GoW 2 Director’s Project Won’t Be At E3: “Might Be A Bit” Early For Reveal, “Crazy Busy” On It

GearNuke: "Cory Barlog was the director of God of War 2 and he was recently hired again by Sony Santa Monica, and is supposedly working on an unannounced project at the moment. Although we don't really know the nature of his project, all signs point to it being a new entry in the God of War series. If you had any hope of seeing this project at E3, you might be disappointed to know that it is still a little to early to reveal anything about this project, as confirmed by the director."

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jay2749d ago

Oh well, something will happen when the times right. Maybe Gamescom, or next year.

DarkLordMalik749d ago

Yeh, i expect God of War: Ascension PS4 announcement at E3 instead of a brand new God of War.

Ultr749d ago

I'd love to play the Multiplayer in PS4! And yeah the singleplayer again :) but more the Multiplayer

Monolith749d ago

Yes! Ascension multiplayer on ps4 would be mind blowing. One of the most hardcore skillfull and rewarding multiplayer game last gen. This and the last of us multiplayer and of course twisted metal and warhawk!

Destrania749d ago

The MP was my favorite part of Ascension which was surprising. Really loved it, same with the TLoU (though on that game the SP was tops). Really unique and exciting MP components on those games.

majiebeast749d ago (Edited 749d ago )

I remember when Jaffe said that and then he came on stage in a icecream truck.

We all know he is working on the God of War reboot, be it in norse mythos/egyptian or any other. If he is making a new Ip i would be really surprised.

Monolith749d ago

I hope down the road we get twisted metal ps4. Theres enough ram now for them to truly do what they wanted to do back in the day. Atleast thats what they said about the ps3.

DarkLordMalik749d ago

So what do you reckon will he use for his entry at E3? Blades of Chaos chained to his hands? :P

johny5749d ago

Please be a new God of War and I hope God of War 3 gets a Full HD remaster too!

Nine_Thousaaandd749d ago

I'm extremely ok with that the GoW series, more than willing and happy to play any GoW game, freakin awesome!

HaveAsandwich749d ago

didn't he say a while back it had guns? i might be wrong.

majiebeast749d ago

He really hasn't said much. He has said he was recruiting an oceans eleven team for it back when he announced he was back at Santa Monica. Thats it.

WeAreLegion749d ago

Brad Pitt playing Kratos confirmed.

DarkLordMalik749d ago

I am sure you are mistaking it with Stig's project, which was sadly canned.

Harkins1721749d ago

Stig had such a great personalty as well im so bummed he left.

Dark11749d ago

More god of war is always a good thing!

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The story is too old to be commented.