Heathen: New Amazing CryEngine Game Screenshots Will Leave You Speechless

Frog Factory show us some new impressive Cryengine screenshots from Heather, an upcoming open world co-op only FPS that based on the novel by HG Wells: "The island of Doctor Moreau". Check out the screenshots and more information after the break!

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ATi_Elite986d ago

Looks fun and hopefully has variable gameplay.

Can't go wrong with the CryEngine even if you don't know how to push it to it's fullest.

starchild986d ago

Its a really great engine. This game looks fantastic.

MEsh3L986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

you call that fantastic ??

The graphics are not that special imho..

dieger986d ago

Character models need some work look a bit plastic-y but overall awesome!

MYDEATH21986d ago

Looks pretty cool. Now make a game for my ps4!

1nsomniac986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

The game looks really interesting but its definitely one of worst (graphically) cryengine games we've seen.

Im not sure how much they got paid or what they received in return to call it speechless??

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The story is too old to be commented.