articles lol
Time will tell i suppose, but it feels a little desperate stating such things while having absolute 0 proof to back it up.

On a side note, I do hope Xbox will have a better E3 this year
RosweeSon  +   639d ago
"Effectively" says it all.
mrmarx  +   639d ago
i would take an atari and a few of those buried et games before i by the xbone
modesign  +   639d ago
a super computer that cant output at 1080p. haha dont think so micro$oft
osprey19  +   638d ago
firstly, it can do 1080p, forza 5.
secondly, the best looking game from a technical standpoint is an xb1 exclusive.
thirdly, resolution is no where near the most important element in games design, lighting, shading, frame rate, the game engine itself and aesthetics all matter a hell of a lot more than resolution.
stop being a resolution whore.
lemoncake  +   639d ago
Both x1 and ps4 are mid level hardware this time around, but its not so much what you have but what you do with it.
n4gusername  +   639d ago
Waiting for the ... That's what she said.... comments?
XiSasukeUchiha  +   639d ago
This is a comedic moment in the xbone's lifespan, funniest thing is one they can't talk anymore, the result is something truly cool! But yeah, super computer design kinda of ridiculous isn't it?
rakentaja  +   639d ago
The beast is hiding inside, they just have to discover it! So far the developers trying to ride a monster by pressing the brake pedal...the power will be unleashing soon,,prepare for it!!!!! It isn't just another's a NaSA lvl u know<<<...
#15 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
corroios  +   639d ago
OMG, please stop MicroCloud. You went with cheap parts. You didnt put a mega CPU or state of the art GPU, or unified Memory... Even de outside design seems old VCR style.

There no super dragon ball power inside.

The only thing that is true is the price, expensive...
cyclindk  +   639d ago
I can't really say they should just shut their mouths about super computers and clouds and just focus on their strengths, but the reality is.... those "strengths" most people don't really care about or have negative feelings on in the first place...

Can't say Cloud because they are really doing jack with it and if they don't EVER deliver they will be sunk..

Can't say Kinect because most people A) Don't want to use it, or could care less and B) Would rather it not be included and have a cheaper console

Can't say TV A) Because not all regions apparently will be supported and B) The bread and butter of ANY console will ultimately be games, not anything else...

So come E3, this is where the console's will sink or swim. What's Wii U up to? I thought they'd be sunk by now personally.
#17 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GinkgoID  +   639d ago
What a load of twaddle.

Not criticizing the XBO at all, just this stupid statement. It is an attempt at a sound bite to imply speed, but unfortunately a bad one.

Super computers are about vector processing, which is a massively parallelized architecture. They specialize at doing the same task many thousands of times in parallel. This approach is brilliant for some tasks that require many iterations of the same calculation, but are terrible at doing many other types of calculations that don't support that level of parallelism.

Although they now have multiple CPU and GPU cores supporting a moderate level of parallel processing, today's PCs and consoles (XBO, PS4 and WiiU included) are not super computers from an architecture standpoint, nor anything approximating them.

Super computers are great at predicting the weather, but not sure they would make a good games machine.
cruzngta  +   639d ago
This all makes me remember when MS had the unveiling of the XB1 last year at Redmond and one of their cronies got up onstage and spit out "This is Rocket-science stuff". Thats all I had to hear from that point on. I mean seriously, I love my XB1 but they are really talking way out of the realm here. Its a powerful machine in its own right but everytime they come out with a 'Secret Sauce' or 'DX12 / Cloud" powah article they just make themselves look foolish and desperate. Just give us the games guys and we will be fine. On a sidenote, Sunset Overdrive looks like a blast. As I said b4 just bring the games and stop trying to promote some mystical hidden power that will never fully come to fruition guys. Gotta love em for trying though. In the end its all good popcorn movie drama.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   639d ago
Jesus...come on man. That is just a stupid thing to say.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   639d ago
Blah blah blah ms is full of pr sh1t
mmj  +   639d ago
Jesus will Microsoft PR ever stop spinning? supercomputer??? haha.

The processor that both Xbone and PS4 use is a glorified laptop processor, the GPU in Xbone is low end and in PS4 mid range, neither console is super anything by modern PC standards.
#22 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Codewow  +   639d ago
They said design, not specs. There's a lot more to a design than plopping parts into a case and calling it Betty.
#22.1 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mmj  +   639d ago
He is talking about the design of the GPU which is basically an off the shelf low end PC part.
Codewow  +   639d ago
I see people have not jumped off the bandwagon. The problem is no longer both consoles capabilities, but both consoles community capabilities. It seems that everyone has lost track of their gaming hobby for a hobby of online banter. I truly can't imagine the chaos that would ensue if a developer had decided to make a cross-platform game for Xbox and Playstation. It would be unplayable just due to the constant need to mute every player in a lobby...

Why don't we all grow up out of our childish gamer selves and play for the FUN of it rather than assume we have power over someone else because they don't have the same opinion as you or I.
SpinalRemains138  +   639d ago
What hell is PS4?

Super Duper?
incendy35  +   639d ago
If the PS4 is more powerful, why does it do Suspend/Resume multitasking compared to full multitasking on the X1? I am just curious. I own both and if I am just going by using the systems every day, the X1 definitely feels more powerful, because of the multitasking nature of it.
SpinalRemains138  +   639d ago
This is due to the Xbox One's having and running of 3 different OS.

On a pure video game standpoint though, the PS4 has better hardware.

While playing a game, the One's RAM is being utilized for those 3 OS, whereas the PS4 uses most of its resources available solely for gaming. That's the biggest difference. Some prefer multitasking and some prefer the ability to game 1080p/60

Its all relative.
#25.1 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
incendy35  +   639d ago
I don't think that is accurate. Both PS4 and Xbox One reserve a set amount of memory. I believe games on both get right around 5GB of memory.
Angels3785  +   639d ago
It actually is very accurate actually. The xbox one has 3 separate operating systems that run games and the dashboard and downloads separately. Google it. The ps4 has a separate dedicated processor.
Pay likely through updates it will change tho.

From a hardware side the ps4 in almost every aspect is better.

The xbox one has a "faster CPU" which is at 1.75 ghz compare to 1.6 on ps4

But in real world performance it doesn't make too much of a difference. Computer speeds are always variable and maximum performance is not always achieved it varies by .15 ghz simple math 1.75-1.6.
jetlian  +   639d ago
Spinal your wrong both using 5gb ram right now. Ms using 3gb ram to multi task. Sony isnt using most of the 3gb yet
midget_gem  +   639d ago
@incendy, thats correct. Dont forget also that the PS4 uses DDR5 ram, xbone DDR3. PS4 wins regardless even if both machines utilise the same amount.

PS4 = games machine
Xbone = multimedia device

just more MS bullsh1t lol.
KNWS  +   639d ago
Q: Talk to me about the advantages of developing on the Xbox One.
A: This is a big game. There’s a giant city. There’s a lot to explore. We’re pushing things further visually than on any of our games previously, so you need powerful hardware for that. That’s the obvious answer. And I know a lot of Xbox One owners out there will tell you it’s a powerful machine. There are other aspects of it that I can’t get into right now, but we can talk about them at a later date that would be beneficial for us as a developer.

A dev making Sunset overdrive answering a question. I have been saying this for a long time, i believe the x box 1 is more powerful than we know. It doesn't have an extra GPU that was just nonsense, the cost would be too great for the customer and Microsoft.

And I know a lot of Xbox One owners out there will tell you it’s a powerful machine. There are other aspects of it that I can’t get into right now.

What parts can't he talk about if everything is known about the x box 1?
#26 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Volkama  +   639d ago
It's pretty much the cloud functionality he can't talk about. But I can.

The city is 'in the cloud', and insomniac will be controlling and updating it over the course of 1 or 2 years. You'll see the city change and progress over time, with no patching or updating for it. And the AI is hosted too, not to boost quality but for numbers. Enables some seemless drop-in social gaming too.
#26.1 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GameHero  +   639d ago
This Napkin effectively has the design of the Declaration of Independence...Pfff!
jmc8888  +   639d ago
What a moron. Supercomputer? Um no, not when there are PC's out there over 10x more powerful. Even a cheap midrange PC, not much more then an XB1 is 2-3x more powerful.

Or is this more Microsoft Spin from the morons that work there?

Because remember, we used what basically had the power of an Apple II for the Apollo space program, and thus, by today's standards, we all have a supercomputer in our cellphones.

So given that any 5 year old $10 phone is a supercomputer, he's right.

In reality though, he sounds like a complete moron.
KNWS  +   639d ago
Boyd Multerer created x box live, he's no moron, hes probably one of the most intelligent persons living today.

Multerer said that launch title developers didn’t have as much time to optimize games for visual fidelity, and that once the developers working on engines specific to the new generation of systems “really wrap their heads around this particular GPU architecture,” all future titles on that engine will see the benefits.
Codey47  +   639d ago
If Boyd Multerer were such a person with intense cerebral capabilities...then why say moronic things.

If this is the case....then indeed, even the Boyd................

has more teraflop performance than the Xbone.
OllieBoy  +   639d ago
So was the PS3, supposedly.
PFFT  +   639d ago
And remember that the Ps2 was powerful enough to launch missiles. Which is why the system never got sold in Afghanistan.
wodan  +   639d ago
im sure they mean super VHS player.
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